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Trapinch Confirmed for pickup on Thursday 6th November 2014.

EM/MT/AM/Relearned Confirmation
blazeVA: Starly with EM's Double-edge & Roost
Celebii151: Houndour with EM's Heat Wave and Iron Tail
Charminions: Pawniard with MT's Dark Pulse & Magnet Rise
enchantress: Chingling with MT's Helping Hand, Rollout & Snore
Itzatrap: Aerodactyl with EM's Foresight, Pursuit & Whirlwind
jolteonjak: Sassy Drifloon♀ with MT Sucker Punch; Quiet Drifloon♂ with MT Spite; Gentle Drifloon♀ Pinkie Lee with MT Swift
Kindrindra: Torkoal with EM's Eruption & Fissure
Pearl's Perap: Vullaby with EM Fake Tears and MT Foul Play
Pest: Vespiquen with MT's Air Cutter & String Shot
Shadowshocker: Exeggcute with MT's Gravity & Mimic
Talon87: Azelf with MT's Skill Swap & Snore, and Audino with MT Pain Split
Treepandaone: Rhyperior with MT's Rollout & Spite

Pumpkin Memory Berry Confirmation
blazeVA: Misdreavus with Nasty Plot, Ominous Wind, Skill Swap & Wonder Room
Celebii151: Ekans with EM's Iron Tail, Poison Fang, Poison Tail
enchantress: Pachirisu with EM's Follow Me, Iron Tail, Rollout & Tail Whip
Itzatrap: Aerodactyl with EMs Dragonbreath, Assurance, Roost & Tailwind
jolteonjak: Swinub with EM's Bite, Curse, Double-Edge & Icicle Spear
Pearl's Perap: Spinarak with EM's Disable, Electroweb, Night Slash & Toxic Spikes
Pest: Tyrunt with EM's Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang & Thunder Fang
Shadowshocker: Exeggcute with EM's Ancientpower, Lucky Chant, Moonlight & Nature Power
Talon87: Audino with EM's Heal Bell, Sleep Talk, Sweet Kiss & Wish
Treepandaone: Shieldon with EM's Curse, Counter, Scary Face & Wide Guard

Special Item Confirmation
blazeVA: Murkrow with EM's Brave Bird, Featherdance, Psycho Shift & Roost, and MT's Tailwind & Snatch
blazeVA: Starly with EM's Detect, Featherdance, Revenge & Steel Wing, and MT's Endeavor & Tailwind
enchantress: Baltoy with MT Gravity
enchantress: Litwick with MT's Sleep Talk & Trick
enchantress: Gyarados with MT's Bounce, Headbutt, Iron Head, Outrage, Spite & Uproar
Itzatrap: Houndour with EMs Fire Spin, Punishment, Pursuit, Spite, Reversal & Thunder Fang
Itzatrap: Nidoran♂ with EMs Amnesia, Disable & Supersonic, and MT's Drill Run, Super Fang & Defense Curl
Pest: Abra with EM's Barrier, Encore, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Power Trick & Thunderpunch
Pest: Abra with MT's Counter, Drain Punch, Foul Play, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk & Zen Headbutt
Talon87: Misdreavus with EM's Sucker Punch & Shadow Sneak, and MT's Dark Pulse, MT Magic Coat, MT Sleep Talk & MT Swift
Talon87: Spinda with MT's Drain Punch & Fire Punch
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