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I already have an updator. I hope you can make something out of this PP. Each one of the three Pokémon will be going through the Monday shops a few times, so their stats might change a little along the way. I hope you don't mind. I'll keep you posted on any of the major changes. (Oh yeah, you get to choose the colour)


“Something’s not right here.” Lucas kept on walking through the street while holding up the map, turning it every few steps to look at it from a different angle. The streets of the city were crowded with people who went about their business and small stalls littered the pathways, offering fresh fruit, candy or newspapers. A few yelled out into the streets to advertise their wares.
The past couple of days, Lucas had brought some of his Pokémon on a bonding experience to visit a touristic sightseeing place. There was supposedly a small village in the neck of the woods that offered guided tours to their scenic waterfalls. Lucas was hoping to climb his way to the top to see the view. Rumour had it that rare Pokémon made their home there and he was dying to see some of them. The village was, according to the map, another two days travel but somehow the group had stumbled onto a city that lay in the middle of nowhere.
Lucas turned the map around one more time but in frustration he crumbled the paper and threw into a nearby trash can. “This city isn’t anywhere on the map. What the hell is this place?”
Behind came the three Pokémon he had brought with him; a Bellsprout, an Absol and a Swirlix. All of them were new additions to the team and he had purposefully let them out of their Pokéballs to give them some more freedom. But that was because he had expected nothing but woods for a while.
His Absol enjoyed wandering off, curious about the big city and its quirks.
The Swirlix named Floss kept rushing towards any vendor they passed, trying to much on the sweets that lay out for grabbing. Lucas had on multiple occasions needed to pull her away and one more than once was he supposed to pay for the stolen candy. Supposed to. The trainer just quickly grabbed his Swirlix and ran off every time, the stall owner held back by his own stand.
His Bellsprout didn’t give any trouble but he wasn’t an exact help either, tottering behind the rest of them at his own pace. Every few steps, he required a small break to regain his balance as his head lopped to the side.
It would have been a smart move to recall his Pokémon to their Pokéballs. It would have been the smart thing to do.
“Let’s just try to figure out where this place is first,” he called back to his team. Each one of them was more interested in something else though. “Perhaps there’s some place that can give some information on where we are.”

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