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Hyrem's Tidy Ol' Hidey-Hole

After about two and a half years since his arrival at Fizzy Bubbles, Hyrem has finally made his home at Mount Infernus! The base is located at the base of the mountain, off to the right of the waterfall that leads into Ignatius River. There are quite a few of Hyrem's Pokemon outside of his base guarding the place while he's away since they are either too big to fit inside or prefer to stay outside for whatever reason. Icarus, Kilogram, Wendy, Palm, Bubbles, and Sarkhan are Pokemon that are most likely outside, though others may also be seen outside sometimes.

Base Layout:

First Floor

The room to the left is the dining room where he and some of his Pokemon gather for mealtime, and it's also the first room people see when they enter his base. Posters of Torchic and Treecko are also seen on the walls. The room to the right is Hyrem's bedroom. In it lies a large Charizard plushie next to a green mat with leaves sewn into the pattern, his bed, his PC, and a fish tank where Zatch goes to sleep. A poster of Amethyst can also be seen in his bedroom. In the short hallway between the rooms lies a set of stairs that lead to the basement. Sera, Leila, Laika, and many of Hyrem's smaller Pokemon, including the shinies Zatch and Marion, can be seen at various times, with some Pokemon sharing his bedroom during the night so they are ready to provide various wake-up calls for Hyrem!


This is the basement where Hyrem and his Pokemon sit on and around the sofa to watch shows on the Seedot-shaped TV. Large, life-size plushies of Lapras and Milotic (the Milotic one not shown) greet you at the entrance to the basement, and a poster of Amethyst's mate, Marvolo, is on the wall to the right; when Amethyst isn't in Hyrem's bedroom admiring the poster of herself, she's downstairs fawning over Marvolo's poster. Off to the left is one of the best features about this base: the indoor pool. Hyrem and many of his Pokemon love taking a dip there, and it is also where Delilah, Brittany, Juvia, and Nami are able to stay, as well as Zatch when he isn't in the fish tank. The pool is surprisingly deep in the far corner, and there is actually an underwater tunnel leading to various underground lakes and the lake under the waterfall; this allows Hyrem's Water Pokemon plenty of room to explore and find food for themselves. The other cool feature to this base is the freezer where most of the meat eaters can find their food on a regular basis (as long as it is defrosted first!). Seshiro and Shisato can also be seen here, as well as Michael, who likes to keep Brittany company.

This base is now open for RP! Please read the rules below before posting:

1) Text size should be no bigger than 2, please post in size 1 if it is an especially long post.
2) Guests may only have six Pokemon available in Hyrem's base at any time. If your Pokemon come on their own, they count toward that limit! No exceptions!
3) Basic RP standards apply, i.e. no godmodding.
4) If your RP does not have something that everyone can properly respond to, I may message you to edit your post.
5) Likewise, if you feel like I post something you can't properly respond to, please VM/PM me about it so I can make any necessary changes.
6) It is preferable that our characters know each other beforehand, though it is not a strict requirement.
7) Certain Pokemon might be considered too big to fit into the entrance to the base and would be required to stay outside. If your Pokemon is around the size of a Druddigon, it may fit depending on the Pokemon, but anything Salamence size or bigger would absolutely be too large to fit. Also, if you have aquatic Pokemon, they must be no bigger than a Lapras if you want them to fit in the underwater tunnels. Serpentine Pokemon like Seviper and Milotic are notable exceptions to this rule, except for Gyarados, Onix, and Steelix, because they're just big. ^_^'
8) While I will make sure that your character and his/her Pokemon won't be seriously hurt without your permission, some of Hyrem's Pokemon aren't very friendly, and/or, in some situations, may even see your Pokemon as a snack, so interact with them at your own risk!
9) I reserve the right to make changes to my rules at any time, though I will post to let everyone know about it if I do.

And that's it, so have fun, and ssssnuggle on~

-Gemini Spark

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