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He'd do it. He had to, or he was going to die of boredom.

Dux the Machop had escaped home in the middle of the night and ventured off into the nearby woods. He couldn't take it anymore; he felt his power increasing by leaps and bounds every day, but something was missing - ordinary training wasn't cutting it anymore. He'd studied every other fighter extensively and sparred with them all on multiple occasions; he knew everything that there was to know about each of their styles and was confident he could put up a good fight against any of them. And yet, none of them presented the challenge he desired, even those who were clearly stronger than him - they held back out of friendship, afraid to actually go all the way.

Except for one.

The foe he sought was a different kind of Pokemon. One who felt nothing for his fellow teammates and refused to acknowledge their existence. One who used to belong to a different trainer and despised the idea of being Levin's Pokemon. Ryker the Luxray led the life of a loner, choosing to stay away from the Treetop Base and instead reside in the surrounding forest. The oldest member of Levin's team and a creature of great power, courtesy of the extensive training he received under his previous owner, the rogue Electric-Type surely wouldn't think twice about going all out... provided Dux provoked him enough. That could well be the challenge he needed to surpass his limitations!

Dux knew he didn't need to look very hard. The second he trespassed Ryker's territory, the Luxray would come to him. He cracked his knuckles in anticipation, going over all the techniques he'd just recently perfected. Fighting and mastering new moves came naturally to him, but it was rare for him to be able to put them all to use. Levin had told him time and again that he was a prodigy, and as such he should try always try to fight on par with his weaker teammates. He understood his Trainer's reasoning, but sometimes he really felt like breaking the rules... fortunately he wouldn't have to worry about that this time.

Suddenly, he stopped. Startled at first, he froze in place as two golden eyes gleamed in the darkness above, accompanied by a low-pitched growl. The look of surprise quickly turned into a grin as the realization set in - Ryker had found him. Sure enough, the lean figure of the electric lynx leaped down from the nearby tree and landed right in front of Dux, towering over the smaller Fighting-Type. The Luxray's commanding stare caused the usually fearless Dux to instinctively take a step back and assume a battle stance; those eyes were one of Ryker's greatest weapons, allowing him to see perfectly in all environments, and even through objects. But one thing reassured the Machop: no matter how exceptional they were, Ryker's eyes would give him no advantage here, because Dux never dodged.

It was a matter of pride and, in a way. his unique fighting style. Dux was born with the ability to read movements and strike from any angle accordingly, effectively ensuring that he never missed a single strike. To make up for that fact, refusing to let his genetic superiority dictate the flow of his battles, he swore to himself never to evade any of his opponent's moves either, in an attempt to even the playing field. This in turn made him extremely durable, having grown used to withstanding moves most other Pokemon would attempt to dodge.

Ryker's growl intensified; he grew weary of the Machop's presence, and his tolerance was quick to run out. Mustering up his courage, Dux took a step forward and beat his own chest in defiance. Realizing he was being challenged, Ryker snarled and blasted Dux with a Thunderbolt out of nowhere, sending the smaller Pokemon flying back several feet! The black feline turned around, visibly annoyed, and prepared to return to his perch and get back to sleep. However, just as he leaped onto the branch, a pulse of energy sliced it, causing Ryker to temporarily lose his footing and land back on the ground gracefully. Turning around, he saw Dux still up with both palms thrown forward, and realizing the small fighter had just struck back with a Vacuum Wave, his whole body became surrounded in a yellow aura crackling with electricity, anger taking over at the sight of Machop's nerve.

Dux was grinning, despite the obvious injuries sustained after a single Thunderbolt. This was everything he'd hoped for - Ryker wasn't going to pull any punches, which meant he'd finally get the battle he was craving! He took a running start and dashed straight at the Luxray, who responded with another Thunderbolt; the force of the move knocked Dux back again, but not down. He kept his footing and pressed forward again, receiving a third Thunderbolt for his efforts, which this time brought him to his knees. Smoke rose from his smitten body, the repeated lighting strikes taking their toll on him. He was short of breath for the first time in his life; he'd been on the receiving end of this move before, courtesy of Rook and Min, but never like this. Ryker's attacks were violent, intense and more powerful than anything he'd ever experienced... and he was loving it.

The Luxray's eyes widened at the sight of Dux getting back up one more time, heedless of consequence. When the Machop lunged forward once more, Ryker found himself hesitating for once; he could easily strike him down with a stronger bolt, but something about Dux's resolve made him stop. For some reason, he wanted to see what the little one could do... if only for the briefest of moments, he cared. Doing nothing, he allowed Dux to close in and deliver a jaw-rattling Mega Punch that almost knocked him on his side! But the brawler wasn't done; relishing the opportunity to fight up-close, he charged energy in his fists and unleashed a barrage of strikes so fast that nobody besides Ryker could have kept track of each blow. Dux's Close Combat flurry continued until the Luxray had enough and unleashed yet another Thunderbolt at point-blank range, a pillar of lighting rising to the sky and fading shortly afterwards. In its wake, Dux's body lay on the ground, motionless.

