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Finished A Clash of Kings, 100 pages into A Storm of Swords. The beginning is nowhere near as slow as the previous two books.

A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings both crawled along for the vast majority of the book, with enormous lurches into action later on that supply almost all of the plot development. Naturally, the plot develops at different rates for each character depending on how they go about it, but I think this rule of thumb holds true for most characters (except three I can think of...) in the first two books. No details unless requested, out of respect for those who are avoiding spoilers.

Favorite/meh characters for those who care... (spoilers for first two books)
Spoiler: show
Tyrion in A Clash of Kings is the best character I've seen so far, since you see most of the appeal of Martin's books encapsulated in one character's story. I say most because the absolute most interesting part of the series, for me, is the mythological background - which Tyrion plays absolutely no part in, at least in the second book. Because I like Tyrion, I also like Varys.

I really like Davos, and want to like Stannis, but Stannis has disappointed me. He has this reputation for being just, righteous, etc. but spends the entire book working against the reputation he's been said to have.

Jon is also getting a lot more interesting.

Bran sucks, per usual. His chapters are almost worthless.

Sansa was sort of getting better, since she's now a sympathetic character, but she still sucks compared to Arya, who is also problematic and boring in her own way. Her relationship with Cersei is interesting.

Dany was interesting in the first book, but sucks in the second because she accomplishes close to nothing the entire book, and just dicks around. Lame.

What the hell is going on with Robb and Petyr? I wish they were POV characters, and it's weird that they both have the dubious honor of having their actions only reported by other characters, but never seen by the POV characters, at least as far as I've read. On that note, Petyr is overrated - he's a good character, but not to the orgasmic level my friends seem to hold him at.

Oh, Theon. Called it.
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