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Auroth: Level 3 Female Drifblim
Auroth was originally a child's pet Eevee as a birthday present. She was so thrilled to meet her new friend. However, this child was unlike other children. She was... not well in the mind and after a few hours of fun with her new Eevee, she spontaneously began choking it. Within a few minutes, Auroth lay dead. Her spirit moved into one of the balloons still present at the party, but she is no longer that joyful Eevee. She has a different goal now.
Special Move: Essence Drain (Ghost)
Auroth creates a number of short tendrils and drains a heavy amount of energy from the target in the space of a few seconds, adding it to her own energy reserves. It does not use any energy itself. This move counts as a 'draining move' and contributes towards diminishing returns.
Jeri: Eh... 1 to 1 drain-recovery is iffy.

Stratos: Level 4 Male Altaria
Being a proud Swablu, Stratos dislikes the feminine stereotype of his evolutionary line. He is determined to show the world just how powerful a Swablu can be. In an attempt to be as hypocritical as possible, Stratos taught himself a new move, basing it off his line's great singing abilities.
Special Move: Song of Storms (Normal)
Stratos sings a song of great power, which can be either one of these two versions:
Lightning - The song will deal decent damage and if allowed to go on for 5 or more seconds, will render the opponent paralyzed a la DragonBreath.
Calm - The song will deal decent damage and if allowed to go on for 5 or more seconds, will leave the opponent confused.
The order is Song of Storms - Lightning/Calm. Both versions cost significant energy and this move can only be used thrice per match and twice per opponent, the version of which not mattering.
Jeri: Approved.

Stymphalia: Level 4 Female Aerodactyl
Stymphalia was once a mighty Aerodactyl in ancient times, ruling the skies and demanding dominance over all other creatures. Even the mightiest of Tyrantum and Armaldo were afraid to challenge her. And she enjoyed her dominance; it gave her a sense of purpose. She existed to be superior to all others. However, there were some Pokemon that wanted her gone. After getting her evening kill, she returned to her nest for a quick rest. Unfortunately, she was reckless today, and the blood still dripped from her talons. The conspirators followed the trail and coming across the dormant beast, attacked her in her sleep. She arose quickly, terrifying the conspirators and killing every last one of them. However, the wounds inflicted on her proved to be fatal, and she died. Millennia later, I some of her genetic remains were found frozen in amber. Taking her to the local laboratory, I managed to revive her and restore her to her former glory. Whether she liked it or not, she owed me a favor, since I brought her back to life. Though times have changed, she still tries to rule the skies as she had done millennia past.
Special Trait: Pressure (Normal)
Stymphalia is much more terrifying than a regular Aerodactyl, exuding terror and most Pokemon will be scared of her, and a little unwilling to attack her, regardless of size, weight or how the battle is progressing. Her fear based attacks (Roar, Scary Face, Growl, etc.) are much more effective than normal, and against much smaller opponents or ones that have good reason to be afraid, they may cause them to spend a bit more energy on their next move (Minor - Mild, ref's discretion based on move's energy cost and power). However, her fear based attacks now cost 20% more energy to use and she can no longer use Earth Power or Hyper Beam. She is also drained of minor energy every round.
Jeri: Approved.

Selemene: Level 4 Female Togekiss
Having shifted gracefully through her Togepi and Togetic stages, Selemene is a creature of pure grace, to near obsession about it. Every fiber of her being is 'graceful', according to her. She finds the greatest grace in battle, where she has honed her moves to be as 'graceful' as possible.
Special Trait: Serene Grace (Normal)
Selemene's status moves are now more potent than normal and get another use before diminishing returns are applied. They now cost a minor amount more general energy.
Jeri: Approved.

Mars: Level 4 Male Gallade
Bio: After a quick exit from his Ralts form, Mars found himself unable to abuse Teleport as much as he was previous able, much to his disdain. However, an intense training session with the other Psychic Types on my squad rendered him able to draw upon the advantage his baser form bestowed upon him.
Special Move: Blink Strike (Fighting/Psychic)
Mars charges either Fighting or Psychic Energy into his blade, teleporting to his target and slashing at them for decent damage. Due to the fast nature of this technique, it is nearly impossible to evade, but can be Protected against. Also because of the fast nature of this technique, for increased energy cost at ref's discretion, Mars can segue this into another slashing attack with his other blade. An example order would be: Fighting Blink Strike Combo into Night Slash! It can be used thrice per battle, and costs solid energy.
Jeri: Undodgeable attacks should generally be low power. Also the linking thing is okay but you should probably specify a higher energy use.

