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"Godric! Horn Attack!" Keith ordered.

"Nidooooh!" Godric roared, the Nidoking charging forward, head lowered, horn sticking out right in front of him.

The opposing Trainer didn't look daunted in the slightest, however. "Murkrow! Drill Peck!" he exclaimed.

"Krow Murkrow!" cawed the Dark/Flying-type as it dove down at the oncoming Nidoking, energy swirling around its beak. The combatants clashed in the middle of the street, eliciting cheers from the onlookers gathered around as the Nidoking and Murkrow continued to fight.

It was late in the evening in the streets of Fizzytopia. Keith Masters was en route back to his Secret Base, having only just picked up an Egg from the local Egg House, when a passing Trainer caught sight of the Nidoking walking with Keith. Determining Godric to be a powerful Nidoking, he decided he wanted to see what Keith was capable of in battle. And as we all know by now, Keith never was one to turn down a battle challenge.

The battle was two-on-two, and started out with Keith's Nidoking against the challenger's Lampent, a matchup ending in Godric's favor thanks to his Drill Run attack. However, another win looked unlikely as the outcome of this matchup, for at that moment, Murkrow's Drill Peck overpowered Godric, knocking the Nidoking on his back. "Godric!" Keith exclaimed. "C'mon! Get up and use your Sludge Wave!"

"Nidoooh..." groaned Godric. The battle as a whole had taken its toll on him, that Drill Peck in particular still smarting.

"Wrap it up, Murkrow!" grinned the other Trainer. "Psychic attack!"

"Krow! Krow!" cawed Murkrow as its eyes glowed blue. Immediately, beams of pale blue light shot out of them and struck Godric, causing him to groan in pain, and eventually abandon his efforts to give up.

Meowth, who was standing off to the side, made his ruling. "Godric is unable ta battle!" he declared. "Murkrow is da winner!"

"Come back, Godric!" Keith said, holding out a Poké Ball, which sucked the Nidoking back inside via a beam of red light. Then, he threw another Poké Ball. "Go, Chance!" he exclaimed, as his Wartortle materialized in a flash of light.

"Use Drill Peck!" ordered the other Trainer.

"Chance! Withdraw!" yelled Keith.

"Tortle!" grunted Chance as she swiftly pulled her head, tail, arms, and legs into her shell, leaving nothing soft exposed whatsoever. Murkrow dove down, beak swirling with energy, but the attack proved ineffective on the Water-type's hard shell.

The opposing Trainer frowned. "One more time- Drill Peck, and aim for one of the holes!" he commanded.

"Mega Punch!" Keith called out.

Murkrow rose up and dove back down upon the shell, this time taking aim at an arm hole, only to be met with a fist swiftly emerging from said hole. As Chance emerged from the shell, Murkrow tumbled to the ground, but soon got back into the air, hastening to fly away from those fists.

Now Keith was grinning. "Strike it down with Water Gun!" he commanded.

"Use Double Team!" yelled Murkrow's Trainer.

Chance unleashed a blast of water from her mouth, but it went straight through Murkrow. And then, Murkrow vanished, but two more Murkrow seemed to appear beside it. The Wartortle's jaw dropped as the sky above her seemed to fill up with Murkrow. Undeterred, Chance blasted Water Gun after Water Gun, but each one only seemed to strike a Double Team copy.

"Gah..." Keith grunted. He was at a loss for a moment as he looked up at the maddeningly identical Murkrow flying every which way above his Wartortle... and then he got an idea. "Chance!" he exclaimed. "Use Water Gun on the street!"

"Tor... Tortle!" Chance nodded. Immediately, she faced the ground and unleashed a powerful stream of water. This helped to propel her straight up into the air, right into the mostly made-up murder of Murkrow.

"What?!" exclaimed the opposing Trainer.

"Now!" Keith grinned. "Use Rapid Spin and Bubble at the same time!"

"Tortle tortle!" Chance replied. Immediately, she pulled herself into her shell, spun around at great speeds, and unleashed a powerful spray of foam from her mouth which rocketed out of the hole in her shell for her head. Thanks to the spinning, the shell unleashed these bubbles in every direction almost at once in a spiral pattern. The Double Team copies dissolved almost simultaneously, leaving only the real Murkrow trying to brush the foam off of its feathers. Chance re-emerged from her shell as she landed on the ground, smirking up at the opposing Murkrow.

"Murkrow!" exclaimed the other Trainer. "End this! Use Dark Pulse!"

"Now! Blizzard attack!" commanded Keith.

Despite Murkrow's orders having been given first, Chance was the one to act first- Murkrow was too preoccupied with the irritating foam on its feathers, and it wasn't as quick to react as usual, and so it was completely unprepared to deal with the howling snowstorm Chance unleashed from her mouth. As could be reasonably expected, within seconds, Murkrow fell out of the cloud of snow and ice and straight down to the street.

