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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
EM/MT/AM/Relearned Confirmation
Talon87: Azelf with MT's Skill Swap & Snore, and Audino with MT Pain Split

Pumpkin Memory Berry Confirmation
Talon87: Audino with EM's Heal Bell, Sleep Talk, Sweet Kiss & Wish

Special Item Confirmation
Talon87: Misdreavus with EM's Sucker Punch & Shadow Sneak, and MT's Dark Pulse, MT Magic Coat, MT Sleep Talk & MT Swift
Talon87: Spinda with MT's Drain Punch & Fire Punch
Picking up Azelf, now with MTs Skill Swap and Snore, and Audino, now with MT Pain Split and EMs Heal Bell, Sleep Talk, Sweet Kiss, and Wish. Thanks.

Thanks for the confirmation on Reiko (Misdreavus) and Spinda as well.
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