Argentum: Level 3 Female Skarmory
While travelling through Sinnoh, I came across a village. Tired from strenuous training and adventuring, I asked if I could stay a night. They refused to let me stay, as in their desperate times, they don't need any burdens to carry around. I asked them what was troubling them and they replied that their sweet civilization was being terrorized by aliens. Learning that these guys were complete idiots, I decided to seek out the elders. Now in the company of people with sense, they quickly identified me as a PKMN Trainer; someone who could help. They told me that every once in a while silver lightining would flash, and a Skarmory would appear, tearing apart houses, stealing food among other things. I decided to help them, seeing this a a prime opportunity to catch a new flier, having just released my Pidgeotto, after it unleashed a Hurricane that wasn't Hyper Beam strength. The next time the lightning flashed, I sprung into action, taking Inferno and Neon with me. The Skarmory was way too fast for us, but after it retreated, we didn't give up. We found it on the floor, injured a few miles away. Using my Pokemon as translators, the Skarmory told me that she was blessed with electric prowess, something she didn't want, as it hurt her. We asked her how she got it, and she said that Arceus bestowed it upon her. We pondered on how we could get rid of it, and we came up with a brilliant idea. She should learn how to manipulate the earth. If she does, it will counter-act the electricity and she will be back to normal. She was so desperate to get the electricity out of her and she trained so hard, that she finally succeeded and got a few extra bonuses from it.
Special Resistance: Down To Earth (Ground)
Argentum now takes 1x damage from Electric Type moves. She no longer resists the Bug Type, taking 1x damage from it.
Jeri: Lose another resistance.

Rylai: Level 3 Female Mantine
Rylai is an odd Pokemon. Though the Mantyke line is largely aquatic, she always looked to the sky, and to her future. She did not want to be bound to the water any longer. I caught her trying to take off from an ocean shore. With some lessons from Diana and Argentum, she was able to greatly increase her aerial prowess.
Special Training: Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? (Flying)
Rylai can now use Fly and Quick Attack and is able to hold midair position, basically able to fly like any Bird Pokemon. However, she has forgotten Bounce and Acrobatics.
Jeri: Approved.

Sapphire: Level 4 Female Dragonair
She was found in the region of Hoenn, in Mossdeep City. I was surprised to find a Dratini there shivering on the shores of Mossdeep. Rushing her to a Pokemon Center, I waited outside, worrying about that poor Dratini. The Nurse informed me that she was making a steady recovery. After that was all over, the Dratini told me about its story, and I used Katoptris as a translator. She originally lived with her family, in Mt. Coronet, and ideal place for Pokemon as rare as Dratini to live. One day, poachers attacked her home, with the logo of a 'G' on their uniforms. They wanted Dratinis to sell, because they were rare Pokemon. Sapphire, being the bold Dratini she is, she stood up to them, and though she had no chance from the start, she put up a good fight, but in the end, she was captured. Fortunately, these were stupid poachers, and were quickly captured by the local authorities on their escaping. Thinking that this Dratini was native to Kanto, they decided to take her back to her 'home.' On the voyage back, they were caught in a fierce storm, and they were shipwrecked. Sapphire sank to the bottom of the sea, her last sight being a serpentine shadow swimming over her. When she came to, she was surrounded by Milotic and Gyarados. They had helped her to live. She had nowhere else to go, so she politely thanked them and asked if she could live with them. They replied with nods in unison. After months of living with them, Sapphire became accustomed to water, being able to stay underwater for long periods of time. But once again, she let her boldness and curiosity get the best of her, accepting a dare from one of the local Remoraid, to go the surface for a day. At first it seemed fine, until another storm started up again, sending Sapphire far from her home. Passing out again, she woke up at Mossdeep City, barely alive. It was then that I found her and saved her life. As gratitude, she joined my team.
Special Resistance: Aquatic Embrace (Water)
From her time spent living underwater, Sapphire built a resistance to the cold, now taking 100% damage from Ice Moves, rather than 200%. As a Dragonite, she will take 200% damage from Ice Moves, but she no longer resists Water Moves, having embraced the water. She will take 100% damage from them at all stages and will also take 100% damage from Fire Moves at all stages.
Jeri: Drop another resistance.