"Murkrow is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled. "Chance is da winner, which means da match goes ta Keith!"

"All right!" grinned Keith, an exclamation that went all but unheard over the spectators' cheering. As Chance came running over, the Poison-type Trainer knelt down and hugged her. "Way to go, Chance, you were awesome!"

"Tortle, Wartortle," Chance smiled in response.

"Hmph," grumbled the other Trainer as he held out a Rocket Ball. "Come back, Murkrow," he grunted as the red beam withdrew the ball's occupant. Then, as the crowd dispersed, he approached Keith. "Hey, you," he added to Keith. "You know, my instinct about you was right on the money. You're a Trainer with serious skills."

"Heh, thanks," Keith chuckled modestly. "I mean, I try. My Pokémon deserve just as much credit, though."

"Damn straight we do," Meowth nodded as he got back on Keith's shoulder.

"Yes, yes," nodded the Trainer. "Now, see, I was thinking, such natural talent like yours would most assuredly be of interest to my boss."

"...Your boss?" asked Keith.

"You see," said the Trainer, "I'm actually on the clock right now. This is what I do- I'm a talent scout, always on the lookout for promising new prospects. And you, my friend, are definitely promising."

"Alright, you have my attention," said Keith. "Continue."

"See, I work for a little organization," continued the Trainer. "Nothing really spectacular, it kinda even gets a little bad press from time to time, but it's more misunderstood than anything else."

"Uh-huh," Keith said, his eyes narrowed somewhat. He wasn't so sure he was liking what this guy was saying so much anymore.

"See," he continued, "I represent Team Rocket-"

"And we're done here," interrupted Keith. "The fact that all your Pokémon are stored in Rocket Balls ought to have clued me in."

"Yer Muk's in a Rocket Ball," Meowth reminded Keith.

"Yeah, and only my Muk, is my point," Keith retorted. "Honest Trainers can come by Rocket Balls every now and again, but enough to store a whole team of six? And at least one of which isn't even a Dark or a Poison-type?"

"Ahem," interrupted the Team Rocket scout. "Getting back to the subject of you joining Team Rocket-"

"Eat my shorts," Keith snapped. "Team Rocket's more malicious than misunderstood. What's misunderstood about keeping a bunch of malnourished Miltank in an underground lair to mass-produce Moo-Moo Milk? What's misunderstood about robbing all the Poké Balls from a Pokémon Center? What's misunderstood about killing my Arceusdamn sister?!"

"Tortle, tortle!" Chance added, sounding just as angry as her Trainer- Chance had a strong sense of justice, so bad guys like Team Rocket naturally rubbed her the wrong way.

"Now you get your sorry ass outta here this instant," Keith continued. "You go right back to your boss, and you tell him that the day that Keith Golbatson Masters joins up with Team Rocket is the day the Distortion World freezes over!"

Meowth looked at Keith. "Yer middle name is Golbatson?" he asked in surprise.

The Team Rocket scout narrowed his eyes and scowled at Keith. "You know, I had a feeling you might be a tough one," he said ominously. "Why do you think I didn't make it a full battle?"

Keith took a wary step back as the scout plucked four Rocket Balls off his belt. "You wanted to be sure you had a good amount left in case exactly this happened," he stated.

"Heh. Strong and smart," smirked the scout.

"More than I can say for you," quipped Keith. "Chance, Bubble attack!"

"Wartortle!!" Chance exclaimed, unleashing a powerful spray of foam from her mouth, blasting the Rocket Balls out of the scout's hands.

"Gah! My balls!" exclaimed the scout. Keith, trying his hardest to not chuckle at the scout's suggestive wording, pulled a Poké Ball off his belt.

"Now, Hermione," he started. "Use String Shot-"

"No you don't!" the scout exclaimed suddenly, pressing a button on his belt. Keith pressed the button on his Weedle's Poké Ball, but the sphere did not enlarge.

"Wha- What the-" Keith muttered as he kept pressing the button, to no effect.

"Heh," smirked the scout as he stood back, up, all four Rocket Balls back in his hands. "This little device disables all Poké Balls within half a mile for half an hour."

At this, Keith turned to face the scout and scowled at him, Chance copying this action. Meowth, still on Keith's shoulder, also scowled, his claws extended and ready for action.

"Heh," smirked the scout. "You're thinking I screwed myself on this deal, right?"

"Well... I was, until just now," admitted Keith.

"Yes," the scout replied. "Yes, see, here's the thing. Rocket Balls are the one exception to this little device. We lost a lot of good members perfecting it, but I'm sure you'll agree, all worth it. And, oh, look, you don't have that Muk of yours, do you?" he added, glancing at Keith's belt.

