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Trainer Level 4
Record (W/L/D): 25-18-1
KO's: 63
TP: 196
SP: 27.75 (26.75 earned towards TL5)
A- Rank Referee
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"As long as I don’t admit defeat, then it’ll never be a loss!" -Black*Star

Battles (Ongoing):
Spoiler: show
Slot 1: Vs. Kaija (Serebii)
Slot 2: Vs. Toy (Serebii)
Slot 3: Vs. TalkSick (UPN)
Slot 4: Vs. Dirkac (UPN)
Gym Defense 1: Vs. Crys
Gym Defense 2: Vs. Spark
Gym Challenge:
Iceboxed: Vs. Kots (UPN)

Battles (Completed):
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spirit Badge: Attached to Ippo the Hitmonchan
Spirit Badge
Attachable Badge

This badge represents the discipline and training necessary to triumph over Apollo in combat. The burning heart symbolizes the passion with which a trainer must battle.
Badge Effect: Fighting Spirit
The wearer of this badge is exhilarated by the thrill of the fight and recovers mild energy every other time he or she deals damage with a physical attack. The wearer also receives a slight boost to physical attack and defense, as if permanently under the effects of Bulk Up.

Birdkeeper's Token: Attached to The Flea the Hawlucha
Birdkeeper's Token (10 SP): The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Firebreather's Token: Attached to Akihisa the Infernape
Firebreather’s Token (10 SP) - The Firebreather’s Token burns brightly with the dazzling light of liberty and freedom. It can be attached to Fire-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their offensive abilities. The wearer’s Fire-type moves will burn hotter than usual and cause small amounts of splash damage as they erupt upon the target, the violent explosions spreading shock and awe in the immediate area. Fire-type moves which have a secondary effect such as burning or item destruction are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fire-type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Independence Day event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

New Life Token: Attached to Hardbody the Metapod
New Life Token (10 SP) - The New Life Token symbolizes the exhuberance of youth and the energy and joy that springs from new life. This token can only be attached to Pokémon that are not fully evolved (i.e. are able to evolve further but will never evolve) and will prevent their evolution. Pokémon holding this token will feel slightly more energetic than average, allowing them to go without a one-mover or rest for one round longer than average, akin to the Fighting-type's resistance to tiring. In addition, their tenacious nature will allow them to negate any evolutionary bonuses they find themselves faced with. This token may be purchased during the Eater 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Medichamite: Attached to Koa the Medicham

Altarite: Attached to Cumulus the Altaria

Squad: (50 Pokemon)
Spoiler: show

Level 5

Banzai: Level 5 Male Pangoro
Bio: Banzai is just wild, man. He just comes in, all hyped up and stuff, itchin' for a fight. Apollo didn't chose him, he chose Apollo, man. He was chewin' that leaf in his mouth and just waitin' for a real challenge. And then he saw Apollo, and he was like "hey, this guy looks like he knows what he's doin', I'll try 'em on for size". A long, slender branch in hand, Banzai jumped out at Apollo and challenged him then 'n there. Apollo sent out Ippo to take 'em down, but no, Banzai wouldn't have it. He used that branch all skillful-like and wouldn't let Ippo get in for a single punch. Apollo was amazed at his prowess with his staff and added 'em to his team on the spot. Sadly, Banzai couldn't take his staff with 'em. But Apollo was persistent, and he trained with Banzai night 'n day. After long hours o'trainin', Banzai found a way to fight like he had never lost his branch.

Signature Move: Special Attack: Banzai Bo Staff! (Fighting)
Using solid Fighting energy, Banzai creates an energy construct in the shape of a 10 foot long bamboo staff. He attacks his foe with the staff using several fast, light strikes, dealing good damage in total. Because of the length of the staff, this technique can keep opponents just out of melee range, and can interrupt punches/kicks/etc by keeping the foe out of range. Banzai can also use the nature of this attack to chain into another melee attack often before the opponent can react, shifting the staff into his offhand so he can use his dominant hand to deliver the punch/so that it's out of the way to perform a kick. Upon completion of the melee attack chained, the staff disappears. (The staff will still disappear if no melee attack is chained/the second attack is interrupted.)
Hidden Power Type: Ice

Cumulus: Level 5 Female Altaria
Bio: Cumulus is a calm, serene Pokemon who would much rather avoid conflict. She loves music and has a beautiful singing voice. It wasn't by sight that I first encountered Cumulus; rather, it was by the sound of her voice. It was a very cloudy day that day, and I really couldn't notice her among the clouds, but I heard her voice sing beautifully in the still air. Only through further inspection did I find Cumulus was the one responsible for the music. Not only were the cloudy conditions ideal camouflage, but also made her song stand out amidst the atmosphere. So entranced was I by her captivating melody that I added her to my team on the spot. Being a music lover myself, I dedicated a lot of time to training with Cumulus so that she had plenty of songs to sing. Eventually, she found her true voice, hidden in her dragon ancestry from ages ago.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Song of Eternity (Dragon)
Cumulus sings out an ancient melody, the soundwaves ringing out towards the opponent to deal significant damage for equivalent energy. The attack also has a 15% chance to slightly lower the opponent’s Attack and Special Attack for 3 rounds.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting
Item: Altarite

Level 4

Ippo: Level 4 Male Hitmonchan
Ippo is a shy, timid, Pokemon outside of battle, but when it comes time to battle, he lets go of all inhibitions. I met Ippo as an egg, and he hatched into a wonderful healthy Tyrogue. All I knew was that his father was a Hitmonchan, therefore Ippo's fighting style leaned more toward using his fists. It was no surprise to me when he evolved into a Hitmonchan as well. A boxer can usually be classified as either an infighter or an outfighter; the former prefers close range and heavy punches, while the latter prefers fancy footwork and agility. Ippo was very much an infighter, and loved pounding the crap out of things with powerful strikes. However, like most infighters, he found agile opponents to be a bit of a problem. So I did my research and found the perfect technique to solve his problems: clinching. This way, he could keep his opponents in range, but there was still an issue: how would he get his opponents in range in the first place? It took a while, but soon we figured out the solution.

