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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Angelique’s Zone: please reply in pink

Ex-Admiral Insane: Swirlix set its glare upon you as it waited for you to finish it off, you met its glare feeling a tightness in your chest at what you were about to go. You sigh and approach Swirlix whilst still keeping your distance. You struggle to find the words to apologise and look to your Gallade for support before offering a few words of apology, unable to meet Swirlix in the eye. The words left a bitter taste in your mouth, you didn’t enjoy admitting you were wrong but you knew you had to say this. You apologise for laughing at Swirlix’ misfortune and for trying to capture it in such a under handed way and even though it was stuck once again you couldn’t catch the fair without its consent, not now. Swirlix narrows its eyes at you as it considers your words, wondering if another trick was coming. You offer to remove it from the tree again and let it decide its fate before slowly approaching the wary fairy. It seems to hold its breath as you reach around its side and pull hard managing to extract it from the bark before setting it down. It blinked in surprise and stared at you with a different look in its eyes, as if it was seeing you for the first time. You feel the minutes slip by waiting patiently for Swirlix’ to decide fighting the urge to make the decision yourself it was taking so long. Suddenly it toddles towards you and Tackles you in the leg making you wince in pain before it smirks at you and taps your Safari Ball. The ball wiggles twice before ‘pinging’ to signify capture and you stare in shock ignoring the pain in your leg.

“Well, that one is going to be a handful,” Angelique comments with a chuckle as you scan your Safari Ball.

Congratulations. You have captured a Level 05 Female Swirlix.

“In the end I think Swirlix felt your apology was honest and I’m sure in time you’ll be great friends. With its capture though I’m afraid your time here is over. I hope we can keep in touch and I hope you had a good time,” Angelque said with a smile as she lead you out of her zone but your eyes were focused on the ball containing your newest team member, she was going to be an interesting addition for sure!

Congratulations on your successful capture. I know the adventure was short but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. You can add Swirlix’s data to your team now and RP with it immediately upon replying to this post. Have fun ^-^
After having pulled the Swirlix once more from the tree bark, Lucas placed the sticky fairy type on the ground. He eyed the Pokémon nervously, looking for any signs of residual anger towards him. Once again Lucas’ guard dropped as the Swirlix hops closer towards him who, once again, surprised him by attacking the trainer. It Tackled Lucas’ leg, leaving a sore spot for him to soothe while the Swirlix made its attempt and tapped the Safari Ball that was dropped. A few small shakes were made before it made a sound. A sound Lucas had never heard before but knew what it meant. The Safari Ball ‘pinged’ as it stopped shaking and it was Angelique who confirmed it for him.
“Well, that one is going to be a handful.”
Lucas said nothing in response as his eyes were glued to the Safari Ball in his hands, not quite understanding the Swirlix’s motives.
“In the end,” she continued. “I think Swirlix felt your apology was honest and I’m sure in time you’ll be great friends.” He had to smile at that. The idea of having captured his first Pokémon hadn’t sunk in yet.
“With its capture though I’m afraid your time here is over. I hope we can keep in touch and I hope you had a good time.”
True. Angelique was only here to guide them until they made a capture. It was unfortunate that despite their best intentions, he hadn’t exactly made much effort to befriend or even talk to her. Oh well.
Angelique led them out of the Friend Safari where they made their goodbyes. Lucas’ eyes laid transfixed on the Safari Ball in his hand. He held it for a few short seconds. His entourage of Pokémon surrounded him as they exchanged unwary glances between themselves, their trainer and the Safari Ball. Lucas looked towards his Bellsprout, his Absol, his Chatot and finally his Gallade. With each passing glance, his smile grew and, one by one, his fellow team mates joined in. They did it! They made their very first capture!
He raised his hand into the air and threw the ball up high. It popped open and a white glimmer of energy emerged that transformed itself into a cotton candy Pokémon.
“Welcome to the team. Floss.”


Along the way, Lucas kept his Pokémon out so that they may get to know their sticky comrade a little better. It made the trip twice as long as each continued obstructing the long hike back home in their own way. Surprisingly, Floss had quickly adapted to her new environment and even joined in on the trouble if it presented itself.
Finally though they arrived at the small campsite where they had left the others. Rags had been worried about how they might fare on their own. Especially Kong and Faust, the latter of which had been left in charge to keep them all in check. Rags’ uneasiness was put at ease when he saw them.
Kong looked his vigorous self as always. Behind his shell of ice. Floss made a gleeful chirp and rushed towards the icy casing, licking it as if it were ice cream.
Lucas gave a confident chuckle. “See Rags. I told you Faust could look after them.”
The Gallade said nothing, staring defeated at Floss as he wondered how long it would take her to free the Vigoroth.

Thanks for the adventure Arc. I enjoyed it and I’m more than happy about the outcome.

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