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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Talon87: I think Lady Luck is finally shining down on you as your egg hatches into this . She leaps off the table into your arms brushing down your clothes in quick sweeps of her tail.
Cyrus walked through the front door. "I'd like to collect an egg," he asked the receptionist. "Certainly," she replied. "If you'll just have a seat, we'll be with you shortly." Cyrus thanked her as he turned to look towards where she had gestured. Lining the wall was a row of waiting room chairs. Cyrus found the perfect one and took a seat. It was a surprisingly comfortable chair. Maybe I'll close my eyes, he thought. ... Just for a little while ...

"Sir! Sir!" called the receptionist. "Your egg is ready to hatch!" Cyrus woke with a start. What!? Had he fallen asleep? And had so much time passed already? Questioning it and yet at the same time shoving it from his mind, Cyrus stood up, a little embarrassed, and walked over to the counter. "Here you go, sir," the receptionist said, handing him a wobbling egg. Cracks had already begun to form on the surface. Whoever was inside would hatch soon. A piece of egg shell fell off. But nothing happened. One second, two seconds, ten seconds, nothing. So Cyrus bent down to gaze inside.

A furry tail poked out, nearly getting him in the eye. Wait, a tail? No: it wasn't just a tail. The gray fur flowed from the egg like ocean waves, more and more and more, filling the room like a thousand squirrel-tail tentacles. The very foundations of the building shook. The Egg House receptionist's voice cracked as she asked the patrons to remain calm. What was happening!? Just what was this egg anyway!?

The ceiling collapsed. Tree trunks of gray fur fell from above. Cyrus was smushed between layers of the gray fur. It was all he could do to keep from suffocating. For some reason, he never thought to call for his Pokémon. Before the thought could even cross his mind, Cyrus felt a sneeze coming on. "Ahh ... aaaah-aaaah ... aaaaaaaaaah ..."



Cyrus woke up. It took several seconds for him to register what was going on. He had heard of people sneezing themselves awake, but this was the first time he'd ever experienced it himself. He looked around in his daze, still half asleep ...

And could feel something squirrel-like scampering around his shoulders, behind his neck, like a living boa.

He understood what was happening. And looked with a smile down towards the left. Facing him were two sparkling black-gray eyes atop a satisfied smile.

"Plum ..." Cyrus said, in a tone that sounded chiding but with a smile that assured her he was happy to see her.

Plum chittered back in delight. "Chi!" The little Minccino somersaulted down into Cyrus's lap, quickly circling around and settling in for a five-second nap. Cyrus looked at the clock. It was early in the evening. He had fallen asleep, it seemed. And he was in the Egg House. But now he remembered what had happened. And now the errors of the dream were clear to him, those quirks that made it so obvious in hindsight that what had been happening wasn't real. He had come to collect, not to hatch. Plum couldn't have possibly been inside the egg; she was here with Cyrus all along. The fur that billowed forth from the egg must have been from Plum's tail poking Cyrus in the face. The oppressive weight of fur must have been nothing more than his subconscious playing with the sensory information of a six-kilogram chinchilla scampering all over his body. And the--

Cyrus's thoughts cut off mid-sentence as he realized it would be closing time soon. Luckily, Plum had already decided that her "nap" was good enough: she ran the foot and a half distance to the next chair over and stood on it, looking back at Cyrus, her face superficially concealing that she wanted something from him. But Cyrus could see right through her. They had been together for many years now.

"I suppose you want a treat for this, huh?" Cyrus pretended to sigh in disapproval. Plum dusted the chair with her tail in two brisk motions. Fwish-fwish. "You can't expect me to give you a treat for every little thing, y'know ..." Cyrus said. Plum puffed out her cheeks, placing her hands on her hips, her disapproval clear as day.

Cyrus laughed. He rummaged around in his pocket. "I don't have any Lum Berries ..." he said. Plum looked sad. "... But I do have this Lum-flavored candy I found at the--"

"Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Plum cried in delight. She clapped her hands together as Cyrus unwrapped the candy. But before he could hand her the candy, Plum instinctively went for the wrapper. She knew exactly where the rubbish bin was, having spotted it on their way in. She ran on all fours over to it, the candy wrapper in her mouth, and then stood to toss it up into the air with her hands and fwack it in with her tail. Score! She returned to Cyrus, awaiting her prize.

But the candy was missing!

"I don't have it," Cyrus said.

"Chiiiiii ..." Plum squeaked in sad disbelief.

"I ate it," he teased.


"See?" He opened his mouth wide to show her ... a caramel toffee. And then opened the palm of his hand to reveal the candy.

Plum snatched the Lum-flavored candy from his hand. She looked at him scornfully ... and the scorn soon melted away into affection as she threw herself against him while stuffing the candy into her cheeks. "mfChiiiiimmmfffmfmf".

Picking her up and setting her down on the chair next to them, Cyrus hurried to the receptionist. It was getting late. They would be closing soon.

"Hi," Cyrus said.

"Did you have a good rest, sir?"

"Uh, er, yes ... thanks," Cyrus blushed. "I, uh ..."

"I take it you'd like an egg?"

"Please. ^^;"

"Alright then!" the receptionist said with a beaming smile. "I'll be right back. Which one would you like?"


Thanks very much, Arc. A long-time wish finally come true.

I'm very happy to collect my Level 1 female Minccino, placing her inside of this PokéBall (5 of 10).

I will note this in the Bank as well, but just to avoid any confusion, I am using one Rare Candy to raise her level to Level 2.

And as for picking up a new egg ...

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