Signature Move: Special Technique- Challenge
Using decent Fighting energy, Ippo gets in his opponent's head and issues a challenge to his opponent, beckoning him to come close and duel. The opposing Pokemon is drawn in by this and agrees to the challenge. Once in range, Ippo clinches his opponent, grappling with him to keep him in range, severely limiting his mobility. This lasts for two rounds, or until Ippo is hit with an attack that could reasonably break his ability to keep clinching. While clinching, Ippo can use punching attacks without weakening his hold on the opponent, but any other attack will weaken his grapple. The opponent is less likely to respond to the challenge if he is resistant to mind altering moves (used Calm Mind, etc), or if Challenge has already been used on him in the battle. However, the opponent is more likely to respond if under the effects of Swagger or he is easily enraged. Ippo can no longer use Round, Swift, or Mud-Slap.
Hidden Power Type: Ghost
Item: Spirit Badge

Koa: Level 4 Female Medicham
Bio: Koa is serious, very serious. She isn't cold to others, but she prefers to spend the majority of her time meditating in solitude. My squad has always wondered just what all this meditating does for her, but that's something only she and I know. Koa can communicate with the dead. Through her meditation Koa has made contact with spirits, and has used gained knowledge from their ghostly wisdom. With this she has devised a way to purge unwanted spirits from their hosts and grant them rest. Koa has become a spirit hunter of sorts, and people regarded her with a reverence.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Celestial Purge (Fighting)
Koa uses her spiritual knowledge to infuse her fist with a mystical ether, then punches the opponent, her fist going right through, but the ether dealing solid damage, which deals super-effective damage to ghost types. However, she loses access to Swagger. This attack takes solid energy.
Hidden Power Type: Steel
Item: Medichamite

Lucy: Level 4 Female Breloom
Bio: Lucy is more than a little addicted to shrooms, and often experiences hallucinations and visions associated with such addiction. I really didn't approve of this at first, because 1. Drugs are bad. and 2. Lucy is a mushroom and this is borderline cannibalism. The problem is, she's so far addicted that trying to remove her from it would only lead in a really really terrible withdrawal phase. So, I reluctantly let her stay this way. Very...very.. reluctantly...

Signature Move: Special Training- High as a Kite
Lucy possesses greatly increased agility for one of her species. She can jump up to 10 feet in the air, and, combined with her stretchy appendages, has no trouble hitting airborne opponents. Due to her hallucinations, Lucy is easily frightened, so moves like Roar are more effective. She is too restless to use the moves Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Mind Reader, and Focus Punch.
Hidden Power Type: Ice

Akihisa: Level 4 Male Monferno
Bio: Akihisa is a total idiot, plain and simple. However he's really energetic and when he sets his mind on something he'll find a way to do it. This sort of determination has helped him overcome his intellectual setbacks and get many things done. Except of course, things that involve a keen intellect. He really puts in the honest effort to be smarter, but he just can't seem to grasp more complex concepts and theories. They simply make his brain hurt. So when Psychic types come in using all their mind-bendy attacks and stuff, it makes Akihisa's brain hurt even more. He really despises these tactics, and finds it really unfair that everyone else seems to have a way of dealing with them. So, I decided to teach Akihisa a way to avoid getting hit with all those bewildering Psychic techniques. He's sure a lot happier being dumb.

Signature Move: Special Training- Shield of Ignorance (Dark)
Akihisa can now use Pursuit and Night Slash, and has enough Dark energy to use the latter three times.
Hidden Power Type: Ice
Item: Firebreather's Token

Yuuji: Level 4 Male Machoke
Bio: Yuuji is rather intelligent, but chooses not to apply himself. What he lacks in booksmarts, he makes up for in cunning and strategical genius. When he's not running away from Shouko or antagonizing his buddy Akihisa, he's often plotting battle strategies to beat his opponent. Unfortunately, there isn't much time when he's not running away from Shouko. Seriously, she clings to him like peanut butter on jelly. While Yuuji doesn't really mind her, he really isn't comfortable with spending literally every second of every day with her. But she doesn't seem to get that, so Yuuji has no better option than to simply avoid Shouko at all costs.

Signature Move: Special Technique- "Shouko's Coming!" (Dark)
Upon hearing the warning "Shouko's Coming!", Yuuji quickly throws out a sphere of dark energy at the opponent that deals moderate damage and explodes into a black mist upon contact. Yuuji uses the confusion to escape and return to his Poke Ball, with a new Pokémon being sent out in his place. Like U-Turn, the new Pokémon gains the same physical and psychological mindset of Yuuji. This attack uses significant energy and can only be used once per battle. Because of all his time spent running, Yuuji has forgotten how to use Light Screen, Curse, and Close Combat.
Hidden Power Type: Ghost

Takeshi: Level 4 Male Mankey
Bio: Takeshi is very brash and acts before he thinks. He's restless and super competitive, never giving up in battle even from sheer exhaustion. From the moment Takeshi met Ippo, my Hitmonchan, he knew right then and there who his rival was to be. As Ippo's exploits grew more and more renowned, Takeshi meanwhile worked in his shadow, gaining strength much to the attention of no one. Then, one day, Takeshi challenged Ippo to an all-out duel. Ippo had no choice but to accept. Takeshi, like Ippo, was an infighter, so the match consisted mostly of them slugging each other with high-powered punches. However, Takeshi found himself in a losing battle. He was desperate for victory and wouldn't give up, but fell unconscious after being thoroughly battered. Upon coming to, Takeshi was disappointed, but I pointed out to him a certain technique in his punches that I wanted to develop. Takeshi threw his punches at such an angle that they were nigh unblockable and had tremendous power. I worked with Takeshi to transfer this motion over to some of his other close quarter attacks. Day after day Takeshi trains, eager to take on Ippo once more when he's ready.

Signature Move: Special Training- The Smash
Due to Takeshi's training, he deals 10% more damage with all punching attacks.
Hidden Power Type: Ghost

The Flea: Level 4 Male Hawlucha
Bio: The Flea is a mighty luchador who has a complete and utter disregard for personal hygiene. He is often underestimated for his youth and...filthiness, but he simply takes all his opponents down with his special takedown maneuvers, which often involve farting and dirt. However, underneath this thick layer of dirt The Flea holds something very dear to him: donuts. The Flea's parents run the Slammin' Donuts shop where he eats donuts every single day. They're his fighting fuel, and naturally I couldn't take that away from him. Instead, I make sure The Flea gets his donuts before every match, and it makes him that much better.

