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Originally Posted by Pearl's Perap View Post
Trading my recently hatched lvl 1 male Pansage to swampertforever for two candies

Take good care of the li'l devil ^^

*Trade opened*
'Today was not like any other day. Today was a day of good fortune.
Three eggs, seperated before they were hatched. Was it luck that those eggs all lived in the safety of the Egg house? Three trainers, unrelatated to one another, only linked through trades. Was it mere chance that one would ultimately own the offspring of those three eggs? Who knows...'

"Green, aren't you going to meet the rest of the team? They've finally gotten back from the sto- what are you writing there?"
The Pansage known as Green looked up from the book he was writing in. Standing above him was a Panpour who was struggling to make out the upside down words he was reading from his point of view.
"Nothing Blue, it's nothing." The Pansage hurriedly closed the book to the amusement of Blue. He knew exactly what that book contained.
"Right. Well, don't take too long with your nothing, I'd hate to have to send Red up here to come force you downstairs." Blue said before leaving the room with a nonchalant wave.
"And hide your diary somewhere that isn't as obvious as the dressing room cupboard. It might not be me who finds it next time." The Panpour called back into the bedroom.
Green laughed weakly. Of course Blue knew about his diary - how could he not, he seemed to know everyone's secrets. He could be surprisingly observant when he wanted to be. The Pansage cursed his short-sightedness before returning to his latest diary entry.
'One would wonder how three Pokemon who never met would recognise each other on sight. Maybe it was instinct? Maybe, deep down, we knew who we were? Or maybe, just maybe it was just down to this day.

For today, a family has finally reunited.
I have found my brothers again.'

Trading my 2 Rare Candies for Pearl's Level 1 Male Pansage, who shall be named Green. And with this, my brothers are now together again. Thank you!
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