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Quest: Luster Lighthouse "Liberation"

"Or I could just knock you out here, take the Star Shards and be on my merry way. Your choice."

Saul starts sweating, as though he is steaming in a sauna. Your words seem to have elicited a certain reaction from him, when he starts chewing on his nails. You notice the receding hairline and the raw-rimmed red tint to his eyes, adding a manic edge to his expression. Indeed, Saul exudes desperation from his pores, seeping out like resin. Trembling, he pockets his Star Shards with shaking hands, and Saul backs away from you. Without any word, Saul blubbers and frantically looks beyond you, perhaps for an exit. He then bolts. Scampering away, Saul drops a Star Shard inadvertently, as he sprints out the door behind you. He runs away from you before you could react. Scrambling behind the corner, he stumbles up the stairs. You know that Saul's fleeing confirms your suspicions that he was planning to use you as a patsy for something illegal.

You pick up the Star Shard that he accidentally left behind. As you examine the gemstone, which catches the scintillating light, you are presented with two choices before you. You could either pursue Saul and try to bring him to justice, or you could pocket the Star Shard and call it a day. Is it worth it to keep involved in this quest?

What do you do? How do you respond?
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