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Fírnen: Level 3 Male Vibrava

Fírnen, as expected, had lived in the desert for a long time, and was born in those harsh conditions, having to deal with the lack of water, and arid, hot weather. During his younger years, he struggled to keep up with his burning feet and eyes, his only place of relief being the cool sand inside the burrows that he made. He had to often work extremely hard in search of food, a lot of the desert Pokemon being extremely wary, making sure that they do not get trapped in the traps in the sand that he made. Starvation was constantly a problem, and he had to go without food quite often. Not only that, but the predators were a threat, too. In his weak form, most other desert Pokemon could eat him up.

These conditions, however, only served to make Fírnen tougher. By the time he joined the squad, he was an extremely determined Pokemon, and always made sure to make things that he wants happen. Although his courageous behaviour was hard to cope with sometimes, it was also a source of inspiration for the shier members of the squad, who were not as willing or enthusiastic about performing dangerous deeds. Fírnen has now become a source of hope for the whole squad when things do not look good.

Special Training: Persistence

Fírnen can last one round after he should have fainted. This signature has a 75% chance of activating, and it only does so if Fírnen runs out of health. If he runs out of energy, this signature shall not activate. When this signature is activated, opponents shall be reluctant to use moves that do not cause damage. All attempts to heal Fírnen in this round shall fail. Fírnen can no longer use Giga Drain, Toxic and Hyper Beam because he never learnt them in the desert. As a Vibrava, he shall lose the ability to use Outrage, and as a Flygon, he shall lose the ability to use Giga Impact.
75% is still far too high of a likelihood for a guaranteed survival. Rejected.

Silence: Level 3 Male Persian

Silence knows that intimidation is often a good thing in battles, but he had never been able to scare an opponent with his frail appearance. He badly wished to be feared and respected, but knew that people would laugh at him instead. Although he attempted to prove his worth by doing his best at battles, he really was not too good at them, regularly being taken down. For a long time, he attempt to win through brute force, challenging foes much more powerful than him in an attempt to earn the respect of others by taking them done. Of course, this turned out to be counterproductive, and he was only humiliated through his attempts at doing things beyond his power.

Silence eventually decided that he had to do something different. If he could not inject fear from the outside, he had to do so from inside. He started to research about psychology, and found out how other Pokemon were able to cause hallucinations, and effortlessly inject fear into their opponent. He practiced and practiced, trying to get to know what his enemies actually fear. Eventually, he became extremely good at this skill, allowing him to finally achieve what he had wanted for so long.

Special Training: Fear

Silence uses up heavy Psychic Type energy to directly deal significant Psychic Type energy to the opponent, and inject fear into its heart by making it hallucinate. Braver Pokemon shall be resistant to the fear, but not the actual damage. If the Pokemon gets scared, its offense and defense are reduced slightly. Usual boost stipulations apply. The fear is quite short term, and shall not last long unless the victim is especially timid for a Pokemon. Silence has the Psychic Type energy to use this move twice per battle. He forgot how to use Hypnosis, Last Resort and Punishment while devising this move, and shall lose Hyper Beam and Giga Impact upon evolution.

My Little Ponyta: Level 2 Female Ponyta

Mew's Little Ponyta is a descendant of the legendary flying Repadush, a Rapidash that was known for actually having wings, his fire being rainbow in colour. The group of Ponyta and Rapidash that Mew's Little Ponyta lived in had these traits, too, except for Mew's Little Ponyta, who lacked and visible wings. They would fly in the sky freely, while leaving her staring at them jealously. Mew's Little Ponyta wanted to take to the skies, too. She wanted to explore and experience the wonders of the sky, and touch the rainbow that often appeared after the group survived the ordeal called rain. She often tried to recklessly leap off cliffs, hoping that she shall be granted the power of flight if she could "touch the sky". Her only source of reassurance for whether she actually belonged to the group was that her flames were rainbow-coloured, too.

Mew's Little Ponyta ultimately decided that she had to match her companions' ability to fly in her own, different way. She would do something even they cannot. She knew of the fact that the legendary Repadush had a special kind of fire, which charmed his opponents, but she and other Ponyta and Rapidash of the group did not possess this ability, having lost it over the generations. Due to this, she invented a grooming instrument called the comb. Using it, she would stroke her fiery mane, tail, and feet flames. Due to all her flames being so refined, all her attacks became extremely beautiful, although this caused her to grow somewhat vain.