Keith gritted his teeth- sure enough, his current team consisted of Meowth, Godric, Severus, Chance, Hermione, and his new Egg. He whipped out his Pokédex and pressed some buttons, but the PC storage transporter feature didn't respond.

At this, the scout laughed harder. "Told you, your Poké Balls won't work for half an hour, and that includes PC storage!" he sneered. With that, he threw all four Rocket Balls into the air at once, unleashing a crafty-looking creature with black fur and a crown of red feathers, a muscular human-shaped creature, a shady-looking lizard with really baggy pants, and a bipedal brown crocodile that looked, at first glance, to be wearing sunglasses- this was in reality markings around its eyes. Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Sneasel," droned the device. "Weavile communicate by using their claws to leave markings in tree trunks for others of their kind to read. Machoke, the Superpower Pokémon, and the evolved form of Machop. Machoke wears a power-save belt to regulate its movements, due to its natural levels of strength being beyond control. Scrafty, the Hoodlum Pokémon, and the evolved form of Scraggy. Scrafty can block attacks by pulling up its pants-like shed skin, and its kicks can smash concrete blocks. Krokorok, the Desert Croc Pokémon, and the evolved form of Sandile. Krokorok's eyes are covered with a special membrane enabling it to see perfectly in sandstorms and the dark."

"Oh, we can handle these!" Keith exclaimed. "Chance, Meowth, go!"

"Tortle!" Chance replied, stepping forward.

"Leave it ta me!" grinned Meowth as he jumped off of Keith's shoulder and landed on the street, claws still extended.

"Scrafty, Dragon Dance!" ordered the scout. "Krokorok, use Crunch on Meowth! Weavile, guard Scrafty! Machoke, use Low Kick on Wartortle!"

"Meowth, wait 'til Krokorok gets close, then fire a Gunk Shot into its open mouth!" Keith ordered, immediately switching to Shuppet language. "Chance, hit Machoke with Confusion!"

Krokorok made the first move, charging in at Meowth, mouth agape. As per Keith's orders, Meowth stood still at first. And then, once Krokorok was nicely within range, Meowth charged up and fired off a glowing bag of garbage, straight into Krokorok's mouth. Krokorok coughed and spluttered, pausing to spit out the foul garbage, but by the purple tint showing on its forehead, the damage had been done- Krokorok was poisoned.

Chance, meanwhile, focused intensely on the oncoming Machoke, her eyes glowing blue. Before Machoke knew what was happening, it was being blasted backwards, where it collided with a stumbling, coughing Krokorok. Both of them slumped to the ground, barely stirring. However, by that point, Weavile smugly stepped aside to reveal Scrafty, looking stronger and faster than before.

"Now, Weavile!" grinned the scout. "Hit Wartortle with Dark Pulse! Scrafty, use High Jump Kick on Meowth!"

"Meowth, stand your ground and use Fury Swipes!" Keith called out. Then, he turned to Chance and switched back to Shuppet language. "Meowth, ignore my previous order, just dodge that attack like your life depended on it! Chance, use Mega Punch!"

It worked like a charm- by facing Chance when he spoke in Shuppet language, the scout was under the impression that all of that was for Chance, so he payed close attention, on the lookout for what was sure to be some kind of super sneaky strategy. Instead, Chance merely dodged Dark Pulse and slugged Weavile with her fist. Meowth, meanwhile, took the first possible opportunity to lunge out of the way of Scrafty, leaving the Dark/Fighting-type with nothing to stop it from colliding knee-first with the hard, hard street.

"What?!" the scout exclaimed. "OK, that's it! Scrafty, use Drain Punch, and Weavile, use Brick Break! Both of you, aim for Meowth!"

"Meowth, get out of there!" Keith exclaimed, but it was too late- the naturally speedy Weavile and the souped-up Scrafty reached Meowth in no time, each landing their attack with indecent haste and horrifying power. Meowth landed on the ground at Keith's feet, badly battered, yet still conscious, albeit barely. Keith scooped Meowth up and laid him down on his shoulder. Meowth feebly held onto Keith, but he barely noticed- now it was only Chance going up against the scout's Pokémon.

"Heh," smirked the scout. "See, it's like I said, you got talent. And your talent will be of use to Team Rocket. Whether you want it to or not," he added ominously. "That Wartortle of yours, she'll make a great addition to our ranks."

Keith retorted in Shuppet language, telling the scout to go do something that certainly caught Meowth's attention, for he turned his head and gave Keith a shocked look.