Signature Move: Special Training- DONUTS!
When the Flea enters battle, he still has the sugar from donuts in his system, and thus for 3 rounds gets a boost to his speed akin to Long-Term Agility and an attack boost akin to Howl. The sugar in his system requires decent energy to get going. The round immediately after the boost fades, The Flea has a sugar crash, and has these stat boosts reversed for that round only.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Item: Birdkeeper's Token

Olympia: Level 4 Female Poliwrath
Bio: Olympia loves the water and everything about it. She's become an extremely proficient swimmer; it's simply second nature to her. She loved being an expert in underwater motion and being far more skilled and swift than other creatures. However, on land it was a different story. Sure, she could run at a decent pace, but there were those damn birds that flew everywhere! They could move so much more efficiently than she, and that made Olympia mad. I noticed her frustration at this, and wondered what I could do about it. I ended up working with her for a long while to perfect a special technique that could level the playing field a bit. Olympia swore she would never let the birds best her again.

Signature Move: Special Technique- None Shall Move Faster!
Using heavy Fighting energy, Olympia gives off an aura that forms the illusion of a spiky cape on her back, making her look incredibly badass. The opponent is in total awe of her appearance, and begins to feel inferior fighting them from the air. For 5 rounds, all pokemon under the aura's effects have a flight/levitation ceiling of one foot in the air. Basically a Fighting typed Gravity. Additionally, Olympia moves slightly faster for the duration of the move. Olympia has forgotten how to use Haze, Mist, and Substitute, as they tamper with her ability to be seen.
Hidden Power Type: Ghost

Ryou: Level 4 Male Toxicroak
Bio: Ryou is a very intimidating-looking Pokemon, which often gives others the wrong idea about his personality. He's really not a bad guy at all, albeit a bit distrusting and cynical. However, when it comes to a fight, he's ruthless and will stop at nothing to come out on top, even if it means playing dirty. The first time Ippo met Ryou, he was shaking in his boots; the Croagunk's mean demeanor made quite the impact on the shy Ippo. When the two would spar, Ryou would adopt the Hitman-Style fighting stance, making himself look even more fearsome as he struck Ippo with flicker jabs and chopping rights. Ippo managed to come out on top through sheer determination, which only served to motivate Ryou even more. He's been training hard ever since, hoping to make himself as fearsome of a fighter as he can.

Signature Move: Special Training- Instill Fear
Ryou's punching attacks are very quick in velocity, and due to this, intimidate opponents. For each punch the foe is hit with, the sense of fear becomes more present in them, making them more hesitant to move. This caps out at 10 punches, at which point the foe will be very hesitant. This has less of an effect on foes with resistance to mental attacks and foes who would not reasonably be afraid of Ryou. Use of Calm Mind or similar moves will clear this effect. Due to his stance, however, Ryou takes slightly more damage from punching attacks.
Hidden Power Type: Water

Halcyon: Level 4 Female Riolu
Bio: Halcyon is a strong, independent woman; fearless in battle, she fights with honor to vanquish those who seek to destroy peace. I met Halcyon atop a craggy mountain peak, where she trained her aura every day. She remained in relative solitude most of the time, but could often be disturbed by commotion from the forest down below. When this happened, Halcyon would reluctantly leave her home on the mountaintop to quell the unrest. I never quite understood how she did so, but somehow, within 15 minutes or so, everything in the forest would calm down. As interesting as that was, that wasn't what really drew me to Halcyon. That came some time later, when while traveling through said forest I witnessed a Teddiursa being harassed by a Nidoking. Halcyon was there once more, and this time I witnessed for myself something incredible. Unable to calm the raging Nidoking, Halcyon took it upon herself to fight in Teddiursa's place. She was fighting a losing battle for sure, but continued to push herself to the extremes to defend the innocent. I stepped in then to ensure she wouldn't be hurt, and Olympia and Koa successfully drove the Nidoking off. I added Halcyon to my squad on the spot, amazed by her courage.

Signature Move: Special Technique- Winds of Tranquility (Flying)
Using good energy, Halcyon releases a gentle breeze. The wind has a naturally soothing effect to it, dissuading foes from attacking akin to Screech. Due to the calming nature of the wind, it is more effective on Pokemon who are easily enraged as well as on aggressive types (Fire, Dragon). The breeze also has a special effect on Flying types, acting as a sort of muscle relaxant on their wings that causes them be far less agile when flying and making flight require more effort to maintain. Due to her peaceful nature, Halcyon has forgotten how to use Nasty Plot, Screech, Swagger, and Dual Chop. Halcyon can use this attack twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Fairy

Futoshi: Level 4 Male Hariyama
Bio: Futoshi may be a large, imposing figure on the outside, but on the inside he's really quite sensitive. Much to my initial disbelief, this sumo wrestling champion is also a lover of the fine arts. He appreciates painting, sculpture, and the like, but what he really excels in is pottery. He has surprising control over his enormous hands and can use them to create absolute masterpieces on the pottery wheel. His mastery over clay has allowed him to develop a rather unique signature move. Despite being teased by some of my other fighters, Futoshi has proven just how useful his skillset can be.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Clay Pigeon (Ground)
Futoshi channels significant energy and releases an energy construct in the form of a clay pigeon that flies towards the opponent. While it is not particularly fast, it has a slight homing property akin to Aura Sphere, making it difficult to dodge. Upon contact, the projectile explodes in a burst of clay, dealing good damage and covering the opponent in clay. The clay instantly hardens, preventing the opponent from moving his body at all. Any Pokemon needing to move a body part to stay in the air will be brought to the ground. The opponent cannot use any attacks which involve movement (punches, kicks, etc) while immobilized by the clay, but can use other attacks such as Water Gun or Thunderbolt. The clay remains on the opponent until one of three things happens: after about 10 seconds, after Futoshi strikes him with a damaging attack, or at the end of a round. Futoshi can only use this attack twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Bug

Jairo: Level 4 Male Hitmontop
Bio: While Tyrogue that evolve into Hitmonchan specialize in boxing and those that evolve into Hitmonlee specialize in kickboxing, those that evolve into Hitmontop specialize in a completely different and unique fighting style: the art of capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that is really quite dazzling to watch. It involves lots of motion, spinning, and flipping, which makes it a perfect fit for a fighter such as Hitmontop. However, those who observe this display for the first time often underestimate it, viewing it as more of a show than a real martial art. It’s even been called by some as “Sexy Dance Fighting.” Of course, those who practice capoeira can easily prove these doubters wrong, but Jairo has other plans. He’s decided that he really wants to perfect the art of Sexy Dance Fighting, and look damn good doing it.

