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Jeri vs. ABL (acceptor?)
2 vs. 2 Not Double.
96 Hour DQ (not enforced)
Return = Not Happening
Equiall I suppose.
*In Oak's Candy Shop.
Cute Pogimanz only.

*Oak's Candy Shop - (Custom Indoor Arena)
A little candy shop sits in the center of Pallet Town, run by the good professor himself. The floor is made of a colorful swirl of linolium tiles, and the wall is lined with candy cane wallpaper. Big shelves line the walls and large jars sit on the counter, filled with candy. The cases and jars stock all variety of tasty treats which the battlers can nibble on, or throw at their opponent for them to try. The following candy can be thrown or eaten:

Tongue Twisting Twizzler - Makes attacks involving sound/vocalization 50% less effective
Toffee - Reduces Speed one level
Peanut Brittle - Does damage equal to a Swift attack
Malted Milk Balls - Does damage equal to a Bullet Seed attack
Jawbreakers - Reduces Defense one level
Warheads - Makes the Pokemon flinch
Pixie Stix - Resets any effects caused by candy
Lollipop - Restores energy of a Thundershock
Red Hots - Allows the use of one Ember, regardless of the 'mon
After-Dinner Mints - Allows use of one Powder Snow, regardless of the 'mon
Lemonheads - Allows use of one Thundershock, regardless of the 'mon
Candy Corn - Raises Special Attack one level
Marshmallow - Raises Special Defense one level
Almond Joy - Raises Defense one level
Hershey's Candy Bar - Does nothing. Very tasty though.

A Pokemon can eat 2 pieces of candy times their current level in total, whether thrown or eaten themselves.

Taken by Hana. Thanks, Hana!

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