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Writings of Brontus Riverfist, amended by Malcolm.

Name: Malcolm Davidson and Brontus Riverfist.

Gender: Male and Male-identified.

Age: 29 and 3,682.

Class: Metalworker (Steel Major, Fire Minor, Electric Weakness)

Appearance: Standing at a sizable 6'2, and a deceptive weight of 214 pounds, Malcolm appears rather scrawny in the leg regions, but boasts a considerable deal of muscle in the upper body. He has short hair, roughly 2 inches long, bleached white as a result of exposure to his area of upbringing following the Disasters, with slight stubble. His clothing consists of a sturdy set of dungarees, with a black vest overlapped by a thick grey jacket, much like a shortened trenchcoat.

At second glance, one would notice his left arm is seemingly thickly gloved with the sort of substance comprising the body of Golett, and while his eyes are a gentle walnut brown, his left part of his head above the eye is also clad with the same clay.

Personality: Malcolm unusual character at first meetings, with the tendency to talk with himself and his somewhat absent-mindedness giving the illusion he is either a madman or suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. In truth, he is two entities sharing the same body co-operatively and coexistentially.

Malcolm, the host mind, is a fairly open and kind man, who is willing to help others out in the spirit of personal progression and learning. While eager, he tends to be overly reckless in his approach and likely wouldn't have survived the past couple of years without Brontus. As well as this charitable nature, Malcolm is fairly intelligent, capable of thinking outside the box when in his element, though in the face of an unfamiliar situation will often panic somewhat and react according to instinct, whether that reaction will be positive or negative overall.

Brontus, the associate mind, is far more brash and stoic, having been in concious existence for thousands of years, most of which were spent in one single spot. This solitude has given him patience that would sanctify any man, and his seemingly cold nature boils down to his being a perfect check to Malcolm's hasty decision making, intruding when a calm mind is needed. While he suffers from a lack of knowledge towards the modern world, in terms of understanding the intricacies of tinkering and improvisation, Brontus is not an easy being to outwit.

Background: Malcolm was born and raised in Unova, in a town not far from Mistralton whose trade was blacksmithing and metalworking. From a young age, he learned the value of pokemon to people in industry, and grew up not excelling in any particular subject, but merely recognised as a smart kid. At the age of 18, he took the helm of his uncle's smithy and worked with the ores from Chargestone Cave nearby, smelting and manufacturing plating for the aircraft and machinery of Mistralton while keeping a strong relationship with a childhood friend, who he proposed to a few weeks after his 19th birthday.

Then the disasters struck.

Mistralton was ravaged by fierce thunderstorms, and rocked by tremors, both of which ruined the mechanical systems and runways in the city. Calling on his skills, Malcolm set to work smelting iron to help the repairs, placing nuggets into the foundry when a hard tremor struck the town. Losing his footing, he struck his head against the hot door of the foundry, with his arms pushing forward to catch himself, his right hand clutching onto the surface the foundry was on and his left one aimed further up.

Into the volcanically hot foundry. The heat incinerated his hand and lower arm almost instantly, the rest of his arm and clothing attacked immolating as he screamed in pain, his coworkers rescuing him before any further damage could be done to him. Applying immediate first aid, he was rushed to hospital and despite their best efforts to save his arm, it was ultimately amputated below the elbow, though it was more a removal of the bone. His skull fractured too, he fell into a coma for several months, his fiance at his side the whole time.

Two years after emerging, the pair were married, but the damage to his heart was done: The loss of his hand meant he couldn't help support the Mistralton restoration, and he fell into a depression, with his upper left face scarred and weakened. It was merely a stroke of fortune that a specialist in prosthetics came to the recuperating city in support of the damage done, and offered a replacement with a flexible clay, much like that in the Automaton pokemon Golett and Golurk.

Melted from the remains of some that had been destroyed or damaged eons ago, the specialist molded a replica limb for Malcolm's arm, as well as a skullpiece to hide his wounded face, while notifying him that even though the hand was similar, the lack of nerves meant that it overall was merely that, a replica, and would serve only to offer a form of comfort to him.

Weeks after the operation, Malcolm started experiencing side effects. While his hair colour had faded due to the sudden expansion of Chargestone Cave's electromagnetic radiation, something that would have little effect other than damaged pigments to people, he lapsed into occasional mumbled conversation with himself. Even when his wife fell pregnant and gave birth to his son, he still remained rather out there in his thoughts, and his mumbling seemed to expand greatly to the point where he seemed to be talking to himself. After some psychiatry and a rather brief psychotherapeutic session, the truth came to light.

The clay composing his arm and head seemed to have a mind of its own, and on probing with the aid of hypnotic discussion a second persona was found to be residing with Malcolm. It identified itself as someone by the name of Brontus Riverfist, a miner who died thousands of years ago whose ghostly essence found itself locked in some clay, and remained trapped for millenia before being uncovered in an earthquake and extracted before being molded onto Malcolm's body.

Sceptical at first, Malcolm tried to remove his clay arm until to his shock it twitched. With some pressuring from his SO, he stopped trying to suppress the mind of Brontus and listened to his pleas. Seconds afterwards, the hand of clay started to move more freely, and then controlled. With some explanation, Brontus stated he could manipulate the clay so long as Malcolm agreed to give him a place to exist in his state of being, until such time as nature took its course over him, which he agreed to.

Ten years since the disasters, Malcolm was asked by the Mistralton Restoration Committee to head for the ravaged superregion of JohKanto (or KanJohto, depending on sources) and see if he could help out there, with the work there done. While reluctant to leave his family, his wife assured him that they would keep contact and that she and their child would await his return from the region, regardless of the time he was away. With that, Malcolm left, not only to see what he could do for himself, but as a favour for Brontus, who wished to see the world outside after so long in effectual petrification.

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