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Round 8: Bye Shuckle ;-;

While Staryu expends energy to regain his health over to the side, Sandy quickly begins making her way towards the surface. Meanwhile, Butterfree brings her wings backwards, but as she attempts to swing them forward, a strange psychic force from Megas stops them, holding them in place for a moment. With her momentum stopped, the attack fails to do much, and to add even more punishment, Sandy creates a boulder in front of her before rolling into it, sending the stones flying towards Butterfree. They batter the bug, just managing to send her spiraling down, unable to continue.

Butterfree is unable to battle! Next Pokemon from Shuckle!

All of the remaining Pokemon are pretty fresh, and Staryu has risen to above the midpoint of health.

Also, Shuckle's TA:

Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
I know this is kind of a bad time since I am finally a little bit active, but I am taking an indefinite hiatus. I'll be back, but not anytime soon.

Consider every match I'm in to be a DQ or cancellation as you see fit, unless you're some kind of weirdo and think you can go slower than Shuckle. Or if the PASBL suddenly discovers a way to classify a match as "on hold" rather than "inactive" or "dead."
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