Ryker lept back, gasping for air, astonished by Dux's latent power. He was glad he let the fighter's power shine through, it had been an entertaining display, but enough was enough. He turned around to leave, until an unexpected white light engulfed the forest around them. Turning his head in disbelief, he realized the familiar light emanated from none other than Dux, whose frame grew larger and radiated an intense aura. When the glow subsided, the once tiny brawler was no more, and in his place stood an imposing , apparently rejuvenated and ready to fight!

Dux stared at his own hands in awe. He felt nothing; no pain, no fatigue, no shortness of breath. It was as if he hadn't even begun fighting. Not only that - the power coursing through his body was unlike anything he'd ever experienced, even after the most strenuous of training sessions. He smiled as he realized how right he'd been all along - no amount of regular exercise could have broken the chains that held him down. What he needed was this: an opponent so far out of his league and so ruthless that he was forced to evolve or perish. He glared at Ryker, who stared right back with a smirk. Contrary to his nature, the Luxray was growing excited himself; he couldn't remember the last time he had to work for a victory.

In his typical fashion, the Machoke dashed straight at Ryker once again, who responded with another Thunderbolt; this time however, the discharge wasn't enough to slow Dux down. Pulling his fist back and ramming it forward with all his might, Dux blasted the stunned Ryker with a bone-shattering Dynamic Punch! This time it was the lynx who was sent flying, and didn't stop until his body collided with a large tree!

The Luxray struggled to get back to his feet, dazed and hurting all over. His vision was still blurry from the devastating hit; in the time him took to refocus, Dux unleashed another Vacuum Wave that pelted the Electric-Type on the torso, making him growl in pain.
Infuriated by the turn of events, Ryker released yet another bolt of lightning; this time however, Dux created a barrier around him, causing most of the electricity to disperse along the Light Screen, much to the opponent's shock. It turned out Dux wasn't all brawn after all...

Incensed by the emergence of a worthy adversary, Ryker was taking things seriously now. Opting to shift his strategy, now that Dux was protected from his Thunderbolt strikes, the Luxray gathered lighting energy in his fur, glowing yellow as he did, and rushed toward the foe at full speed, realizing by now that he refused to dodge. Indeed, Dux stood his ground, but grinned as Ryker ran in his direction; closing his eyes and bringing his palms together, his body took on a faint purple glow briefly. Ryker rammed into the Machoke, only to find it was like hitting a stone wall - Dux didn't even flinch!

With Ryker again at close range, Machoke quickly brought his hands together again and reversed the effects of his previous Power Trick, before quickly driving a fist into the foe's abdomen with a powerful Bullet Punch! Ryker bent over in pain, helpless in front of the dominant fighter. Determined to show no mercy, out of respect for his opponent, Dux prepared to hit a final Dynamic Punch... but just as he prepared to deliver it, Ryker nimbly sank his teeth into the Machoke's fist, subsequently delivering a powerful electric shock with his Thunder Fang, bypassing the Light Screen!

Taking his opening, Ryker jumped away from Dux's range to catch his breath. Meanwhile, Dux felt his muscles locking up, cramps rendering his arms and legs unresponsive due to paralysis! The Luxray grinned, catching on to the opponent's predicament and what it meant for the flow of the match. Dux himself understood it too, and both Pokemon nodded, agreeing that the next blow would be the last.

Ryker's fur began to stand on end as he Charged as much electricity as possible, while Dux closed his eyes and focused his strength through Meditation. The Luxray and Machoke dashed forward at the same time, the former's body covered in lighting energy and the latter's fist glowing with ki. Dux pulled his arm back for one last focused Dynamic Punch while Ryker's Spark crackled with twice the usual power... But as Dux prepared to deliver the last blow, his shoulder muscles tensed up for the briefest of moments, slowing down the movement and creating a precious opening! Ryker's exceptional eyes quickly picked up on the split-second delay, and the Luxray leaped upward driving his whole lighting-covered frame into Dux!

A powerful shockwave emanated from the point of contact, kicking up grass and leaves all around them. Ryker and Dux landed on opposite sides of the field, exhausted and breathing heavily... until the Machoke's body gave out and he collapsed, unconscious. The Luxray roared, glanced at the fallen warrior one last time and took his leave, proud of the outcome but shaken to the core: somehow, such a young Pokemon was able to stand toe-to-toe and almost defeat him... a Pokemon trained by Levin, to make matters worse.

Long after Ryker had left, Dux regained his senses. In front of him was Mazo the Lucario, looking concerned but proud at the same time. He must have sensed the commotion; after all, emotions ran high in the match. Hurting badly, Dux nonetheless mustered a smile and a thumbs-up; no explanations were needed when dealing with Mazo, nor did he feel like giving one - after all, despite the danger he placed himself in, it really was the right thing to do. There was no doubt in his mind that Levin would be delighted with his accomplishment, which made the inevitable reprimand he was in for all but irrelevant.

Returning to a tall branch to get some rest in the welcome stillness of the night, Ryker replayed the events of the match over and over in his head until sleep overpowered him. Formidable as Dux was in his own right, maybe, just maybe, there was also something to that Trainer after all...
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