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Originally Posted by Secret Santa Wild Card Rules View Post
-After PMs are sent to the volunteers, the entire batch of Wild Card requests will be posted in the main thread. From there, anybody, including non-volunteers, will be allowed to claim up to two requests each. Requests are to be claimed via PM, and the thread will be updated a couple times per day to reflect which requests have been claimed. Claiming will be done on a first come first serve basis, so if you wanted to claim something but got in a minute after someone else, sorry. ;; I'll let you know. You can claim Wild Card requests at any point before the presents thread is posted, so if you still have a claim left and want to pick something up a day or two before the deadline, go for it.
-Rules for carrying out Wild Card requests are the same as last year - you can use any format or medium you want, from ASCII art to gifs, photography, staged plays, mixed media, music, or some old-fashioned drawing/writing/computer graphics.
Banette; Bear love; Chaos; Dragons; Explosion (the move); Family; Fate; Favorite Smash Bros character (favorite thing about it?); Fedoras; Fish; Flying; Garden in the Clouds; Groose; Happiness; Hoenn; Hyperactive; In-game ORAS team (what's their story?); Initiation/Welcome; Isolation; Kurt, the pokeball man; Lovecraftian Horror; Mask; Moon; Murkrow + Jigglypuff (Not combined, just something with both); Pokemon Noir; Radiant; Scyther; Snow; Stars; Suicune; UPN dance party; Watchog; WHEEEEE!!!!; Xatu

All claimed requests will be in italics.
The UPN Secret Santa presents thread is here! Check it out!
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