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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Water Types: 2 levels, 1 Egg or MT move, 1 TM, 1 +10 Birthday Poffin, 1 Blue Gummi
We got another birthday for my team today! The last one of the year for my team, but certainly not the least!

: Ga-TOR! *nods approvingly*

And now, without further ado, celebrating his first birthday since his return to my team, here's Gold, my level 32 Feraligatr!

*Gold grew to level 33!*

*Gold grew to level 34!*

*Gold learned the TM move Dragon Claw!*

*Gold learned the Egg move Hydro Pump!*

*Gold devoured the Birthday Poffin in a single gulp!*

*Gold's Cool, Tough, Cute, Smart, and Beauty stats each rose from 10 to 20!*

*Gold devoured the Blue Gummi in a single gulp!*

*Gold's IQ rose from 1 to 2!*

(Note: As the above links show, Gold last leveled up, gained Contest stats, and gained IQ under the ownership of CyberBlastoise. Here is where Gold was traded back to me)

Tess Edit: Feraligatr's birthday presents confirmed.
Also next time rather than add the link to the trade post at the bottom, please just ensure you link to the trade post for all stats where the appropriate links are already included. Otherwise it just looks like you're linking to another person's Pokémon. It just makes so much more sense, as well as making it so much easier for everyone, to be using only one link - the trade link. Thanks in advance.

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