Signature Move: Special Training – Sexy Dance Fighting
Jairo has trained extensively in the way of Sexy Dance Fighting, and from this all of his moves involving excessive spinning and flipping have become incredibly attractive. These moves include Rolling Kick, Rapid Spin, Gyro Ball, Twister, Drill Run, Rollout, and Triple Kick (some only gained upon evolution). These attacks, being incredibly sexy, apply a Captivate effect to opposing Pokémon of the opposite sex, making them less willing to attack. This effect is weak at first, but increases in strength with repeated uses of capoeira moves. On the other hand, against opposing Pokémon of the same gender, these attacks apply a Swagger effect, making them less willing to defend, as they are jealous they can’t be as sexy when they fight. Likewise, this effect is weak at first, but increases in strength with repeated use of capoeira moves. Jairo is no longer able to use Attract, Captivate, or Covet, now only able to be sexy with his fighting. He has also lost the moves Revenge, Endeavor, Confide, Swagger, and Bulk Up.
Hidden Power Type: Ghost

Connor: Level 4 Male Emboar
Bio: One fateful day, the world discovered that our favorite sheep-loving LO, Connor, used to have an alt named Poignant Lyrics on Serebii. That same fateful day, we managed to convert Poignant into Poigy into Piggy, and the name stuck. What’s more, we even found a Miss Piggy Says Meme Generator to torment Connor further. It was at this moment that I knew I needed to add an Tepig. Now, Connor the Emboar plays just like his namesake.

Signature Move: Special Training - Piggy Likes Boosts!
Connor permanently has a 10% increase to his Defense and Special Defense. However, he can no longer use Rock Tomb, Swagger, Double Team, and Overheat.
Hidden Power Type: Ghost

Zamus: Level 4 Female Combusken
Bio: Zamus doesn't really agree with the concept of being a flightless bird. What's the point of being a bird if you can't fly? She looked on with envy at Cumulus and The Flea as they flapped their wings, giving them wonderful mobility in the air. How great it would be if she could be so free like the other birds! Unfortunately, I could never do anything to help her achieve her dream of flight, but one day, while I was playing Smash, a particular skill used by Zero Suit Samus caught her attention. She was able to get high into the air and strike airborne foes with ease! Zamus then begged me to help her develop a similar technique herself. If she couldn't fly, she was going to make it her mission to knock everyone else out of the air too.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Rocket Boots (Fire)
Using considerable energy, Zamus ignites her feet with flames that propel herself upwards towards a foe rather quickly. Upon reaching an opponent, she delivers two swift kicks, each dealing moderate damage. The second kick will send the opponent flying backwards at a high velocity, and if he or she crashes into something such as a wall, boulder, or tree, the opponent will fall to the ground and become disoriented, unable to fly more than a foot above the ground until the end of the next round. Zamus can only use this attack twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Ice


Joker: Level 4 Male Haunter
Hidden Power Type: Bug

Wyre: Level 4 Male Electabuzz
Hidden Power Type: Water

Muddy: Level 4 Male Quagsire
Bio: Muddy is a carefree Pokemon who loves to play in the water. He’s happy-go-lucky and always seems to have a smile on his face. If something were bothering him, you could never tell. A lot of people think Muddy is slow, lazy, and uncaring, but that simply isn’t the case. Underneath Muddy’s oblivious exterior lies a strategical mastermind. Muddy is really very much aware of everything that goes on around him. He silently analyzes every little detail

Signature Move: Special Training: “Unaware”
Muddy is completely unaffected by the opponent’s stat boosts/drops, from all sources except Species Characteristics. An opponent with boosted/dropped Attack or Special Attack will still do normal damage to Muddy, and likewise, Muddy will do normal damage to an opponent with boosted/dropped Defense or Special Defense.
Hidden Power Type: Flying

Minami: Level 4 Female Ninetales
Bio: Minami is boisterous, outgoing, and has a violent temper on the outside, but underneath this layer, she is really quite shy and insecure. She has a huge crush on Akihisa, but keeps this a secret because she’s too scared of what will happen if she admits this. Akihisa, in the meantime, lusts after the much more feminine Mizuki, and this drives Minami insane. Meanwhile, Akihisa takes no romantic interest in Minami whatsoever, and instead regards her as much more masculine. I mean sure, she's a bit of a tomboy, but she's definitely undeserving of such insult. The straw that broke the camel's back came when Akihisa referred to Minami as "flat as a board". Fuming and cursing out Akihisa in her native German, Minami came to me to develop a signature move with only one thing on her mind: to exact her revenge for this injustice. I worked with her tirelessly for a while, until she perfected the technique that would show Akihisa once and for all the power of this "board".

Signature Move: Special Attack- DAS BRETT! (Grass)
Minami focuses heavy grass energy into her paw to form a construct highly resembling a wooden plank, then smashes it into the opponent (over his head if possible) for heavy damage. There is also a 15% chance that the opponent gets splinters from the unfinished wood, which irritate the opponent for up to 3 rounds (like Infestation's effects). Minami’s Hidden Power Type must be Grass as long as she has this sig. Minami has the Grass energy to use this attack 3 times per match.
Hidden Power Type: Grass

Honey: Level 4 Female Teddiursa
Bio: Honey is a kind-hearted Pokemon who loves sweets, but knows how to fight when angered. She knew Chill from a very young age and has become best friends with him. I noticed that wherever Honey went, Chill would always follow. The two of them were truly inseparable; they were fine around other Pokemon, but one was never really were happy unless the other was also present. Even when I wanted to take one of them for private training, the other one would be watching from the sidelines, shouting encouragement. Then I thought, "Why not train them together?" Since then I've been training the two of them to work as a team, and as a result, their abilities increased greatly when battling together.

Hidden Power Type: Psychic

Chill: Level 4 Male Beartic
Bio: Chill, like his name suggests, is very laid-back and relaxed. As a polar bear cub who's going to grow pretty damn big one day, no one really has any intention of bothering him and just leaves him alone. So, Chill really never had much to worry about, and as a result often spent his days just, well, chilling out. Like, a lot. I began to worry about Chill's increasingly sedentary behavior; he only seemed to actually do things after a ton of coaxing from Honey. I decided to get Chill on a running routine to keep him in shape and put his energy to some good use. After a while, Chill seemed to really enjoy running; getting on all fours and pounding across the ice as fast as possible had a certain feeling about it. He seemed to enjoy it even more when he was running at something for some reason... Regardless, he began to spend more and more time running on land rather than swimming in water and as such unlocked some hidden potential.