Neon: Level 4 Male Volbeat
Neon is an evil little bug. I don't know why, but I get that feeling from him. However, I can't get others to believe me.
Special Training: Tiny Mastermind (Dark)
Neon can now use Taunt and Spite twice per match each.
Jeri: Approved.

Golosina: Level 3 Female Slurpuff
After watching an inordinate amount of wrestling and MMA on television, Golosina developed a new move utilizing her unique skills in an attempt to emulate them.
Special Move: Power Slam (Fighting)
Golosina sends her String Shot-like string at the opponent, wrapping it around them. She then charges her body with Fighting Energy and retracts the string, sending herself flying at the opponent. She slams into them for significant damage, using heavy energy to perform the entire technique. The leftover string remains, slowing the opponent's movement until they can get it off.
Jeri: Approved.

Zed: Level 3 Male Grovyle
Zed is the first ninja in 200 years to unlock the ancient, forbidden ways. He defied his clan and master, casting off the balance and discipline that had shackled him all his life. Zed now offers power to those who embrace knowledge of the shadows, and slays those who cling to ignorance.
Special Trait: Contempt for the Weak (XX)
Zed's first attack against an opponent that is below 25% health will deal a good amount more damage for the same amount extra energy cost. The extra energy does not, however, contribute to fatigue. It can only affect a single Pokemon once per match.
Jeri: Approved.

Kurai: Level 4 Male Greninja
Kurai fancies himself a ninja, and has trained hard to become one. This has improved his physical abilities significantly. He was able to develop a new technique because of this.
Special Move: Flying Suijin (Water)
Kurai cloaks any of his appendages or his body in his 'sharp' water and quickly dashes at the opponent, dealing solid damage for significant energy. This move will also limber up his muscles, leaving him with a speed boost afterwards a la Flame Charge.

Ares: Level 4 Male Crobat
"Only 3 things are infinite: The universe, human stupidity and the amount of Zubat in Dark Cave." - A person. However, this Zubat is special. Found in Dark Cave, he assaulted my Pokemon with a variety of Poison Moves, poisoning each of them. It took a quick scuffle with Chrome before he finally succumbed. His poison moves have proved useful in battle.
Special Ability: Nethertoxin (Poison)
When Ares poisons an opponent, it drains energy alongside dealing damage. It drains energy at a lower rate than it deals damage, capping at mild energy per round for Toxic poisoning. This energy loss does contribute to exhaustion, but not as much as using moves of the same energy cost would.
Jeri: Approved.

Lars: Level 4 Male Beartic
Lars has always been interested in the earth. To compensate for his lack of earthy techniques, he trained his heart out and put his best effort forward, learning a new move in the process.
Special Training: Seismic Activity (Ground)
Lars can now use Earthquake, with the Type Energy to use it twice per battle.
Jeri: Approved.

Shade: Level 4 Male Umbreon
Shade is an Umbreon, and therefore he is the very best, like no one ever was. Though proud and aloof, he is rather quiet, and doesn't socialize much with the rest of the team. However, he is also extremely intelligent and observant, creating a new technique from watching Grass Types battle.
Special Move: Shadow Reaver (Dark)
Shade creates a number of short tendrils and drains a heavy amount of energy from the target in the space of a few seconds, adding it to his own energy reserves. It does not use any energy itself. This move counts as a 'draining move' and contributes towards diminishing returns.
Jeri: See above.

Desmond: Level 3 Male Honchkrow
Desmond is a creature of pure terror and nightmare. He takes pleasure in afflicting people with horrific images, causing them to go mad, screaming and terrified beyond consolation. I was almost one of his victims, but thankfully I was saved by Vaermina, my Haunter. A quick scuffle with Desmond and he fell prey to my Dusk Ball, forced under my command. He's adjusted well enough to it, and still utilizes his strange power in battle, rather than on innocent civilians.
Special Move: Unspeakable Horror (Dark)
With a resounding cry, Desmond afflicts the enemy with horrific visions. In pure fear, whatever action they were in the middle of is ceased, and they begin to slowly flee Desmond for a short duration, about 1-2 seconds before coming to their senses. They also experience a 20% drop in their defences, fading like a normal debuff would. This move deals mild damage and costs significant energy. It can be used twice per battle, and once per opponent.
Jeri: Approved.

