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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Witch Hazel's Treats

With Hazel's departure comes confirmation of the treats you've brewed for yourselves. It's been lovely to see everyone taking part and enjoying this event, so thank you for making a success of the Mystery Cauldron.
All items bar the Eerie Stone are perishable so will need to be used immediately. You'll have 48 hours from the time of this post to record their use after which the items will expire.
Hope you've had a happy Halloween!

1) Large Ghostly Gumdrop (+3 TM's)
2) Large Ghostly Gumdrop (+3 TM's)
3) Large Eyeball Candy (+3 Levels)
2x Large Ghostly Gumdrops
1x Large Eyeball Candy

Of the Large Ghostly Gumdrops (try saying that five times fast), one is going to Sundance, my cherished Cherubi, teaching him Safeguard, Protect, and Return.
Feeding the other to Nihilia, my Purrloin, who's basically second in command now, teaching her Double Team, Aerial Ace, and Substitute.
And then the Large Eyeball Candy goes to... Eh, Sundance again. Bringing him from Lv18 to Lv21! Yaaaaaaay!

Stirred from his sleep by some sort of clattering sound, Kin sleepily looks around before rising to his feet. Waving so frantically he bounces, he says something aloud for the first time in this place.
"Thanks for everything! Good luck with your apprenticeship, hope to see you again sometime~!"

((Well this was an interesting change of pace. Thanks for running this event!))
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