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Spoiler: show

Silver: Level 1 Male Squirtle
Alum: Level 1 Male Froakie
Sparky: Level 1 Female Joltik
Octi: Level 1 Male Frillish
Swift: Level 1 Male Finneon

Van Winkle: Level 1 Male Drowzee
Spoiler: show

Van Winkle, once a fine and upstanding Pokemon, quickly turned to a life of crime. He hailed from Route 11 along side of many other Pokemon, including his best friend at the time, a Growlithe that worked for the Vermillion City Police Dept.

One day, he went out, deciding on pursuing a little mischief with some of the nearby trainers, a little Confusion here and a little Hypnosis + Dream Eater there, good harmless fun. However, one of the Vermillion City police officers spotted him and sent out a certain Pokemon to chase after him. Unfortunately, this Pokemon was the same Growlithe that befriended him. Not wanting to bring harm to his friend, Van Winkle ran into the tall grass to evade detection. This ultimately turned out to be a big mistake, as Van Winkle bumped into a different Pokemon than he had ever seen before, a Houndour. The Houndour was obviously not happy to be slammed into by Van Winkle, not one bit. Soon, the Drowzee had two dogs on his tail.

Eventually they both cornered him, one just wanting to apprehend him the other wanting him for lunch. Panicking, he launched a powerful psychic attack, accidentally and instantly killing the Growlithe, but not so much the Houndour. He was in a big panic, now more than ever, launching wave after wave of psychic energy, and the Dark type not phasing one bit, eventually, he launched one last attempt to defend himself, and Van Winkle succeeded. Unlike the Growlithe, however, he instantly fainted the Houndour with his psychic energy, instead of outright killing him. Realizing what he had done, he decided to use this power for not so well-intended purposes. Anyone that got in his way was dealt with severely, and his mind grew corrupt. The corruption in his mind allowed him to realize the inner workings of cowardly Pokemon and Dark types alike. He was eventually captured by a wandering trainer and put to battle quickly. Like many other Drowzee, he does love his Hypnosis, but he is just as comfortable blasting them with psychic attacks.

Special Training: Criminal Mastermind (Psychic)
Van Winkle is constantly in Miracle Eye status, meaning that at the cost of Mild energy per round, he can receive all the benefits of Miracle Eye.

Penny: Level 1 Female Meowth

Anne: Level 1 Female Mankey
Spoiler: show
When Anne was much younger, she was a part of a traveling circus. Because she is a specifically trained circus Mankey to deal with large crowds, she does have a better control on her temper than most Mankey. However, one thing that can and will set off her rage is if she is tricked by someone. During her time in the circus, she did all sorts of tricks ranging from acrobatics to daring stunts, but her favorite type of trick (and her specialty) were card tricks. All of these ranged from the simple selecting a card that the person in the audience had chosen to causing specific cards to disappear.

However, soon she realized that she could run a sort of side business, gambling with the same cards that she used to entertain others with. She would set up sort of betting tables for games like Poker, however, for her it wasn't gambling, because she would use her tricks to give her an edge in these games. Eventually, she was found out and deemed a bad influence on both the audience and the workers of the circus. She was booted indefinitely from there until she learned to stop pulling these stunts.

Instead, she used her new-found freedom to pull these scams full-time rather than between shows. Usually, she did this to obtain money or whatnot since to most people, she was just a Pokemon playing Poker, no harm in that... One day, she ended up on Route 4 of the Kanto region, where she met a particular trainer. Like per usual, she tried to scam this trainer, however, she found herself scammed in the end, because she let her guard down...enough to not notice the Pokeball used to capture her.

Special Attack: Pick A Card (Fighting)
Anne forms a card, using solid Fighting energy to create this construct, and sends it flying at the opponent at quick speeds. Although it is dodgeable, the sheer speed speed and unexpected nature of this technique makes it more difficult to dodge than most moves. This does solid damage.

Steve: Level 1 Male Zubat
Delia: Level 1 Female Skorupi
Neon: Level 1 Female Venipede

Sandy: Level 1 Female Sandshrew
Spoiler: show

Sandy had grown up from Route 4, outside of Mt. Moon and Cerulean City. She was a less aggressive Pokemon, rather letting herself be used as a sandbag than a fighting partner. With other Sandshrew this wasn't a problem, after all, it would just take a few beatings and nothing would be too life-threatening.

It wasn't until a nearby Pokemon, an aggressive Poliwag, showed up nearby. Sandy accidentally angered the thing by sleeping in the middle of the route in her curled up form. This prompted the Poliwag to attack her. Sandy, knowing full well that Water + Sandshrew = dead Sandshrew, ran for her life, but was eventually cornered by that cliff side blocking Mt. Moon, you know the one. The Poliwag was attacking Sandy very aggressive-like, until eventually she tried fighting back...only for the same results to happen. Desperate for an escape, she threw some of the sand from her body to the Poliwag, and noticed that it absorbed some of the Bubble attacks that was headed her way. Inspiration hit the Sandshrew like a snowball in a cold winter's night. Using the sand in her body, she was able to construct a wall of sand between her and the Poliwag, and this wall absorbed some of the Water attacks used. This stalled the aggressor long enough to where Sandy could dig a hole to hide from it.

After the incident, she decided to train up using this new technique. It would prove useful in annoying a trainer with his Water-typed Pokemon; however, she was eventually captured by this trainer and is now one of the team's best centers of morale.

Special Defense: Sand Wall (Ground)
Using either sand from her body or sand from the arena, Sandy can create a wall of, you guessed it, sand, which stands about the height and width of Sandy at her standing position. This wall is made to completely nullify up to two Water- or Ice- based attacks using the sand's absorption properties. This attack uses Considerable energy.

Titanic: Level 1 Male Bergmite
Megas: Level 2 Genderless Golett
Darius: Level 2 Male Dratini

I'll fill out the rest at a later date.

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