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Originally Posted by EpicSquirtle View Post
Trading one Rare Candy to Itzatrap in exchange for their level 5 female Axew

*Trade started*
Trading my level 5 female Axew to EpicSquirtle for a candy.

**Trade Closed**

Spoiler: show
Pokémon Species: Axew
Nickname: Gender: Female Level: 05 [Last Level Gain]
Ability: Mold Breaker Type: Dragon Nature: Undecided
Beauty Points: 10 IQ: 2 Birthday: August 21
Contest Stats: 20 Beauty/20 Cool/20 Cute/20 Smart/20 Tough
Obtained: Hatched from Dragon Mystery Egg @ level 1
Level-Up Attacks: Scratch (--), Leer (04), Assurance (07), Dragon Rage (10), Dual Chop (13), Scary Face (16), Slash (20), False Swipe (24), Dragon Claw (28), Dragon Dance (32), Taunt (36), Dragon Pulse (41), Swords Dance (46), Guillotine (51), Outrage (56), Giga Impact (61)
Move Tutor Moves: Aqua Tail, Sleep Talk, Snore, Superpower
Egg Moves: Counter, Focus Energy, Reversal, Endure, Razor Wind, Night Slash, Endeavor, Iron Tail, Harden
Hidden Machine Moves: Cut, Strength
Technical Machine Moves: Giga Impact, X-scissor
Advance Moves/Custom Moves: Draco Meteor
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