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As Willbert and the rest of the group headed outside, the snowhat pokemon felt a wave of dread flow through him. Was everyone ok? Where were they now? Why were half of his teammates stolen?
So many questions unanswered. Willbert turned to the other pokemon, hoping for them to say something. Sure enough, Cyanide began discussing the plan and soon everyone was ready to head out.

''Alright, follow me everyone!'' Willbert exclaimed. But before he could even take a step, he heard a voice from behind. He turned around to find that a Weedle was approaching them.

"I couldn't help but overhear you just now, Cyanide. If it's alright, I'd like to come with you, to help in any way I can." The Weedle offered. Cyanide nodded before facing Willbert.

''Oh, umm yes sorry, this way!'' Willbert said before marching towards their destination.
Wilbert rested against a nearby tree. The walk had so far been long and unpleasant. For the most part, the path had been entirely uphill and unforgiving.

''We're right nearby, just, up this hill'' Willbert said, as he slowly got up and climbed the hill.

From the shrub, Willbert could make out the river he had fallen in and the small wood bridge above it. Willbert also saw many treea around the area.
Wait, there were three people by the bank! Willbert recognized one of them as the woman who attacked Jake earlier.

''Guys I found people, come look'' Willbert quietly called to the group.
Willbert looked back at the people.
They appeared to be inspecting the area, were they looking for something?

''Well, what do we do?''

Meanwhile in Rowan's base, the fight for the chocolate continued.
Though Hayai had came up with a solution no one agreed with it.
Melittin explained that he understood that Hayai was trying to resolve the issue peacefully, but that he wasn't handing the chocolate over.

''How about we spli..'' Hayai was cut off by Lalu who was furious at him and Vermilion.
The Roogenrola shouted at them, saying that their feelings were going to be hurt, and for them to get out before she blew them out.

''Not until I get my chocolate'' Vermilion demanded.
But Lalu wasn't done. She started stomping loudly before summoning two voodoo dolls, which vaguely looked like Hayai and Vermilion. Several pins dangled above the dolls heads, waiting to penetrate them.

"I would do as she says," Melittin added. "The first thing I learned about Lalu is that you do not want to get on her bad side."

''This is insane, please stop!'' Vermilion begged.
That was the last straw for Hayai.

''I have had enough of you two!'' Hayai yelled.
''I'm just trying to help, and you threaten me and Vermilion?! You are being bullies, and I will not stand for that!''

An electric aura started to surrounded Hayai and after a moment the Blitzle Wildly Charged at Lalu!

Vermilion watched for a moment before taking action. Vermilion stood there slowly building up energy. Fire started to form and soon Vermilion was ready.

Vermilion glared at Melittin with hatred before spewing an Eruption of fire towards him.

Strychnine gasped as her boyfriend collapsed on the floor. She quickly scooped him up and brought him to Jake.

Before Jake could ask what happened Strychnine explained that he had just collapsed.
''H-he just collapsed? '' Jake asked before picking up Botch. Strychnine then asked if Jake knew why Botch was afraid of Muk.
''I honestly don't know, he's never told me, or any of his teammates.'' Jake replied.

Keith then asked the Muk what was the matter, it was then that Jake noticed Strychnine was crying sludgy tears. Jake then turned his attention back to Botch, attempting to wake him.

After comforting Strychnine, Keith gave Jake an assortment of berries to help him aid Botch. ''Thank you'' Jake said before giving Botch a Sitrus berry. Jake watched as the Grimer started to stir. ''I think it's working, he's waking up.!''

Jake gently put Botch on the ground and soon the sludge pokemon was up and ready.

''W-what happened?'' Botch asked

''You collapsed suddenly, Strychnine was really upset.'' Jake explained.
''Who?'' Botch asked.
''Your girlfriend''
''Captain Botch doesn't have a girlfriend, he's to busy fighting crime!'' Botch exclaimed
Jake let out a sigh. ''Not this crap again''
''Hello citizens, I help fight crime for all of you to make your lives better!'' Botch continued
''Please stop Botch''
''It's nice to see so many people are concerned about me, my deeds are so marvelous everyone adores me.''
''Botch can you stop acting please, it's getting annoying''
''It's been nice meeting you all, but a heros job is never done, Captain Botch away!'' Botch exclaimed before oozing away.

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