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Originally Posted by jolteonjak View Post
Once word got out that Pokemon from the Kalos Region had been discovered and were getting captured in Fizzy Bubbles, Chad learned all he could about them. One such Pokemon he researched, was one of the traditional Pokemon new trainers in the Kalos Region can start with, Froakie.

He instantly fell in love with Froakie and decided he must have one, at almost any cost. Keith, one of the trainers who found a Froakie after befriending Remy, must have heard of Chad’s desire for one. He offered his Froakie up for trade. Chad couldn’t understand why, but he saw his opportunity. There were already a crowd of trainers who were offering all kinds of goods for the Bubble Frog Pokemon. Chad looked at his inventory for anything that would entice Keith and checked his Candy balance.

Chad put an offer together and approached Keith. He wasn’t sure what Keith liked most, but luckily for Chad he took Chad’s offer.

OOC: Trading 5 Candies, 1x Chocolate Pokeball, 1x Christmas Pokeball, another Christmas Pokeball, 1x Franken Ball, 1x Pumpkin Ball, 1x Were Ball, unused Pika Doll, 3x White Pokeblocks, 1x Water Stone, Heart Scale #1, Heart Scale #2, Heart Scale #3 to Missingno. Master for his Lv.5 M Froakie.

Thank you so much!

Keith entered the Cable Club, with Meowth on his shoulder as usual. He held a Trubbish in his arms, and in one of his hands, there was clutched a camouflage and white sphere- a Safari Ball. As he walked over to one of the trade machines, Meowth turned to face him.

"So, uh, any particular reason youse decided ta trade Trevor away?" Meowth asked.

"There is, actually," Keith replied. "I like Trevor a lot, and I think he's been great for the team... but this guy, from what I've heard, wants a Froakie of his own way more than I ever did. About as badly as I wanted Ariana, I believe."

"Does dat have sometin' ta do wit da fact dat ya brought her along?" Meowth asked

Keith nodded. "It certainly does," he said. "I brought her to remind me why I'm doing this- I remember how awesome I felt when I got Ariana, so I brought her to remind me that that's probably how awesome this Chad guy's gonna feel when he gets Trevor."

"Trub?" Ariana said, looking up at Keith. Keith looked down at her, and immediately noticed the look of slight worry in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Ariana," he said with a reassuring smile. "It's not you I'm here to trade." At that moment, however, they arrived at the trade machine. Keith gently set his Trubbish down on the floor, and then glanced at the Safari Ball in his hand for a moment and sighed. He had said his goodbyes to Trevor back at the Secret Base, and the Froakie took the news well enough, but it was still pretty hard for him to give up his newest Pokémon like this. And then he glanced over at Ariana, and the sight of the Pokémon which had eluded his ownership for years seemed to strengthen his resolve.

He placed the Safari Ball on the trade machine and pulled the lever. In a bright, electrical flash, the ball was warped to the other end of the machine, and replaced with a large pile of items- Rare Candies, Heart Scales, Pokéblock, and even a small Pikachu doll with a decidedly creepy feeling to it, among lots of other things. As Keith started to pile the loot into his backpack, he set that Pikachu doll aside. Once everything else was back in, he put his backpack back on and took the doll in his hand.

"Wat's ya gonna do wit dat?" Meowth asked.

"Trubbish?" Ariana added, tilting her head curiously.

"You'll both see soon enough," responded Keith as he took a Poké Ball off his belt. "Come on out, Chromium!" he added, and in a flash of light, the ball unleashed a light beige dog-like Pokémon into the Cable Club. The Smeargle glanced around, taking in her surroundings, but once it seemed to occur to her that she was in the Cable Club, her eyes narrowed.

"Smeeear-" she began in an unpleasant tone.

"Relax, Chromium, you're not being traded," Keith interrupted, having correctly interpreted the incorrect conclusion his Smeargle had clearly jumped to. This shut Chromium up, though she was still looking up at Keith as though silently demanding an explanation. "I just made a trade, and I figured one of the things I traded for might interest you."

Chromium tilted her head. "Smeargle?" she asked, a hint of skepticism in her voice.

In response to this, Keith produced the Pika Doll. "This," he said to Chromium, "is called a Pika Doll. All you gotta do is hug it, and it teaches you an attack called Voodoo Bugaloo. It's one of those moves that can be taught to absolutely every Pokémon- in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't already seen Hermione using it." Chromium gave a small nod at this- in fact, Hermione had used that move on her at one point during a training session. "And I know you can get some decent use out of this," Keith added. "Hold opponents in place when you prepare another attack, make sure they can't dodge... might even be useful for holding someone in place for when you want to paint their portrait-"

As was not altogether unexpected, the mention of a way the move could be used for artistic purposes immediately spurred Chromium to swipe the doll from Keith's hand and hug it tightly. Keith chuckled at this, as a sinister purple-black aura came over Chromium's body, seeming to spread from the Pika Doll. And then, the aura faded away, which Keith knew to mean that Chromium must have successfully learned the move.

"Well, Chromium?" Keith asked his Smeargle. "Did it work?"

In response, the Smeargle focused, and a crudely made Meowth doll materialized in midair before her. "Hey, waddaya tink yer doin-" Meowth began, before a psychically created pin struck the doll, rendering Meowth completely immobile as he muffled angrily. Chromium then moved the doll to make Meowth float off of Keith's shoulder and down in front of her, at which point she grabbed her paintbrush-like tail and set to work. The tip changed color at a rapid pace, the tail itself a mere blur at some points, as Chromium furiously painted on a broken piece of floorboard that was propped up against the trade machine. At last, the move's effects faded, and Meowth slumped to the ground. "Hey, wat was da big idea-" he began, before Chromium turned the board around, revealing the remarkably detailed portrait of Meowth she had painted. "...Saaaaay," Meowth continued, sounding considerably less angry. "Dat ain't half bad."

"I'd have to agree with that," nodded Keith.

"Trubbish trub," added Ariana, visibly impressed with the quality of the work.

"Smeeear," Chromium said in response, sounding rather pleased with herself. With that, Keith picked up his Trubbish and withdrew his Smeargle, and Meowth grabbed the painting, and they all made their way out of the Cable Club.

OOC: Trading my level 5 male Froakie w/Strength to jj for- *inhales deeply* 5 Rare Candies, 1 Chocolate Ball, 2 Christmas Balls, 1 Franken Ball, 1 Pumpkin Ball, 1 Were Ball, 1 unused Pika Doll, 3 White (4 random stats) +20 Pokéblock, 1 Water Stone, and 3 Heart Scales. Take good care of him!

*Trade Closed*

Using aforementioned Pika Doll on my Smeargle.

*Chromium learned Voodoo Bugaloo!*

~ Tess Edit: 1st of 3 White Pokéblocks used on 20/07/2014.
~ Tess Edit: 2nd of 3 White Pokéblocks used on 27/07/2014.
~ Tess Edit: 3rd of 3 White Pokéblocks used on 03/08/2014.

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