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Shadow Claw has been shown to have a variation that allows it to be used ranged, stretching the shadow, in a similar way to what we do with Shadow Sneak.

1) Provide links to a screen cap showing animé evidence and/or provide links to a video showing animé evidence (please provide us with a time stamp)
Spoiler: show

2) Provide links to the Bulbapedia article for the move, pokémon etc. in question

3) Explain the in game effect of the move in question

Basic Ghost critical hit move, more or less Ghost Slash.

4) Briefly note the differences between what we do and what the animé does

We have it merely as a Ghost claw move, without the ability to stretch it as a ranged move. The anime has it much more fitting to the name, having a shadow actually stretch to hit the foe. It's been shown in ranged capacity more than a single time in the anime, as well.

As well, we have a ranged variation for X-Scissor, and Ghost moves are still pretty limited in variety.
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