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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Jean's Friend Safari - Please reply in silver

Talon87: The grand opening of the much publicised Kalos event has finally arrived, and along with hundreds of other people you have come to learn all about the new Pokémon being introduced to the land. A friend safari seems like an unusual idea, but certainly not an unreasonable one, though the more you think about friendship the more your thoughts turn to the one team mate of yours who concerns you the most - Mankey. A tough cookie, and a dangerous one, Mankey for all intents and purposes would appear to be the least likely candidate for an event such as this, but then again... Perhaps an event such as this is exactly what you both need. With Mankey in mind you look over the Kalosian ambassadors and choose Jean as the trainer you would like to befriend as he appears to be the most likely of all of these people to adequately handle your unruly primate. Decision made, you introduce yourself to the boy who smiles warmly back at both you and Celes.

Shortly afterwards the three of you head into Jean's safari where you see short fences have been erected around the zone. A large expanse of grassy area is set out before you with a pond in the corner, and as you walk Jean attempts to get your conversation started. "So tell me a little about yourself, Cyrus. What it is you like to do. What kind of Pokémon you train. That sort of thing."

Not long after you notice a small grey and white Pokémon loitering by the tall grass, not looking quite certain as to whether it really wants to go in there. "Oh, look at that! It's a Carbink!" Jean cries, pointing to the indecisive Pokémon. "They spend a lot of time underground so aren't the easiest Pokémon to find. Perhaps you will like to make friends with this Pokémon? Jean asks, patiently awaiting your answer...
Following Jean, Cyrus and Celes found before them a large grassy expanse encircled by short fences. "So this is the Friend Safari," Cyrus quietly said to himself. From the name 'safari', he had been expecting a jungle. The thought seemed silly to him now. An artificial jungle would be hard work to set up. And besides: were there even any jungles in Kalos? It was a large country, certainly, but Cyrus was pretty certain that Kalos was like any other temperate region. Forests, mountains, and plains it would have, sure, but not jungles. To be honest, Cyrus found the actual Friend Safari to be quite charming. Its simplicity was a selling point: where Cyrus had imagined Seviper-draped kapoks and Chatots flying through the canopy, here he found a scene which matched his mental image of the Kalosian countryside. In this sense, it was no safari: but as an opportunity to meet some new friends, it seemed promising.

Cyrus allowed Jean to lead the way. Celes trotted behind her trainer, her gaze flitting between Jean and Cyrus as each took his turn speaking. Jean decided to break the ice. "So tell me a little about yourself, Cyrus," he inquired. "What it is you like to do. What kind of Pokémon you train. That sort of thing."

Cyrus looked down at Celes as he began to answer. "We're wanderers. Travelers." A short pause. "I decided I wanted to see the world. To see what was out there, with my own two eyes." Cyrus explained to Jean a bit about where they had been so far, what they had seen, what they had done. "As for what Pokémon I train," Cyrus went on, "some might say that I'm a Grass-type specialist. Though I don't know much about that ..." At this display of modesty, the Chikorita by Cyrus's side spoke up. Her tone sounded argumentative, like she disagreed with what he had just said. As though saying, "Nonsense! Cyrus is the best Grass-type trainer I know!" Though such kind words would only mean so much to strangers -- after all, Cyrus was the only trainer whom Celes knew that well. It was like Cyrus had said -- they were wanderers, nomads. The forest was their home.

As he was about to tell Jean about his collection of berries from around the world, Cyrus stopped short, noticing that his guide was indicating something ahead. "Oh, look at that!" Jean exclaimed. Cyrus looked forward. There, near the border of the tall grass, was a small, gray and white Pokémon! "It's a Carbink!" A Carbink?, Cyrus thought to himself. I've never seen or even heard of one of those before. Despite his affinity for the simple life which Nature afforded him, Cyrus did not shun knowledge. In fact, he had a rather wide knowledge base upon which to draw. Indeed, one as well-traveled and as attuned with Nature as Cyrus could not but know a great many Pokémon. But despite knowing of so many Pokémon, Carbink was one which Cyrus was only just finding out about now for the very first time.

"They spend a lot of time underground," Jean continued, "so aren't the the easiest Pokémon to find. Perhaps," he asks Cyrus, "you will like to make friends with this Pokémon?" Cyrus could feel the butterflies in his stomach. This was it. This was the moment of truth. He reached with one hand for the PokéBall on his belt. His fingers sweatily slipped over its smooth surface but managed to find their grip; he clasped them firmly down around the small sphere, plucking it from its leather vine. Then he palmed it. Cyrus wanted to ask Jean some questions first.

"I've never seen a Carbink before," Cyrus explained. "How ... how tough are they? You see ..." And Cyrus proceeded to explain to Jean the story of Mankey, of the little lost Pokémon who angrily lashed out at the world. He told Jean about how he had come here today hoping to help Mankey form healthy relationships with other Pokémon. And he shared his worries, his worst fears. "I ... I don't think a frail Pokémon would be the best pick for Mankey, Jean," Cyrus admitted. "But I wonder," he said, his eyes focusing on the sturdy gray of Carbink's frame, "... I wonder if that little one might be tougher than its looks let on."

Another worry came to Cyrus's mind. "That little one ... is it a Rock type? Rock types tend to be known for their fortitude, but the thing is, Mankey knows lots of powerful Fighting-type and Dark-type attacks. I worry that the little one's defenses might not be enough in case something were to go wrong."

Suddenly he realized what he was saying -- or rather, what he was saying sounded like. "That is -- i-i-IF a fight were to break out! I sure hope not. I ..." Cyrus turned his hand around, his palm now facing upward, the PokéBall resting on it. "I'm not here for a fight," he said, staring down at the red and white ball. "I'm here to make friends." His eyes rose back up to meet Jean's. "And to teach Mankey the value of friendship."

While the two humans talked, Celes meanwhile looked towards the gray rock on the side of the path. What is that!?, she wondered. She could hardly believe that it was even alive but for the fact that rocks did not normally move under their own weight and this one seemed to be indecisive about whether it wanted to go inside the grass or stay right where it was.

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