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Round 6: 18 inches of distance!

With Kano having been punched out of the stratosphere, Lanturn recalls the Absol who's just dangling from rocky outcrop above. Having fought reasonably well so far, the young trainer sends out a Vibrava, clearly ready to hit like a truck despite his size! Hibiya flits out in the air before swooping down on the ground to channel a stream of earthly power into the rocky field! All the while, Marche has begun slamming his palms on the ground once more, causing the cavern to shudder again! Miko breathes a bit heavily as she moves forward, but trips as her arm faintly glows with fighting spirit, her charge halted by Marche's attack! By the time the waves hit Hibiya and, by friendly fire, Raptor, the energy has already erupted beneath the Graveler's feet, knocking him backwards towards the lake!

Noticing that Raptor hasn't made a move yet, Hibiya charges forward towards the reptile, only to pull upwards as Raptor deftly leaps to the safety of the rock wall, his innate ability to scale heights aiding him greatly in doing so! Taking his chance, Marche returns a plume of energy into the earth, the rush of power coursing through, beneath Miko's defenses and sweeping her off her feet! The crashing sound of shards on the ground is all Raptor needs, taking a leap of faith with his feet ready for impact! The Grovyle plants his feet onto Miko's face, but fails to deliver any lasting confusion, the Kadabra rolling along the ground towards the steam-rolling stone that is Marche! Ramming her down with a reckless assault, the Kadabra's scream of pain music to the Graveler as his body aches slightly from recoil. Switching in again, Raptor swipes across her torso with a blade of energy, pain continuing to sear into Miko's body as the Kadabra begins to wane.

Marche is out of Ground, and approaching second third of health, and is going to want another breather soon. Raptor could do with a breather as well, taking scratch damage really. Hibiya's still raring to go, but Miko's deep in her final third. Least she's refreshed. Fighting's still a fair bit.

In order of distance to the lake, we have Miko who has been knocked closer to the edge, then Raptor, followed up with Marche and Hibiya at the wall.

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