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Only just noticed this exists! :o

I've got two FCs-

0645-5911-9507 (The one I use for X, Friend Safari is Gyarados, Bibarel and Poliwhirl)

1993-9521-9013 (This is the one I use for Y and Smash Bros. Friend Safari is Gabite, Noibat and Druddigon)

Adding pretty much everyone from this thread, tell me if you add me and it doesn't go through!
PASBL Record-
TL- 3
Ref Grade- C
Wins- 24 ~ Losses- 14 ~ Draws- 1
TP- 154 KOs- 52 SP- 15
Current Number of Pokemon on the Squad: 38

Friend Codes:
Spoiler: show
Y/Smash Bros- (I pay more attention to this one :P) FS- Gabite, Noibat, Druddigon; 1993-9521-9013

X- FS- Gyarados, Bibarel, Poliwhirl; 0645-5911-9507
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