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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Mega Tombola Prize Bag Draw!

The time has come, to draw the Prizes for this years Fizzy Bubbles Birthday, woohoo!!
32 people have participated and I have 32 different coloured bags and now I will make the selection for these lucky participants.
Waggles her fingers magically ...

For Talon87:
Indigo Prize Bag containing:
3x Rare Candies
3x Nanab Berries
3x Purple Gummi’s
1x Ground Gem
1x TM Echoed Voice
1x Dusk Stone

Please use the Gummi's and TM's in the appropriate shops.
Congratulations ^-^
Thanks very much for the tombola gifts. Collecting:

x3 Rare Candies
x3 Nanab Berries
x3 Purple Gummis
x1 Ground Gem
x1 TM Echoed Voice
x1 Dusk Stone
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