Signature Move: Special Training- Charge of the Polar Bear
Chill has learned the moves Wild Charge, Head Charge, and DC Earthquake (regular EQ can't be used), having the type energy to use Wild Charge twice, and DC Earthquake twice. However, Chill has lost water familiarity due to being on land and has forgotten the moves Yawn, Snore, Rest, and Sleep Talk, as he's now unaccustomed to being at rest. He's also lost Rock Tomb and Focus Punch.
Hidden Power: Ground

Rosie: Level 4 Female Roserade
Bio: Rosie is a nice Pokemon on the outside, but underneath her benign exterior lies only pure malice. She'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. She's incredibly popular among the members of my squad; her ultra-nice persona pleases pretty much everyone. In fact, it's so nice, it's...sickly sweet. For someone to be that overbearingly nice and people still believe it, there must be something else at work. And with Rosie, of course there is. She's always letting loose just enough of her sweet-smelling aroma to keep everyone in a positive mood. Everyone loves her for it, but what they don't realize is what they've let into their systems. Rosie has tremendous control over her powers, and can turn poison loose inside their bodies at any minute. It's taken a lot of convincing to get her not to...

Signature Move: Special Technique- Sickly Sweet (Poison)
Using major energy, Rosie releases a powder full of powerful irritants, both internal and external. The internal irritants work akin to Toxic, but with a slightly lower peak damage. The external irritants work like Infestation, and increase in power as the Toxic grows in power, acting at full strength every turn when Toxic has reached its peak. This infestation effect does not go away over time, but rather must be removed with a strong water or wind attack. After using this attack, Rosie's attacks are slightly weakened (as if hit by confide and growl) for 3 rounds. As a result of learning this technique, Rosie can no longer use Toxic, Infestation, Sweet Scent, Cotton Spore, or Stun Spore. Rosie can only use this technique twice per match, and not more than once on the same Pokémon.
Hidden Power Type: Rock

Blair: Level 4 Female Liepard
Bio: Blair is a flirtatious Liepard who loves making guys swoon for her. She's mischievous and gets bored easily. She'd been pulling a stint for a while where she used shapeshifting abilities to get all the male Pokemon around to fall for her. She was pretty good at it, and had several members of my squad wrapped around her finger. However, when it came to battle, it proved to be rather ineffective against her opponents. Blair was deeply offended that her charms weren't enough to dominate her competition. She grew angrier and angrier with each failure to properly seduce her foe, and one day she just snapped. Instead of using Attract like I had ordered, she ended up unleashing a different kind of attack that dazzled her opponents. I trained it right away, convinced it would prove useful.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Pumpkin Pumpkin Halloween Cannon! (Dark)
Using a major amount of energy, Blair uses witchcraft to conjure up a large burst of energy similar to Focus Blast, except on contact it erupts into a pumpkin shaped explosion, with a 5 foot blast radius. Despite the amount of energy used to conjure the attack, it only does considerable damage, but it has a 50 percent chance to confuse the opponent. Blair can no longer use Charm, Captivate, Fake Tears, or Covet.
Hidden Power Type: Psychic

Ginchiyo: Level 4 Female Kirlia
Bio: Ginchiyo is a proud and stoic swordswoman who will never back down from a duel. She idealizes chivalry, bravery, and honesty, but hates those who are cowardly or cheating. Ginchiyo, desiring to be quick, fierce, and strong in her fighting, has always looked to lightning as an inspiration. It strikes without hesitation, and leaves nothing but a charge of pure energy. So as luck would have it. Ginchiyo's father was rather proficient with Electric attacks, and one day, during training, we discovered that Ginchiyo was similarly adept. Overjoyed at this revelation, Ginchiyo worked tirelessly to perfect her own lightning strike.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Raigiri Strike (Electric)
Using significant energy, Ginchiyo extends her sword-arms and charges them with electricity. She brings them upwards and slashes downwards, creating a giant wave of electricity that expands outwards as it travels towards the opponent. This attack deals significant special damage, but uses physical attack. Afterwards, there is a 10% chance that Ginchiyo is left electrically charged, and for the next three rounds deals slightly more damage (similar to Work Up). Ginchiyo has the type energy to use this attack three times, and has forgotten Charge Beam and Swagger.
Hidden Power Type: Flying

Nagamasa: Level 4 Male Escavalier
Bio: Nagamasa holds honor and justice above all else, and will take great risks to secure another's well being. I first met Nagamasa in a forest, during an invasion by a hostile pack of Houndoom. Despite the insurmountable odds, Nagamasa fought to protect his fellow Karrablast among other forest-dwellers. Moved by his selflessness and courage, I knew I had to catch him. However, he still holds great contempt for those without morality who don't play by the rules. Instead of having him constantly clash with Joker and Blair, I decided to train him to channel his feelings in a different way.

Signature Move: Special Resistance - Shield of RIGHTEOUSNESS
Due to Nagamasa’s burning fervor for righteousness, he only takes 2x the damage from Fire attacks instead of 3. However, due to his desire for a fair fight, he no longer resists his own types, Steel and Bug, instead taking normal damage from both.
Hidden Power Type: Water

Kandi: Level 4 Male Slurpuff
Bio: Kandi is the closest thing a Slurpuff can come to being a stripper. Seductive, playful, and cheeky, he doesn't mind letting his sweetness out. Thing is, he's a Swirlix. He's literally made of cotton candy. So of course, the other members of my team were quite curious about this. Did he actually taste like cotton candy? So one day, Wyre stepped forward and flat-out asked to taste him. Surprisingly, Kandi let him. Wyre took a bite and was taken to heaven. Every member of the team eventually got to try him, and I realized just how potent his sweetness could be. I worked with Kandi to develop a technique that took full advantage of what he was.

Signature Move: Lick Me All Over (Fairy)
Kandi creates a lasso made of fairy floss (like in his SC), wraps it around his foe, and pulls his foe close to him. He then lets out an alluring aroma and grinds up against his opponent seductively (without sticking to them). The opponent is intoxicated by the experience and takes a lick of Kandi. Kandi then releases them, the lasso dissipating. The opponent is now affected by the sugar in their system, and will lose light energy per round, until a cap of 1 HB of energy. This technique costs considerable energy to use and can only be used once per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Ground

Hideyoshi: Level 4 Male Kirlia
Bio: Hideyoshi looks very much like a girl and as such, most people mistake him for one. This angers him to no end. This makes for some pretty awkward situations when it comes to bathing suits, bathrooms, etc. Hideyoshi would love to wear nothing but trunks to the pool as well as use the guys' bathroom, but no one else seems to think that's right. Upon their suggestions to wear a bathing suit top and to use the girls' restroom, Hideyoshi is appalled, insisting he is a guy. So, which is it, really? No one really knows other than Hideyoshi himself. So, Hideyoshi needed to find a way to prove himself a man. How can he do this? Hideyoshi decided he needed to get down and dirty with the guys to show he's one of them. He hangs out with Akihisa, Yuuji, and Kouta rather than the girls, and he took some lessons in dirt and lack of hygiene from Muddy and The Flea. Is he proven a guy yet? Not necessarily, but he knows a hell of a lot more about dirt.

