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IQ/Shadow Confirmations on 8/12/2014

Feebas with 2 IQ points.
Tauros with 1 IQ point.
Bulbasaur♀ with 3 IQ points.
Bulbasaur♂ with 2 IQ points.

Missingno. Master: {I looked at the Ivysaur Day post, and it turns out you didn't actually post for Pomona's IQ gain, so she unfortunately doesn't get it. Sorry!}
Crobat with 2 IQ points.
Slugma with 1 IQ point.
Ivysaur♂ with 1 IQ point.
Torkoal with 2 IQ points.
Muk with 3 IQ points.
Carnivine with 2 IQ points.
Klink with 1 IQ point.

Gemini Spark:
Shiny Slugma with 1 IQ point.
Bulbasaur with 2 IQ points.
Tropius with 1 IQ point.
Mareep with 2 IQ points.
Ponyta with 2 IQ points.
Combusken with 2 IQ points.

Torkoal with 4 IQ points.
Pidgey with 1 IQ point.
Espurr with 2 IQ points. {Technically, with two gummis, you're raising Espurr's IQ to 2 instead of 1, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt. }

Carnivine with 3 IQ points.
Girafarig with 1 IQ point.
Emolga with 1 IQ point.

Treepandaone: Rhyperior with 44 IQ points.

Wingull with 2 IQ points.
Torkoal with 1 IQ point.

Ex-Admiral Insane:
Gallade with 21 IQ points. (15% chance to avoid status conditions confirmed)
Vigoroth with 1 IQ point.
Magnemite with 1 IQ point.
Ponyta with 1 IQ point.
Duskull with 1 IQ point.
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