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Originally Posted by Altocharizard55 View Post
Alto [C] vs Sneasel12
2 vs 2
96 Hr DQ
Switch = KO

The White Room(Indoor Custom Arena): The white room is...well...white. How is unknown, and where the light in the room comes from is unknown. The white room is in another dimension, and it simulates emptiness. Unlimited space. You could walk for your entire life and never find the walls in this place. It is pretty much just a floor, but there are some limitations. It cannot be destroyed. By any means. Gravity is still that of our normal planet, but if a hole is opened, such as in Fissure, the pokemon will fall forever and thus will not be KO'ed. Because of this, and the possibilty of loosing the pokemon, Ground-destruction moves do not function, and I have built the ground to withstand anything. The Ground is extremely tough, like a marble, or a stone, so digging into it is nearly impossible. As I mentioned, there are no walls, but plenty of room to fly around. Weather affecting moves do not function here. The only way out is via a special portal, opened by the referee twice during a match: To enter and to leave. Sound echoes here. If my description of the White Room is too vague, you can see it featured in some parts of movies. These include Mission to Mars and The Matrix
Features: No walls, Ground affecting moves and weather affecting do not function, Unlimited Space, Can almost always see opponent(unless its invisible or something), Echoing
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