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"Now, Crabbe!" Keith exclaimed. "Use Giga Drain!"

"Chance, use yer Blizzard!" Meowth exclaimed.

The yellow feather on the Gulpin's head glowed a pale green, and a single tendril of energy erupted from it. As the Wartortle opened her mouth and unleashed a howling snowstorm, the tendril of pale green energy swerved around the Blizzard and coiled around Chance. The green glow extended to cover the Wartortle's entire body as it sapped at her energy.

"...Tortle..." grunted Chance. She was struggling to keep up her Blizzard, for the attack was starting to have an effect on Crabbe, but within seconds, she stopped, feebly coughing up a few snowflakes.

"Nicely done!" grinned Keith as the Giga Drain stopped. "Let's finish this up, Crabbe- use Sludge!"

"Gul pin!" Crabbe exclaimed as he unleashed a stream of smelly black sludge from his mouth.

Chance tried to evade this by Withdrawing into her shell, but the sludge merely came in through the holes in the shell, and before long, the Wartortle collapsed.

"And I think that'll do it for now," Keith declared. "Excellent job, everybody. Crabbe, I'm proud of you in particular, that Giga Drain was your best one yet!"

"Gul pin," replied the Gulpin- and then, his entire body was bathed in a bright blue-white light! Keith's mouth fell open- Crabbe was starting to evolve! However, the light flickered a little bit, and then faded abruptly, revealing Crabbe to not have changed at all. "" Crabbe said questioningly, apparently just as confused by this as Keith was.

"...Wait, wat just happened here?" demanded Meowth.

Keith was at a loss. "...Uh... I... I... Crabbe was... was evolving," he murmured. "And- and then, he... he... wasn't."

As Keith tried to make sense of the situation, Meowth stepped over to the Gulpin. "Hey, so, wat just happened?" he asked.

Crabbe shrugged. "I dunno," he replied. "I'm all set to evolve, I want it to happen, but it just stopped for some reason."

Meowth turned to Keith. "Crabbe ain't got no idea wat happened, either," he explained.

Keith shook his head. "This is so weird," he murmured. "I think we better get Crabbe to the Pokémon Center, make sure nothing's wrong."

"Dat ain't a bad idea," nodded Meowth as he climbed onto Keith's shoulder. With that, Keith scooped his Gulpin up in his arms and headed off in the direction of the nearest Pokémon Center.


It wasn't a very long walk, but the wait was borderline unbearable. Keith and Meowth sat in the waiting room while Nurse Joy examined Crabbe. And then, at last, after two hours, the nurse approached him, Crabbe in her arms.

"Your Gulpin appears to be in perfect health," she reported as she handed the Gulpin back to his Trainer. "Just want to ask a few questions. What's he eaten lately?"

"Oh, some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza..." Keith listed the food items.

Nurse Joy shook her head. "No, I mean just this morning."

"...Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza..." repeated Keith.

"I see," said Nurse Joy. "Well, he seems to be eating right, but it sounds to me as though his appetite is somewhat subdued."

"Y'know, come to think of it," Keith said, suddenly realizing something, "he only tried to swipe food from a few of his teammates last night. Didn't even bother trying to steal food from my Seviper, and he's usually foolhardy enough to attempt it."

Nurse Joy opened her mouth, but at that moment, both she and Keith found themselves distracted by a commotion in the waiting room. Keith walked over to where a crowd was gathered around a TV, Meowth on his shoulder and Crabbe in his arms. He maneuvered his way through the crowd until he was close enough to the TV to be able to see and hear what was going on. It was a news report, and the more of it Keith watched, the more appalled he became. It was about Hallow, the Pokémon Trainer who had been found dead not long after Halloween of 2012, and it went on to mention how all of his Pokémon, who had previously only been presumed dead, were now confirmed to have been murdered. The report did not go into much more detail than that, but it left Keith shaking his head in disgust all the same.

Once the news report ended, Keith exited the Pokémon Center, mouth agape in shock, too appalled to speak. Meowth kept moving his mouth as though about to speak, but clearly no words were doing justice to what he was feeling. However, these reactions paled in comparison to Crabbe's- the Gulpin in Keith's arms was shaking with fury, a look of utmost rage in his slit-like eyes.

On the trek back home, Keith broke the silence. "...What the fuck?" he said. "Seriously, Meowth, what the actual fuck? Who the hell even does something like that?!"