Signature Move: Special Training- Guy Code
Hideyoshi has learned Mud Bomb and Earth Power, and has the ground energy to use Earth Power twice. Hideyoshi can no longer use Flash, because, well, we don't know what he's flashing.
Hidden Power Type: Dark

Mizuki: Level 4 Female Clefairy
Bio: Mizuki is smart, kind, and beautiful, but very shy and timid. Because she appears vulnerable, everyone on the team is always helping her out, even when she doesn't really want it. Mizuki has a bit of a crush on Akihisa, but he's way too oblivious to notice. She also gets very jealous when Akihisa shows any bit of affection to Minami or Hideyoshi, or even when he's caught in a homosexually suggestive mishap with Yuuji. To show her affection to Akihisa or even just to do something nice for the guys, Mizuki likes to make them food. Problem is, she's an awful cook, and eating her food can have some particularly nasty side effects. Upon constant pleading from Akihisa, I managed to convince her that she was better off using her cooking skills as a nice gesture to her opponents before she beat their faces in.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Jello Surprise (Poison)
Using considerable energy, Mizuki makes an energy construct similar in properties to her homemade Jello. But seeing as it's made with things like fish, scallions, mustard, and ginger, it has some lethal effects. Mizuki launches the energy construct at the opponent, dealing considerable damage. It also has a 20% chance to either poison the opponent or paralyze the opponent. This chance is doubled if the attack is somehow ingested.
Hidden Power Type: Ground

Shouko: Level 4 Female Nidorina
Bio: Shouko is a bit of an oddity, who tends to get very attached to someone she cares about. Others who don't understand her are often wary. Yuuji, however, tended to treat her like he treated everyone else, and for that reason Shouko swore she would be with him forever and eventually marry him, even though Yuuji wants nothing to do with that notion. Shouko couldn't bear to let him go, and thus is even more jealous than Mizuki is. So jealous is she that she won't even stand for Yuuji looking at other good-looking girls. To solve this issue, Shouko simply takes two fingers and jabs them into Yuuji's eyes so they don't wander when the opportunity arises. This was of course really harmful to Yuuji so I made her stop, but I allowed her to practice it for a more battle-oriented technique.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Trusty Taser (Electric)
Shouko charges solid energy and fires a bolt of electricity not unlike a projectile fired from a taser. This attack deals good damage upon striking the opponent and immobilizes them for up to 5 seconds, depending on how close she is to her foe. (If far away, the immobility will be for as little as one second, but when she is within ~10 feet, the immobility will be for the full 5 seconds.) If Shouko is close to the opponent, she can take advantage of the brief window of immobility and chain the taser into any melee attack. If timed correctly, this combination can interrupt opposing melee attacks. This attack can only be used twice per battle. Shouko can no longer use Shock Wave.
Hidden Power Type: Grass

Kouta: Level 4 Male Greninja
Bio: Kouta is a master of stealth and reconnaissance work, and can get information on just about anyone. However, he most often uses these talents for less than acceptable endeavors...namely, getting less than appropriate pictures of women. Kouta has quite the collection, but also sells these pictures to others, and has accrued quite the clientele for his pictures, with Akihisa being one of his biggest customers. Kouta is rarely seen without his trusty camera, and has mastered the inner workings of it. His major point expertise is the flash, so I decided to teach him a bit about light-based attacks. He took an interest and has developed some new techniques.

Signature Move: Special Training- Flash Photography (Various)
Kouta can now use the moves Dazzling Gleam and Confuse Ray twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Poison

Sentinel: Level 4 Female Malamar
Bio: Sentinels are a killing machine designed for one thing: Search and Destroy. They were built to find ships remnant of Zion and eliminate them, plain and simple. I noticed my Inkay swimming one day, tearing through the water at high speed chasing Olympia, and I thought of these Sentinels, that do very much resemble squids. I also noticed how Inkay seemed perfectly equipped to take down Olympia, shocking her with Thunderbolt to deal lots of damage. Inkay was just like a Sentinel, able to take out its target with extreme precision. Rather, she would be, with a little training. Sentinel had the problem of not having a lot of electrical energy at her disposal to do so, plus she took recoil damage herself trying to use electricity underwater. So, I got Wyre to help her out a bit, and from this training Sentinel become much more experienced with her electricity. She was now a master of underwater Search and Destroy.

Signature Move: Special Training - Ship Killer (Electric)
Sentinel is now familiar with the Electric type, and has gained access to Parabolic Charge, Charge Beam, and Shock Wave. She also does not take recoil damage when using Electric moves underwater. Sentinel can no longer use Rock Slide, Hypnosis, or Swagger.
Hidden Power Type: Poison

Kim Catdashian: Level 4 Female Persian
Bio: Kim Catdashian is a very classy cat. She's rich, good-looking, and has everybody swooning over her. She can basically get her paws on just about anything she wants. Everyone knows her name, but everyone seems to have the same question: How did she get so famous? She's not an actress, nor a musician, nor...well, any other fame-worthy occupation. There only seems to be one viable explanation: she's famous for being famous. This just seems to boggle their minds even more. What does that even mean? But that's okay, Kim Catdashian doesn't care if they know. Hell, they can stand there scratching their heads all day while she cuts them to ribbons with her perfectly manicured nails.

Signature Move: Special Training: Famous for Being Famous
All of Kim Catdashian's claw-based moves have a 10% chance of inducing confusion. They also will not knock the opponent out of confusion if it was inflicted by the previous attack that round.
Hidden Power Type: Psychic

Dave: Level 4 Male Seaking
Bio: Dave is a strong fighter who refuses to let anyone best him in the water. It was only fitting that I name him after our resident Fish!LO. However, Dave has the problem of being rather overlooked compared to other Water-types. It seemed that Seaking had but one redeeming quality about it: its horn, its glorious, magnificent horn. Dave knew that if he was going to dominate the other dwellers of the sea, he would need to train with his horn. He became so proficient with his horn that none on my squad could defeat him in the water, not even Sentinel who prided herself on taking out undersea targets. Now, he's taking his talents to the land, and he's decided that he needs some extra firepower to deal with new threats up there.

