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Knapsack of Hopes and Dreams.

Potion x3 (0/3 used)
Revive x1 (0/1 used)

Poke Balls:
Poke Ball x6 (0/6 used)

Berry Pouch:
Cheri Berry x2 (0/2 used)
Chesto Berry x2 (0/2 used)
Pecha Berry x2 (0/2 used)
Rawst Berry x2 (0/2 used)
Aspear Berry x2 (0/2 used)
Oran Berry x2 (0/2 used)

TM Case:

Escape Rope x1
Fishing Pole
Flame Mail x1 (0/1 used)
Mech Mail x1 (0/1 used)
Pokegear (Phone card)
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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