"Dat's all kinds o' messed up," Meowth agreed.

"Gul... Gul..." Crabbe said, his voice uncharacteristically thick with rage. And Keith knew why, too- among Hallow's deceased Pokémon was a female Frillish by the name of Narcissa, and Crabbe had fallen in love with her. It was the most he had ever felt for anything he couldn't eat.

"Crabbe already knew dat Narcissa was dead," Meowth explained to Keith. "I know youse has been tryin' ta tink of a way ta break it gently to him."

"Yeah... Yeah, I- I have," Keith nodded. "I'm sorry, Crabbe- I know how much she meant to you, and believe me, I know how you're feeling now. I don't know how you found out, but I probably should have told you myself."

"Gul... Gulpin gul..." Grabbe managed to say, now sounding as though he was holding back tears.

"Crabbe ain't blamin' youse," Meowth translated. "It's da murderer he's blamin'."

Keith nodded. "I don't blame him- Crabbe, that is, I don't blame Crabbe for blaming the murderer. Crabbe," he added, addressing his Gulpin, "you ever want to talk, I'm willing to listen, and I'm sure Meowth's willing to translate for me, OK?"

Crabbe nodded. "Gul... Gul... PIIIIIIIIIN!" he wailed- it had become too much, and the Gulpin could hold back the anger and sorrow no longer. Keith sat down on a nearby tree stump, and held the Gulpin close to him for comfort as Crabbe wailed loud and long, letting out all his pent-up emotions in the form of tears. Keith understood perfectly, having reacted more or less exactly the same way when he received the news that Coselle's memory of their entire relationship had been forcibly erased.

After a while, Crabbe's crying slowed down, and then stopped altogether. Keith looked down at his Gulpin. "That feel any better?" he asked.

"Gul..." sighed Crabbe.

"A little bit, he says," Meowth translated.

Keith sighed and hugged the Gulpin again. "You'll be OK, Crabbe," he said. "What say we go home and you eat everything in the kitchen, hmm?"

"Gulpin," Crabbe replied. However, most unusually for him, the notion of devouring all the food in the kitchen did not monopolize the forefront of his mind as it normally would have. No, the Gulpin had come to a decision. Narcissa had once asked him what his goals were, what he wanted to accomplish, and he didn't have a lot in the way of answers back then. Well, that was then, and now, Crabbe knew what he had to do. With his decision, his new goal, ingrained firmly in his mind, the determination coursed through him. He was going to stop other people and Pokémon from suffering at the hands of criminals any way he could. This newfound determination, this sense of purpose, Crabbe could practically feel it welling up within him.

And then, just as Keith's Secret Base came into view, Crabbe's eyes flashed with determination... and then he started glowing. And this time, it neither flickered nor stopped.

Astonished, Keith set his evolving Gulpin down on the ground and watched it happen, watched the transformation that had previously been repressed by Crabbe's repressed anger and sorrow finally take place. Crabbe grew taller, his feather shrank away, and he sprouted a thin mustache that looked like two pieces of spaghetti. Finally, the glow faded, revealing a in his place. Mouth agape, Keith took out his Pokédex.

"Swalot, the Poison Bag Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gulpin," droned the device. "Swalot can stretch its mouth wide enough to engulf objects larger than itself. The only thing its digestive acid cannot dissolve is its own stomach."

"I guess those bottled-up feelings were what was holding back Crabbe's evolution," Keith remarked. "Way to go, Crabbe!"

"Yeah, nice job!" Meowth added.

"Swa, Swalot," Crabbe replied, nodding at Keith and Meowth. As they reached the base, Keith and Meowth went inside, though the newly evolved Swalot hesitated for a moment, deep in thought, before climbing up the ladder the best he could with such stubby arms.


That night, a bloblike being stood atop a tall building overlooking a big city- the Swalot was wearing a red mask with eyeholes, and a matching outfit, for lack of a better term (it seemed to consist solely of a band of fabric with holes for the Swalot's stubby arms). On the front was a light blue circle, with a dark blue "S" in the middle. Crabbe looked down at the city, bustling and busy even in the middle of the night.

"No more criminals will cause suffering like that ever again," the Swalot quietly vowed as he scanned the streets for any sign of distress. "Not so long as I, Captain Stomach, have anything to say about it."

What?  Gulpin is evolving!




What?  Gulpin is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Gulpin evolved into Swalot!

*Crabbe learned Body Slam!*

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