Signature Move: Special Training - Mess with the Seaking, Get the Horn.
Dave can now use the moves Horn Leech, Sacred Sword, and Fell Stinger, with the type energy to use the former two twice per battle. He has lost some other physical moves, since he's so focused on his horn; these include Aqua Tail, Secret Power, and Giga Impact.
Hidden Power Type: Flying

Deadeye: Level 4 Male Clawitzer
Bio: Deadeye is a cool, calculating individual. He doesn't say much at all, so unsuspecting individuals often don't think much of him, not realizing that Deadeye has been analyzing their every move. They don't even notice the subtle opening of Deadeye's claw until a powerful projectile is launched from the appendage, hitting its target before they have any chance to react. What's more, when Deadeye takes aim, he never misses. Ever. Fixated on stealth, power and precision, Deadeye trained constantly to become the greatest silent killer in the deep. And what says all three of these qualities better than a laser beam? This was Deadeye's logic for insisting I helped him achieve this goal. He's pretty pleased with the results.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Laser Precision (Fire)
Deadeye gathers considerable energy into his claw, then fires a laser beam from the claw, dealing considerable damage. The laser strikes with an incredible velocity once fired, and as such is near impossible to avoid when Deadeye has a clear shot. The attack has a 10% chance of leaving a burn from the laser. Deadeye has forgotten how to use Scald, as he devoted his fire energy to this technique. Deadeye has the energy to use this move twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Ground

Wadsworth: Level 4 Male Swalot
Hidden Power Type: Dark

Tanner: Level 4 Male Krookodile
Bio: Tanner has a deep-rooted sense of justice in his heart, and will not hesitate to enforce the law. These traits are rather strange for a Dark type, but possibly have their origins in Tanner's obsession with western movies. He completely idolizes the valiant cowboys of the old West and has begun to emulate their behavior more and more. I found him one day wearing a ten-gallon hat and a sheriff's badge, neither of which I even own, sitting in front of the TV watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which I'd never even seen myself. He started to carry toy revolvers around, and as funny as that was, my other mons didn't take too kindly to the plastic pellets being fired at them. I got Tanner to stop harassing everyone else, but only on the condition that I work with him on a signature move fit for a sheriff.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Dusty Six Shooter (Ground / Fire)
Using considerable energy, Tanner creates two energy constructs in the form of twin pistols, one in each hand. He fires a bullet from each at a high velocity, each dealing moderate Ground damage, being infused with the dust of the trails. For an additional light Fire energy, Tanner can fire explosive bullets instead, dealing moderate Fire damage for each bullet. Both types of bullets have a bit of knockback and a slight chance to make the opponent flinch. Tanner can no longer use Thief, Spite, or Foul Play.
Hidden Power Type: Fairy

Cibbir's Baae: Level 4 Female Flaaffy
Bio: Cibbir's Baae, is, well, Cibbir's bae. She's a rather attractive for a sheep, and we all know what happens when Cibbir sees a perfectly good sheep. For this reason, Cibbir's Baae asked me for help. She needed some form of self-defense in case Cibbir were to ever sneak up on her. Usually just shocking him with electric attacks would be enough, but over time, Cibbir began to get crafty, making his advances with a lightningrod in tow to nullify any forms of resistance. She would need something new to keep away her pursuer. I thought of the most obvious form of sexual self-defense: pepper spray.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Pepper Spray (Water)
Using considerable energy, Cibbir's Baae secretes a burst of liquid from her coat at the opponent, with qualities much like actual pepper spray. The attack does considerable damage, and is very irritating if gotten into any open wounds, similar to Brine. She has the type energy to use the attack 3 times per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Water

Hurricane Sandy: Level 4 Male Sandslash
Bio: Sandy is a rather flighty fellow; he always seems to be in some sort of hurry and is always forgetting something. It was rather interesting how I encountered Sandy in the first place. Here I was, just minding my own business, trekking through the desert on the way to some arena, when I suddenly felt something at my feet. I looked down and saw a Sandshrew who had been rolling around in his Defense Curl. He looked up to face me after hitting me and looked adorable and friendly, so I thought it might be nice to add him to my squad. Boy, did I have no idea what I was getting myself into. This guy’s got so much pent-up energy, it’s ridiculous. It’s rather hard to train him since he just doesn’t tire out. I knew for my own sake that I just couldn’t keep exhausting myself like this. So, I managed to come up with a technique that makes the most of all of Sandy’s energy. The best part is, practicing it multiple times will actually get him a little bit tired. Just a little bit. Sort of.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Spin to Win (Ground)
Sandy begins to spin around incredibly fast with his claws stretched outwards, forming a kind of cyclone (think Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes). He then spins towards the opponent at an incredible speed and encircles them, darting in and out and delivering rapid swipes with his claws which in total deal significant damage. Once he is finished with the attack, Sandy may choose to remain close to the opponent or spin up to 10 feet away from them. In either case, he slows down his spin to come out of the cyclone and return to normal. There is a 15% chance that the opponent is left with confusion from the dizzying motion all around him. This attack uses significant energy. Hurricane Sandy can no longer use Gyro Ball, Rock Tomb, and Super Fang.
Hidden Power Type: Grass

Nicki Minaj: Level 4 Female Jynx
Bio: Nicki Minaj was only an ordinary girl, who everyone else could see right through. But one fateful day, when she was playing with her pet anaconda in her garden, she heard a super bass pounding above her. The sound turned out to be coming from a fleet of starships up in the sky. She was just about ready to pound the alarm and va va voom right out of there, but the inhabitants of the starships caught her with a tractor beam like bees in the trap. It turned out though that these guys up there were pretty cool, not just some stupid hoes. Now she's super fly, popping pills and potions and partying on the beach every day! That meeting was truly a moment for life. Bang Bang!

Signature Move: Special Attack- Let's Go to the Beach, Beach! (Ground)
Nicki begins to dance and sing in an odd fashion, baffling all who see or hear it and disrupting their focus similar to Teeter Dance. If a Pokemon is affected, it will remain affected until the end of the dance. Near the conclusion of the routine, Nicki conjures an orb of Ground energy with properties similar to sand and hurls it at a chosen foe, dealing considerable damage. The routine then finishes, and all Pokemon still affected have a 15% chance of being confused. This attack uses major energy in total and can be used twice per battle. Nicki can no longer use Curse, Zen Headbutt, or Confide, because she's so damn loud.
Hidden Power Type: Fire

Money: Level 4 Male Diggersby
Bio: Money is confident, powerful, and overwhelmingly charming with the ladies. He’s got all the Lopunny he could ever want, whenever he wants. Nothing makes him happier than a Lopunny under each of his ears, and several more back at his pimpin’ mansion. A lot of people wonder how he’s such a success; some even go as far as to insult his looks. But Money ain’t got time for them haters, because he’s got some Lopunny waiting back at home, just waiting for...well, you know what they say about rabbits...

