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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Poison Types: 2 levels, 1 Egg or MT move, 1 TM, 1 +10 Birthday Poffin, 1 Pink Gummi
*enters calendar thread playing a grand fanfare on a trumpet*

Ladies and gentlemen! For the past several years, I have been able to do nothing more on this day than watch this thread enviously as other people were able to collect gifts for the birthday Pokémon of the day. And by "other people" I mean basically just emp. But! This year, things are different! This year, I too can finally post in here to celebrate the birthday of one of my own Pokémon! This year, I finally obtained that which I have spent years pursuing! And now, may I present... Ariana!

: Trub? *shyly reaches out for a hug*

Is that not the cutest damn thing you ever saw? And so, happy birthday to, ooooh... MY TRUBBISH!!! I've had her for five months now and that still feels great to say~ *hugs Ariana*

: Trub Trubbish!

*Ariana grew to level 2!*

*Ariana grew to level 3!*

*Ariana learned Recycle!*

*Ariana learned the TM move Sludge Wave!*

*Ariana learned the Egg move Rock Blast!*

*Whoops! Ariana's Cute, Beauty, Smart, and Tough stats are all maxed out, and her Cool stat is in the process of being maxed out, so there would be no point in her eating the Birthday Poffin!*

*Ariana ate the Pink Gummi!*

*Ariana's IQ rose from 0 to 1!*

Tess Edit: Trubbish's birthday presents confirmed.

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