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Gemini/Mustard, Nagini, Cyanide, Rubeus, Hermione, Willbert: Once Hermione had joined their search party, the group of Pokémon set off, with Willbert leading the way to where his teammates had been stolen to begin with. Gemini, Mustard, Nagini, Rubeus, and Cyanide all followed him.

The journey started them out on an unforgiving uphill path, but it wasn't a hard trip for some of them- Gemini and Mustard, being a Weezing, could simply float up the hill, and Rubeus was skilled at using his side fins as wings. And Hermione, of course, was hitching a ride on Rubeus's head, which the Stunfisk didn't mind in the least, for Hermione, being a Weedle, was far from heavy- Stunfisk were built to withstand much more weight than this. Nagini and Cyanide were the only ones besides Willbert truly feeling the uphill nature of their path, but Nagini, well trained as she was, was able to handle it fairly well. Cyanide was finding the trek a bit trickier, but no way in hell did she so much as insinuate by any means that the climb was even starting to get to her. I'm coming, Pom, she thought to herself as she climbed.

At one point, the Snorunt had to stop and rest, which meant the others had to do so, too, because Willbert was the only one who knew where the hell they were going. Even Cyanide took the opportunity to rest, though extremely reluctantly. Tired though she was getting, rescuing Pom was the only thing on her mind. Finally, after what felt like hours to Cyanide, Willbert got back up and announced that they were almost there. He led them to a shrub, and the Snorunt peeked through it, after which he called for the rest of the group to come and look- he had found people.

The Arbok, Weezing, Stunfisk, Weedle, and Umbreon all looked- indeed, near the bank of a river, three people seemed to be inspecting the area, as though searching for something. As Cyanide looked at the trio, she inexplicably felt a stab of anger and rage, as though something was trying to tell her that those three were somehow involved in the attack on Jake, and more to the point, the kidnapping of Pom and some of his other teammates. She bared her sharp teeth, barely suppressing a growl.

"Hmm," Hermione murmured, taking note of Cyanide's reaction. "Those three may have some answers, but if they're in any position to have answers, I get the feeling they won't be giving them up freely. I have an idea, though," she continued in a whisper. "Willbert, you walk over to where they are and look around as though you're looking for someone. If they don't know anything, odds are they won't react. If they do know something and are trying to help rescue your teammates, they'll probably offer to help any way they can. And if they were involved in the attack and kidnapping, they may try to kidnap you, too. Now, just in case of that last one, Nagini, you Dig underground and wait nearby. Gemini, Mustard, warn her telepathically if things start going wrong. Nagini, if you get a telepathic signal to do so, you emerge from underground and subdue them any way you can- Wrap, Glare, whatever will get the job done and keep them alive and able to answer Gemini and Mustard's questions. That sound good to everyone?"

"It's certainly worth a shot," nodded Gemini.

"That could work," Mustard agreed.

"I say we do it," said Nagini.

"Willbert," Hermione continued, turning to face the Snorunt. "You OK with this plan? And don't worry- Nagini's one of the strongest Pokémon I've ever met. You're not in danger with her as backup, I'll tell you that right now."

Melittin, Lalu, Hayai, Vermillion: In response to Lalu's shouting, the Torkoal defiantly refused to leave without "his" chocolate. At this, Melittin snapped. "Oh my Arceus! My Trainer's friggin' Slowpoke isn't this dense! Get it through your thick skull already- IT'S! NOT! YOUR! CHOCOLAAAAATE!" he screamed, his patience having reached its end. He then took a huge bite out of the chocolate sculpture, chewed it, and swallowed it. And then, Hayai declared that he had had enough of Melittin and Lalu, reiterating that he had only been trying to help. "Yeah, your problem is you're trying to help the bully!" snapped the Beedrill. "I know you at least mean well, but that's way more than I can say for this- AAAAUGH!"

For at that moment, Melittin took Vermillion's Eruption attack at point-blank range. Thankfully, due to their earlier fighting, the gluttonous Torkoal wasn't at full health, meaning that his Eruption wasn't at full power, but still, it was a super effective blast at very close range, and so soon after the Beedrill's intense battle against Behemoth the Steelix, too. And then, as the Blitzle started up a Wild Charge attack, a slow, ominous movement from where Melittin had gone down would no doubt have caught everyone's attention (including Lalu's attention, considering she'd be able to hear it, too).

The Beedrill was slowly climbing to his feet, a harsh, green aura surrounding his entire body- Melittin's Swarm was in effect now, though it was obvious that the newfound power the Ability afforded him was being further fueled by his palpable fury, his fury at the injustice of the whole situation, his perpetually increasing hatred for Vermillion, and his irritation at how Hayai was so obtusely siding with the bully when all he was trying to do was help. Melittin opened his mouth wide and in one bite, finished off the chocolate sculpture, remembering even in his rage to chew it slowly and savor the taste. And then, as the Beedrill saw that the Blitzle was about to attack Lalu, he roared in protest and outrage. Spinning madly into a Swords Dance, Melittin took off, rising high into the air as he spun. Once he finished spinning, he dove down at Hayai, coming at him from in front, intent on stopping him from attacking Lalu. The harsh green aura relocated entirely to his two front stingers as they grew in length, looking viciously sharp and particularly deadly- Melittin was using a powerful Twineedle, and between his current state of unparalleled fury, the power boost from Swords Dance, and his Swarm Ability, woe betide anything on the receiving end of that fury.

Keith, Meowth, Strychnine, Jake, Botch: In the living room, Jake admitted to Strychnine that he had been unaware of Botch's fear of Muk, as were his teammates. "He didn't tell anybody?" Strychnine asked in disbelief.

Just then, however, Jake fed a Sitrus Berry to Botch, which did the trick, helping the Grimer to wake up. However, to Strychnine's horror, he seemed to have no recollection of ever having a girlfriend, or of even ever meeting Strychnine. Moreover, he seemed to think he was a superhero, and oozed away almost immediately.

"...What just happened?" the Muk asked weakly as she turned to face Jake. "Wha- How- Wha-"

"Meowth, what the hell happened just now?" Keith asked.

"Botch seems ta have amnesia," Meowth explained to Keith. "He don't seem ta remember knowin' Strychnine at all, or even havin' a girlfriend."

"Ouch," Keith said quietly. "Well, that's not good..."

"We have to do something!" the Muk declared. "We gotta help restore Botch's memory somehow!"

"Strychnine's sayin' she wants ta take action," Meowth translated.

"I'm with you there, Strych," Keith agreed. "Only question is, what? I mean, I've read that hitting someone lightly over the head will cure their amnesia, but... would that even work with a Grimer? They're more or less all sludge. Unless..." he murmured, taking a Poké Ball off his belt. "Unless Luna can help," he said quietly, looking at the ball. "Maybe use her psychic powers to fix whatever went wrong with Botch's mind just there." He then turned to Jake. "Of course, only if it's OK with you, Jake," he added. "Botch is your Grimer, it should be your decision."

"I tink we oughta do it," Meowth chimed in. "Before Botch starts tinkin' Keith's some kinda bad guy again like last time."

"Ooh, don't remind me," Keith shuddered.

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