Davion: Level 4 Male Charizard
Davion is an ancient, legendary dragon, born and nurtured in a volcano. He was known for his strength, ferocity and power. He was not, however, malicious or evil, or even power-hungry, unlike most other dragons. On the contrary, he allowed people to challenge him with their Pokemon to prove their strength. Few managed to best him. They found that unlike most Charizard, he had an amazing resistance to the Rock Type, something gained from being born in lava.
Special Resistance: Pyroclastic Flow (Fire)
Davion's weakness to Rock Moves has been significantly lowered, and Rock moves now deal 2x damage to him. However, Fairy and Fire Moves now deal 1x damage to him. If he was to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X, Rock Moves would deal 1x damage to him, but Fairy and Fire Moves would still deal 1x damage to him. The same applies if Equiall would make him Charmander or Charmeleon.
Jeri: The Mega Evo Fire effectiveness ends up being meaningless.

Zephyr: Level 4 Male Gliscor
Zephyr was born in the Sinnoh Region, where Gligar are a fairly common Pokemon. He was captured at a young by a male Trainer that only cared about strong Pokemon. Knowing the powerful potential of Gliscor, he caught him. To his disappointment, Zephyr was not as strong as he had originally hoped, due to his young age. The Trainer kept him throughout most of his adventure in Sinnoh, but Zephyr lost every single match that he battled in, notably one against a particularly rude Trainer with a Kricketune. Eventually, as Zephyr's Trainer reached Snowpoint City, he was fed up and released Zephyr, leaving him in the cold, frigid north regions. Still a relatively young Gligar, he was not used to such harsh conditions, nearing death. I came across him and took him to a Pokemon Center. Taking pity on him, I asked him to join my team where he could be protected. He accepted. However, the traumatic experience with his previous Trainer still runs through his memory, causing him to be a bit closed off from the rest of the group. On the flipside, his time and near-death experience in Snowpoint City made him build up a bit of a resistance to cold.
Special Resistance: Frozen Heart (Ice)
Zephyr now takes 2x damage from Ice, as opposed to the usual 4x. However, he has lost his resistance to Bug and Fighting Type moves, taking 1x damage from them, as opposed to the usual 0.5x.
Jeri: Approved.

Wyrmblade: Level 4 Male Steelix
Wyrmblade is a fearsome Steelix. His mighty roar strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies and allies alike.
Special Trait: Mighty Roar (XX)
Wyrmblade's Roar attack now grants him a slight boost to his attacks as well as his defense, a la Coil, as well as clears his mind a la Calm Mind. Roar now costs 35% more energy.
Jeri: Approved.

Furion: Level 2 Male Tropius
Furion, the Nature's Prophet. Seeking to protect himself and other Grass Types living in the forest, he learned a new technique taking advantage of his bulk.
Special Training: Heavy Slam (Steel)
Furion can now use Heavy Slam, with the type energy to use it 3 times per match.
Jeri: Approved.

Fuu: Level 3 Female Ninjask
Fuu is a descendent of a clan of Ninjask that focused more on their agility than their natural raw speed. This, combined with her greater interest in her agility, has caused a rather strange change in her anatomy, leaving her with more evolved wings: stronger and slightly larger.
Special Trait: Winds of Change (Flying)
With her more evolved wings, Fuu is now much more agile than other Ninjask, able to change directions without stopping and evade moves more easily and has learned Twister as a result. Her evolved wings have no impact on anything else. She may only use the Flying Type version of Twister.
Jeri: Approved.

Athena: Level 4 Female Arbok
Athena is an Arbok. Looking to utilize her anatomy in a deadly way in battle situations just as in the wild, she managed to hone her fanged skills, making them more powerful and more deadly.
Special Trait: Fanged Predator
Athena's moves utilizing her fangs now deal 1.2x the damage, and is equal to an SC boost in energy cost. Her Giga Drain move can now be administered via biting is also more effective when used in such a fashion.
Jeri: Needs some sort of drawback.

