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I managed to watch Rainbow Rocks.

Rainbow Rocks spoilers:
Spoiler: show to describe this. This wasn't as tacky as the first movie, but I don't know if I could say it's better or not. It felt like the movie was more fanservice than anything. The background characters everyone loves all make a contribution to the movie, and admittedly I was sucked in by it. The story though was really rushed. It felt like the movie should have been 30 minutes longer, and it seems you're missing out some details if you didn't watch the preview videos for the movie. Sunset Shimmer's big moment didn't have that much impact either. The entire movie sets up for it, but it was just underwhelming. The humor was weak too. It's just constant self-parodying and incredibly repetitive. The first movie atleast had better humor. I can't really say the songs did anything for me either (Shine Like Rainbows being the exception). Though if you're a Trixie fan, the movie really gives you a bunch of her. I did really like Vinyl's parts in the movie. That god damn car.

For specific things to mention:

Oh fuck yes! Bulk Biceps playing violin! He should have won the whole god damn competition.

Derpy's outfit was cute.

I loved the pictures in the ending credits. Sunset Shimmer's was especially nice.

I'm not sure what to think of human world Twilight's appearance at the very end. I do like her unkempt design as opposed to her Equestria counterpart, but her appearance could mean bad things for the future. Hopefully it's just a movie preview.

Overall, the movie had a better story and less cringeworthy moments than the first one, but was rushed and more superficial. I can't really say it's better or worse.

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