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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Trading my Level 3 female Pidove with the following moves and stats:
Species: Pidove (F) Level 3
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Egg House, hatched on March 26, 2014
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Gust, Wish, U-Turn
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: none
Contest Stats: Smart: 10 Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Tough: 10 Cute: 10
Beauty Points: 6
IQ: 1
Bio: none currently
Trophies: none currently
to Pearl's Perap in exchange for one Rare Candy.

*Trade Begun*
[Thanks so much for this Talon, I'll take great care of her ^^]

This moment had been something he had dreamed of for a while. Almost at least. Unfezant had always appealed to the bird type trainer and Zak had already managed to secure himself a male Pidove. His next trade would bring him one step closer to his dream of a pair of pheasants. Having seen a posting on one of the White Market noticeboards, he knew he could not resist taking on the once paired birds at the same time to raise side by side.

As he walked towards the Cable Club, the young man unclipped one of two recently acquired Pokéballs, disengaging it and emptying its contents into the air before him in a flash of light. The tiny pigeon hadn't realised he wasn't securely on the ground until he began to fall. Luckily, he managed to flap his little wings enough to regain himself and fly up and alongside his trainer.

"We're going to be meeting your wife today." The Pidove's trainer chuckled as he spoke. The little bird did not appear to understand his words, cocking his head to one side in confusion. It was either that or just good old fashioned blissful ignorance. Whichever it was, it was not like it was true. The two may not even get along, but that is what time was going to tell Zak.

"Do I get any sort of reward for such prolific trading?" Zak had used this comment as a way of greeting as he had pushed through the doors into the Cable Club. He was greeted by exactly the same staff as the previous times in recent weeks. The women appeared to like him well enough but they seemed bored by the monotonous of their daily task.

"This little guy here is need of a mate, I'd like to send this rare candy to the Cable Club user Talon87 in exchange for his female Pidove." The trainer motioned a hand towards the tiny pigeon flapping his wings to keep up with his trainer. He was looking tired but he clearly heard the word 'Pidove'. He saw his trainer remove a neatly wrapped sweet from his pocket and place it on the table. In a flash, he had beat his wings enough to gain the altitude required to swoop on the rare candy. It was no use, though, the staff were nothing if not stringent and the elder of the women snatched the sweet before the bird could reach it.

"Oi, that's not for you." Zak couldn't help but chuckle, the Pidove had heard his name and seen the candy, it was entirely understandable that he would think it could be his. The bird didn't seem best pleased, settling himself on the counter but away from his trainer. It was only when the receiving machine began to whir into life that he showed any interest at all. He probably didn't know what it was actually doing, but the big machine with all its flashing lights and dials must have been fascinating. One final judder and her Pokéball was there.

"Now, be nice, don't forget that this Pidove is a lady. You can't go rough housing or anything." The trainer realised he was probably wrapping the latest Pokémon up in cotton wool a little. Pidove were a hardy species, adaptable to almost every environment. With this thought in mind, Zak released the second Pidove to become acquainted with her for himself.

"Hello you. I'm Zak and I'm going to be your new trainer. Look who else I have with me..." The trainer spoke in reassuring tones until he reintroduced the two pigeon Pokémon and he could see these need not be adopted. The two had been brought back together for less than thirty seconds and they had already taken to flying around the Cable Club foyer together. Though they didn't say anything, the staff had began to duck from the boundless fliers and Zak knew it was time to hit the road.

"Okay you two, time to get going."

No response. The two were in a world of their own and this made the trainer smile from ear to ear. Maybe marriage was to be on the cards after all...

Trading one rare candy to Talon87 for his Lv 3 Pidove (f) with the above stats/moves/etc

~ Trade closed ~

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