Croton: Level 4 Male Venusaur
Croton enjoys spreading fertility, verdancy and greenery wherever he goes. So much, that he developed a new move, basing off one that he already had access to.
Special Move: Super Grassy Terrain (Grass)
Croton expends heavy energy to spread invigorating Grass Energy across the whole arena, causing various flowers, grass and plants to grow, even in urban or rugged environments. For the next 5 rounds, all Grass Type Pokemon touching the ground will regenerate mild health and energy per round, and Grass Moves will be 10% stronger for no increased energy cost, while Fire Moves will go down by the same amount. This can be used twice per match and Croton can no longer use Grassy Terrain.
Jeri: Approved.

Mizusar: Level 4 Male Feraligatr
Mizusar has always been one to overwork himself and push himself that extra mile, whether it's necessary or not. Despite my worries at first, I quickly realized that he is perfectly capable of independently handling himself. His tendency to overwork himself without getting tired also proves helpful in battle.
Special Trait: Vital Spirit
Mizusar has much greater endurance and readiness than other Pokemon, able to push himself harder for longer. As a result, he doesn't require breathers as often as other Pokemon do. However, he is drained of light energy per round, not contributing to overall fatigue.
Jeri: Approved.

Sable: Level 3 Male Sandslash
Raised in the Desert Resort, Sable embraced his kind's affinity for storms of the sand variant, and as a result, his ability to create sandstorms was heightened, far past the capabilities of a normal Sandslash.
Special Trait: Burial
Sable's Sandstorm is more potent than a normal Sandslash's Sandstorm, and he mixes in some of his spines with it. Other Pokemon within his Sandstorm take mild damage per round. His Sandstorm is also nigh impossible to hamper or stop against his own will and he can see perfectly through it, without any loss of visibility. However, Sandstorm now costs 25% more energy.
Jeri: Sandstorm should still be stoppable.

Rigwarl: Level 2 Male Munchlax
GOTTA GO FAST! That's Rigwarl's motto. Unfortunately, trapped in the body of a Munchlax doesn't do wonders for you when speed is your focus. After some training with Kurai and Fuu, Rigwarl managed to increase his speed somewhat, his bulk still preventing him from reaching the speed he dreamed off.
Special Trait: Unstoppable Force
Rigwarl can now use Extremespeed and Quick Attack and can move at a better pace than most of his species, but has forgotten Chip Away, Rollout, Blizzard, Thunder, SolarBeam and Natural Gift.
Jeri: Approved.

Schnee: Level 1 Female Amaura
Schnee is an Ice Type, an element infamous for their generally shallow movepools and abundance of unfavorable matchups. Observing the Misty Terrain of Golosina, my Slurpuff, the Electric Terrain of Beacon the Ampharos and the Grassy Terrain of Croton the Venusaur, Schnee developed her own move in an attempt to tips more matchups in her favor.
Special Move: Frigid Terrain
Expending significant energy, Schnee spreads freezing Ice Energy throughout the arena. Within moments, a thick layer of ice forms over the arena, and the temperature drops a bit to make Pokemon not suited to the cold a bit uncomfortable. The ice will not trap any Pokemon when it forms; they will be on the surface. On Frigid Terrain, Pokemon that are not surefooted, such as non-Ice Types, will have trouble moving around, and moving at high speeds may result in them losing their balance and falling over. The ice can also be manipulated by Ice Types to use Rock Tomb, Rock Slide and Avalanche (The former two will remain Rock Type). After 5 rounds, the ice melts away, leaving no trace of it behind. This can be used twice per match.
Jeri: Approved.

Procopius: Level 1 Male Magikarp
Procopius is a mighty Magikarp, and is always insulted when enemies dislike the idea of fighting against such a 'weak' creature. As a result, he learned a new move to prevent this.
Special Training: There Is No Escape
Procopius can now use Mean Look.
Jeri: Approved.

Atropos: Level 1 Male Yamask
Atropos looked upon his movepool, and noticed that it was decidedly worse than most Ghosts, lacking in the status abuse that most Ghosts use so well. Training with Vaermina, Atropos managed to fill in the gaps in his movepool.
Special Training: Do the Ghosty Thing
Atropos can now use Confuse Ray and Hypnosis.
Jeri: Approved.

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