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Ex-Admiral Insane: You feel relief begin to seep into your bones as Swirlix appears to tire out; its last attack much weaker than the previous. Had it begun to run out of tricks? It appears so as it resorted to straight forward Tackle attacks. You feel now the time was right to put an end to this but knocking out the Swirlix wasn’t how you wanted to end things. No, this was going to end how it started and you eye up the tree as you formulate a plan in your mind. Black circles overhead as Swirlix looks up its breathing laboured from the tough battle and he awaits your orders. You relay your plan and Black rolls his eyes before insulting you, like this plan was going to work but you had faith. Black dives down with his Fly right into another Fairy Wind as Swirlix tries to halt the attack but Black has too much momentum for a sprinkle of magic dust. The Fairy Wind still stings but Black finds his mark and throws Swirlix into the tree where it becomes stuck once again due to its sticky fluff. It pulls against the tree and struggles before sighing with defeat and hanging its head. It looks up you with eyes that wait for you to finish it off.
Lucas holds his breath as Blackbeard goes for the assault. He dives down straight towards the Swirlix. The candyfloss Pokémon releases a Fairy wind in the hopes of stopping it and Lucas can’t help but feel it might work. Luckily, the Chatot manages to push through with his momentum and shoves the Swirlix straight into to the tree.
A small smile appears on the trainer’s face as he notes the Swirlix glued to the bark of the tree and trying everything he can to release itself. It stops resisting after a while and looks to Lucas with eyes of defeat.
His plan worked. Blackbeard glides down gently onto his trainer’s shoulder, giving a last squawk of triumph. Now would come the real challenge Lucas knew.
He sighed and stepped up a little closer to the Swirlix,l making sure to keep some distance between the two.
“I uhm..” The trainer kicks up a some dirt with his shoe and looks towards his Gallade for comfort. His Pokémon gives a small nod of approval to urge him on.
Lucas merely sighs.
“I…” He grinds his teeth and tries not to maintain eye contact. “I’m sorry I laughed at you.”
He didn’t enjoy saying it as much as he knew it was necessary and deserving. “I shouldn’t have laughed when you got stuck and I shouldn’t have tried to take advantage of it by capturing you.”
He looks away completely. Before, his Gallade and even Angela were shocked when he had tried to capture a Pokémon without befriending it first. Instead, preferring to take advantage of the Swirlix’s predicament. But to Lucas, mocking it, knocking it out and capturing it felt just as dirty as what he was going to do before. ’How was capturing a disabled Pokémon any different when it’s knocked out then when it’s stuck to a tree?’ He thought.
“I won’t capture you,” he finally said. He still didn’t try to look directly at the Swirlix. Admitting his guilt felt worse than he had thought. “If you don’t like me I won’t force you. It’s…It’s your choice after all.” He wanted to hit himself for saying it. The Pokémon was surely an interesting species with intersting characteristics. But he knew Rags was right. Insulting a Pokémon and capturing it wouldn't make it a proper ally.
“I’ll help you down from the tree again and, uhm. If you want, you can come with me but if you don’t…”
He merely shrugged. He didn’t want to prolong this any further. He walked up towards the Swirlix to try and pull it free from the bark once more. Whatever the Swirlix wanted after that was it’s own business.

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