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Quest: Luster Lighthouse "Liberation"

Suspicion pools in your stomach, sending murmurs of precarious paranoia under your spine and raising the hairs on your neck. Something is not quite right. What is happening? Is this operation truly linked to the quest from the Olivine City Gym?

"You said that we were supposed to be chasing off a bunch of Starly. So why are we in the basement?" you ask. "I don’t see any of those birds. You’re just trying to separate me from my partner aren’t you. So tell me, what the Muk are you trying to do?!"

Alarmed, Saul thrusts out his hands in a surrendering sign. He shakes his head.

"No, no! You misunderstand me. The birds are nesting in the floors above. The reason why we're down here is simple," says the worker, wiping his brow.

Turning around, Saul dashes to a large keyboard wired next to a kaleidoscope of beeping buttons. A glimpse of the computer monitor, leering lurid lights as a singular eye, confirms your guesses that this station controls the power generator. When Saul strokes a large, red button, you wonder what his intentions are. Scrutinising the machine, you realise that Saul is touching the override switch. Activating that would overload the lighthouse with electricity. Under the flickering halogens, Saul's face gains a sallow tinge. Eager enthusiasm colours his expression, as he withdraws something from his pocket. Four gleaming Star Shards.

"Pressing this button will overload the circuit with electricity, which will scare away the Starly flocks on the upper floors," explains Saul, gesticulating. "Some of the birds might get fried, but this is the quickest way to clear the infestation. And don't worry: this is perfectly legal. I'm been authorised to do this. The Lighthouse has failsafe measures and will resume operations after a second."

He raises the Star Shards closer to your face. "I can make it worth your while. You don't have to send Abra upstairs to check if the Starly are still there. Just press the button, and we should be all good."

When you don't speak, Saul interprets your silence as a sign of approval and a cue to continue speaking.

"And if you need me, I'll be right over here, behind the safety zone," says Saul, as he walks over to an area of the basement demarcated in yellow tape. "All you need to do is press the button!"

Without another word, Saul dashes into the striped out square and shoots you a thumbs-up. Your hand hovers over the control board. On the one hand, pressing the button for four Star Shards and an even greater award at the Olivine Gym, including a chance to meet Oliver? That is a generous offer. And Saul's explanation does make sense: overloading the circuits with electricity would disturb the Starly that are presumably nesting near wires and whatnot. The quickest way of clearing the infestation. But on the other hand, what would the electricity actually do to these birds? Would it possibly kill them? And why doesn't Saul want to press the button himself? This procedure, despite Saul's claims, does not appear to be the legalest of the legal. Nevertheless, the reward for simply pressing a button seems tempting...

What do you do? How do you respond?
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