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Originally Posted by PikaGod View Post
Trading Lv 41 Female Gothorita to fishy for 5 candies, 10 mysterious gummis, 3 grass gummis, 2 white gummis, 5 black gummis, a Were Ball, a Pika Doll and 2 heart scales.


I also completely and utterly forgotted about this.

Anyways, trading 5 Rare Candies, 10 Mysterious Gummis (1-5,6 and 7,8-10), 3 Grass Gummis, 2 White Gummis, 5 Black Gummis, 1 Were Ball, 1 Pika Doll and 2 Heart Scales for Pikagod's level 41 female Gothorita.

If I'm ever this slow again, Psycho Shift a burn onto me.

*trade closed after half a bloody year*
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