Signature Move: Special Training - DIGGERSBY THO?!?
Money can now use Shadow Punch. He can also choose to use this move using Ground energy to deal Ground damage instead. Like the rest of his punching moves, he uses his ears. Money can no longer use Payback and Toxic, since he ain’t got time for the haters.
Hidden Power Type: Flying

Stealthy: Level 4 Male Glalie
Bio: Stealthy the Glalie was named after ASB’s resident mystery-alt after he displayed lots of like-minded behavior including but not limited to sharp wit, stinging sarcasm, an insatiable ego, and most importantly, the ability to make fun of Connor at every opportunity. (You’d think that he wouldn’t push Connor so far, the Emboar having the capability to roast him at any time.) Stealthy, of course, is good-natured and despite his caustic tongue means well. But one could wonder what would happen if he were to use his abilities for a more sinister purpose. The answer? Severe emotional trauma.

Signature Move: Special Attack – Snark Shot (Ice)
Using significant energy, Stealthy utterly humiliates his opponent with ice-cold intensity. The sheer force of his words deals considerable damage, and added effects go as follows:
60% chance that the opponent will be left with a sick burn of shame, as well as an actual, fiery burn on their face
30% chance that the opponent will be unable to understand Stealthy's superior wit and will be left with confusion
10% chance that the opponent is unfazed by Stealthy's remark and no status is inflicted.
To avoid serious psychological damage, this attack can only be used three times.
Hidden Power Type: Psychic

Level 4 Male Druddigon, to be named later
Hidden Power Type: Ghost

Hardbody: Level 4 Male Metapod
Bio: There's always been something different and special about Hardbody compared to other Metapod. Unlike the rest, who longed to evolve and become a beautiful Butterfree, Hardbody was too fascinated with his rock solid body. He insisted that he was unbeatable in battle due to his incredible defenses, and that his Harden, Tackle, String Shot combo was a huge hit with the ladies. However, Hardbody soon realized that once everyone around him evolved, his success in battle tanked, for supreme defenses meant nothing when he had no attack power to back it up. The ladies even stopped coming around once they heard that his battling skill was no more. Physically, emotionally, and sexually frustrated, Hardbody went into a period of deep self-reflection. Should he just give in and become a Butterfree too? Was the era of the hard-bodied man just a memory? Would he ever be a hit with the ladies again? It was in this search deep inside himself that Hardbody found it. A treasure trove of untapped power that no other Metapod had, given to him only through his extreme dedication to his personal identity. Once Hardbody found it, he never looked back. Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. Extra ladies, extra longer. Hardbody was reborn, and he was ready to take on the world.

Signature Move: Special Training - Extreme Waggling
Hardbody has managed to harness the unlimited potential within his body. Due to this, his tackling moves are now propelled by an intense rush of air expelled from within his shell, causing them to be much faster and, obviously, much more potent. Hardbody will be able to close most distances near instantaneously, and can fire himself into the air to use his attacks. These attacks will now have such a powerful knockback that most foes, irrespective of weight, will be sent flying backwards. In addition, Hardbody has now learned the following moves:
Aqua Jet, Body Slam, Bounce, Bulk Up, Double Edge, Earthquake, Extreme Speed, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Iron Head, Megahorn, Quick Attack, Retaliate, Skull Bash, Sharpen, Slam, Spark, Steamroller, Superpower, Volt Tackle, Waterfall.
All of these moves require an extra Light amount of normal energy to use. Hardbody may never evolve into Butterfree.
Hidden Power Type: Water
Item: New Life Token

Shayna: Level 4 Female Vaporeon
Hidden Power Type: Ground

Clee: Level 4 Male Galvantula
Originally Posted by Celebii151
Aoppol yu shud totally make me fighting gym

i have priemap and kuvario

i also have furret and galvantual

i would add rayquaza and mmetwo y

i can start 2morow
I don’t think I really need any more explanation than this. But just in case this isn’t enough to justify this sig on it’s own, here’ s a story. One day I was sitting idly in my gym, afflicted with some terrible smutwriter’s block, when my thoughts began to wander. I started to mull over what I needed to take my gym defense to the next level. Then I remembered these timeless words spoken by none other than Celebii. And while I will never be able to actually use a Galvantula in my Fighting gym, I thought, “Why the hell not do the next best thing?” And, so, in honor of Cele, I began to train a Joltik in the ways of a Fighting type. Oh God why

Signature Move: Special Training - Totally a Fighting Type Guys
Clee is now familiar with the Fighting type, and has gained access to the following moves: Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, and Brick Break. However, he can no longer use Cross Poison, Camouflage, and Feint Attack.
Hidden Power Type: Water

Teehee: Level 4 Female Chandelure
Bio: Teehee is a playful and mischievous soul, one whom you’ll often find giggling with delight after having pulled off some kind of prank. Many know the Chandelure line to be a rather malicious lot, consuming spirits and burning them in their eerie flames. Teehee is nothing like the rest of her species; she can, however, put on quite the act. Making it appear one’s soul has been extinguished, Teehee can induce quite the sense of panic in her victims before giving it away with her rapturous laughter that she’s done nothing of the sort. Despite this terrifying prank, Teehee is well-loved among my squad for always cheering everyone up with her much less morbid humor. So I decided to help her work on a lovely technique to prank the hell out of her enemies.

Signature Move: Special Attack - GIANT LAZER (Ghost / Fire)
Teehee concentrates all of her flame in spot and fires a very destructive looking giant laser beam. This beam is about the size of a fully charged hyper beam but only requires significant energy and deals significant damage. Upon being struck, the opponent is intimidated by the huge beam and has a bit of lingering fear for the next 2 or 3 rounds, depending on the foe’s freshness/mental state. This “fear” makes the foe slightly slower to act and counts as a status for the purposes of Hex. Teehee can use either Ghost energy or Fire energy for this attack to deal damage of that type. Teehee can only use this attack twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting

McDreamy: Level 4 Male Hypno
Hidden Power Type: Rock

Circe: Level 1 Female Popplio

Cuddles: Level 1 Male Stufful

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