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Originally Posted by jolteonjak View Post
Chad was happy to help a fellow trainer out with an evolution. Afterall, he once needed help trading two of his Pokemon at once, so they could evolve. Chad met with Keith and explained he would lend him his Heracross, and hopefully he would be a new entry to Keith’s Pokedex. Chad set Heracross’ Pokeball on the transfer machine and started the process.

Trading my Lv.28 M Heracross (stats below) to Missingno.Master for his Lv.25 M Haunter.

Spoiler: show

Name: Heracross
Classification: Singlehorn Pokémon
Type: Bug/Fighting
Held Item:
Level: 28
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
IQ: 3/100
Contest Stats: Beauty - 30 || Cool - 30 || Cute - 30 || Smart - 30 || Tough - 30
Beauty Points: 4
Birthday: April 21
Evolutionary Chain:
Received: Trade with Balmund
Location: Active Party

Level Up:
Night Slash | Tackle | Leer | Horn Attack | Endure | Fury Attack | Aerial Ace | Chip Away | Counter | Brick Break | Take Down

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor:
Body Slam | Bug Bite | Iron Defense | Seismic Toss

Focus Blast | Focus Punch | Mimic | Rock Smash | Sleep Talk | Smack Down | Stone Edge | Swords Dance | Toxic | Venoshock
Cut | Rock Smash | Strength

Bonus Moves:
Drain Punch


Before Chad could take the Pokeball off the transfer machine, it burst open, and Keith’s Haunter appeared. It wasn’t out long, before the Gas Pokemon began to glow; and his appearance started to change. His size didn’t change that much, maybe a little shorter in height. His hands became attached to his body now, and he sprouted legs.

Keith’s Haunter evolved to Gengar !

Before he returned the Pokemon to Keith, Chad scanned it for himself.

”Wow. That’s quite the trickster. All right buddy, let’s give you back to Keith.

Trading my Lv.25 M Gengar to Missingno.Master for his Lv.28 M Heracross.

As Chuck's Poké Ball materialized on Chad's end of the machine, another Poké Ball appeared on Keith's end. He scanned the ball with the Pokédex, and the image of a blue bug with a large horn appeared on the screen.

"Heracross, the Single Horn Pokémon," droned the device. "Heracross love the taste of honey and tree sap. A common practice in the Sinnoh region involves slathering honey on special trees to lure Heracross."

And then, a sound from the other end of the trade machine caught Keith's attention- before Chad could do anything, Chuck emerged from his Poké Ball on his own accord, cackling happily as the energy from the trade machine reacted with his body as Keith knew it would. And then, Chuck started to glow and change shape, his disembodied hands fusing into arms and reattaching to his body, his tail shrinking, legs sprouting from the bottom of his body. Finally, the glow faded to reveal a grinning in Chuck's place. Despite his now having legs, the newly evolved Gengar continued to float in midair. He grinned as Chad scanned him with his Pokédex, but said nothing, simply returning to his Poké Ball as Chad placed the sphere back on the trade machine. Taking the cue, Keith placed Heracross's Poké Ball on the trade machine and pulled the switch, and the trade was made within seconds.

"Thanks again," Keith grinned to Chad. "I really appreciate this, and I'm sure Chuck does, too." With that, he tossed the ball into the air, and Keith's Gengar materialized in a flash of light, cackling madly. Before anyone could say anything, Chuck vanished into thin air, and almost immediately, words started to slowly form in midair before Chad, as though being written in midair, in big, thick lettering formed with what looked most suspiciously like blood.

It took a full minute for the writing to complete itself, but when it did, the message "THANK YOU CHAD" lingered in midair for about ten seconds. And then, all at once, the letters vanished, and Chuck reappeared besides Keith.

Keith turned to his Gengar. "Really?" he said, albeit with a slight grin. "Would've been easier to just say 'thank you'."

"Easier? Yes," agreed the Gengar. "Anywhere near as amusing? I think not."

Keith shrugged. "I can't argue with that logic," he conceded. After thanking Chad yet again, Keith then exited the Cable Club, Chuck the Gengar floating by his side the whole time.

OOC: Trading "my" level 28 male Heracross to JJ for "his" level 25 male Gengar. Thanks again!

*Trade Closed*

What?  Haunter is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Haunter evolved into Gengar!
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