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Quest: Museum Contributions

As you walk out of the PokéCenter, a swathe of scintillated sunlight greets you, making you squint and adjust to the fierce brightness. Weaving through the crowds of pedestrians, you amble under the tall pine trees, which sway under the whistling wind. The Misty Plaza looms in the distance. Ranging from merry merchants plying their goods to no-nonsense nannies pushing prams and teaching tattling toddlers, this expanse of stalls and cosmopolitan activity thrives as a commercial hubbub. One particular shop catches your eye. Adorned with glass displays of bunsen burners and terraced tents, the shopfront carries a signpost that identifies itself a store for camping and mountaineering gear. Even from outside, you can discern pair of hiking boots propped next to the register.

A dilemma emerges, however. When you stroll towards the camping shop, you notice the store on the opposite side of the street. This one features tourist items that one might expect to purchase in Cerulean City, laden with miniature dolls, fridge magnets, and pamphlets to guided tours of the local power plant. What interests you, though, is a map nestled behind the window. A glossy map of Mt Moon and its inner coves, which could help you navigate the hazardous and intertwining caverns.

You know that you only have $300, which won't be enough to service trips to both the tourist shop and the camping store. Which one do you pick?

What do you do?
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