However furious Keith was at that moment, however, that was nothing compared to Chance- the Wartortle was livid! The very suggestion that she'd be forced to work for criminal scum like Team Rocket? It sickened her. But unless something happened, something big, and right now, the choice would be made for her and for Keith, because there was no way in hell she'd be able to last against those two, not how she was currently. One of them, maybe. But both? Never. Then again... who's to say she had to do this the way she was currently? The possibility occurred to Chance, and it was tempting. And honestly, the only reason it hadn't occurred to her sooner was because this was something she had wanted to save for a special occasion of some sort, as she knew it'd be an event of particular interest to Keith. But right now, getting away from this crook unscathed and free of Team Rocket's dastardly influence, that was the priority.

Chance took a few steps forward, hatred and disgust in her eyes as she glared at the scout and his Pokémon. "Tortle tortle, Wartortle tortle," she started saying. "Wartortle tortle, war Wartortle tortle! Tortle, tortle Wartortle tortle..."

"What's she saying?" Keith whispered to Meowth.

"She's tellin' da scout dat wat he's doin' ain't right," Meowth translated. "And she's sayin' ta Scrafty and Weavile dat dey gots one chance ta stop, cuz she don't tink deys is truly evil. But she's warnin' dem dat if dey don't stop, she's gonna stop 'em herself. No, wait, she's correctin' herself- she's sayin' dat youse and her is gonna stop 'em yerselves."

Scrafty and Weavile, however, looked decidedly less than impressed by Chance's speech and merely shook their heads. Chance gave a small sigh, then turned to look at Keith and gave him a meaningful look. As Keith saw this, he realized just what Chance was about to do in order to stop the scout. He might have guessed even without this look- Chance had been getting a lot stronger as of late, so it would only have been a matter of time in any case. Returning Chance's look with one of his own, Keith gave a reassuring smile and a nod, silently confirming that he got what Chance was trying to convey, that he was completely on board with stopping this crook and his Pokémon, and that he heartily approved of her plan of action.

And that was all Chance needed. As she turned back to face Scrafty and Weavile, the Wartortle's entire body took on a blue-white glow. Keith grinned as the evolution process did its work on Chance. She grew taller, her limbs and shell gained bulk, her ears and tail shrank, and a pair of cannon-esque protrusions emerged from her back. And then, at last, the glow faded away, revealing a formidable in Chance's place. "BLAAAASTOIIIIIIIISE!" she roared.

"Wha- whoa!" Meowth exclaimed. "Chance evolved!" Smiling proudly, Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon, and the evolved form of Wartortle," droned the device. "Blastoise fires pressurized water from its hydro cannons which achieves impressive distance. It makes itself heavy specifically to withstand the recoil from these jets of water."

"And you even learned a new move!" Keith exclaimed. "Way to go, Chance!"

"Blaaaast," Chance grinned, now looking down at Weavile and Scrafty, who exchanged decidedly nervous glances.

"Come on, you two, let's finish this! It's still two against one!" barked the scout. "Scrafty, Thunder Punch! Weavile, Crush Claw!"

"Chance!" Keith grinned, addressing his newly evolved Blastoise. "Show them your new move! Flash Cannon attack!"

"Blastooiiiiise," rumbled Chance as she got down on all fours. An orb of silvery light charged up in each of her hydro cannons, then unleashed themselves simultaneously in the form of identical blasts of energy. Each one struck an opponent and knocked it backwards. Weavile, being an Ice-type, took the move a lot harder than Scrafty did, and thus did not stand back up after crashing to the ground.

Still, however, the scout was undeterred. "Get in there, Scrafty!" he commanded. "Thunder Punch!"

"Wash it away, Chance!" grinned Keith. "Water Gun!"

As Scrafty charged forward, one hand clenched in a sparking fist (the other holding up its pants), Chance maintained her position on all fours, her hydro cannons repositioning themselves slightly so they both focused on the Hoodlum Pokémon. Then, powerful jets of water fired from each cannon. Scrafty stood no chance and was pushed back immediately. Scrafty collided with the scout, who was also pushed back by the attack. They were sent soaring up the street, landing within a foot of a conveniently parked cop car. In an even more convenient twist, the scout's jacket had been blasted clean off him in the process, revealing the black shirt underneath, the red R on the front easy for all to see.

As the police dealt with this, pun fully intended, washed-up crook, Keith turned to face his new Blastoise and hugged her. "Chance, that was awesome," he grinned. "And you even evolved, too... Heh, you look so much like my dad's Blastoise," he smiled. "But anyway, we better get going if we want to get home," he added. Then, he glanced at his Xtranceiver. "Well, we still got 20 minutes before that stupid Poké Ball device wears off," he added. "You don't mind walking home with me, right, Chance?"

"Blaaaast," Chance shook her head, smiling.

Keith smiled back. "Glad to hear it, Chance," he replied as they started walking back to the Secret Base. "Glad to hear it."

What?  Wartortle is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Wartortle evolved into Blastoise!

*Chance learned Flash Cannon!*

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