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Originally Posted by Fangirl View Post

Trading my Lv. 50 (F) Shiny Recolored Cacturne for x4 Rare Candies, tM Hidden Power (Fire), and TM flamethrower.

Trade Confirmed.

While I'm here, teaching HP Fire and Flamethrower to my Cyndaquil.

Larxene (F) Lv. 42 | Species: Sh. Cacturne | Obtained: Trade | Evolution Chain: --Lv. 32-->
Nature: Calm | Ability: Sand Veil | Type: Grass/Dark | Tameness: 00 | Ball: Thunder Ball | Item: None | Accessories: Org. XIII Cloak | Recolored: Yes

Level Up Moves: Revenge, Poison Sting, Growth, Leech Seed, Sand Attack, Pin Missile, Ingrain, Feint Attack, Spikes, Sucker Punch, Payback, Needle Arm (53), Cotton Spore (59), Sandstorm (65), Destiny Bond (71)
Egg Moves: Acid (EM), Counter (EM), Dynamic Punch (EM), Grasswhistle (EM), Low Kick (EM), Magical Leaf (EM), Seed Bomb (EM), Smellingsalt (EM), Teeter Dance (EM)
TM/HM/MT Moves: Calm Mind, Cut (HM), Flash (HM), Psychic, Psych Up, Skill Swap, Strength (HM) Thorns

Traded 4 Candies, a TM Flamethrower and a TM Hidden Power [Fire] to Fangirl for her Lv.50 shiny recoloured Cacturne, and accompanying paraphernalia.

*trade closed*
*end transmission*
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