Special Training: Fiery Beauty

My Little Ponyta's Fire Type moves are all of the rainbow colour. They are so beautiful that each has a 25% chance to cause the opponent's Attack and Special Attack to lower somewhat, because the opponent shall be briefly entranced by the beauty too much to want to harm My Little Ponyta. This can occur a maximum of once. Usual boost stipulations apply. Pokemon with resistance to mental effects shall be resistant to this, too. My Little Ponyta can no longer use Hypnosis or Flare Blitz, and shall lose Giga Impact upon evolution to Rapidash.

Pharishta: Level 2 Female Eevee

Pharishta, as an Eevee, used to be known for being a poor battler. She was extremely predictable during battles, her lack of versatility always posing a serious problem for her. Almost none of her friends respected her, and she was looked down upon. This always left Pharishta paranoid about being ridiculed, having been given embarrassing nicknames like "Average Eevee", The False Prophet" and "Common Eevee". However, eventually, she came to the conclusion that, in order to earn the respect of others, she has to evolve into one of the mighty Pokemon that she had the choice to turn into in the future. The very prospect of it excited her, although she did her best to hide this fact.

Pharishta, however, was in a dilemma. She was not sure about which Pokemon she wanted to evolve into. Even if she followed her own desire, would others approve of it? The Eevee thought about this for a long time, before deciding that she wanted to possess the good qualities of all of her evolutions. In order to learn about the various Types, she researched extensively on the Fire, Water and Thunder stones. She decided to focus on the original trio, because they have been known for the longest amount of time. Despite not doing so physically, Pharishta seemed to have already evolved into a new Pokemon by the end of all this.

Special Move: Versatile

When Pharishta is first sent out, she can choose between any one Type between Fire, Water and Electric, not including her own Type. For the rest of the match, Pharishta shall be able use a certain move of that Type. This move deals significant damage of that Type for significant typeless energy. It looks like a glowing orb. This move shall replace Last Resort, Trump Card and Confide immediately, along with Giga Impact when Pharishta actually evolves. This move can only be used twice per match. She must always choose a Type when first sent out. This move does not contribute to off-Type energy totals.

Lucas: Level 1 Male Pichu

Lucas has red stripes on his body, not including his head, limbs or tail, and the upper parts of his hands. His cheeks are light pink. Initially, as a Pichu, Lucas used to be very shy, unlike his brother, another Pichu, who was very outgoing. They were raised by a Sunflora. One day, when Lucas was very young, while they were heading back home, they encountered a Tyrantrum, who was covered in a metal coating that made it nearly invulnerable to all attacks. The Sunflora threw Lucas and his brother into the river so that they can escape, and she herself was promptly killed by the Tyrantrum. Although his brother attempted to avenge the Sunflora, he was killed as well. It was rumoured that his brother had displayed the ability to use Psychic powers during the battle.

These experiences frightened and saddened Lucas greatly. In a day that started normally, and on an upbeat note, his family had been torn apart. The only true friend that remained with him was a Vulpix, who accompanied him almost everywhere. Three years later, although Lucas had grown emotionally and physically stronger, the past still haunted him. Once, when he was walking through a train tunnel, looking out for any trains because he did not want to be hit by any, he encountered a masculine Gothitelle bathing in a hot spring.

The Gothitelle said that it could sense a tremendous amount of Psychic power emanating from Lucas. He asked Lucas to draw closer, and the Pikachu did. The Psychic Type promptly pushed him underwater, the Electric Type struggling to get out. At last, the Gothitelle released its grip. Lucas gasped for air, and felt very strange. The Gothitelle revealed that it was how his Psychic powers were supposed to be unlocked, because, the closer he is to the ground, the easier it is for him to obtain the powers. His potential unlocked, life was never the same for Lucas.

Special Attack: PK Flash

Lucas unleashes a huge burst of blindingly bright Psychic Type energy in front of him. This attack deals considerable Psychic Type damage, and can leave any victims that see this burst with temporary blindness or blurry vision. In general, it just reduces the target's accuracy by a significant amount. Usual boost stipulations apply to this accuracy loss, although it is more potent from close range. This attack requires heavy Psychic Type energy to perform, and Lucas has the Type energy to use it twice per battle. He never learnt how to use Nasty Plot, Curse, Counter, Swagger or Attract, due to being so innocent and timid.

Samadhi: Level 3 Male Medicham

Since a long time, much earlier than joining the squad, Samadhi's goal has been to achieve the state of samadhi, to the point that he is now called by that name. He regularly finds a high spot like the top of a pillar in order to meditate. When he begins his meditation sessions, he seems to go into some kind of trance, one that is extremely difficult to break. It almost feels as if he intentionally refuses to respond to others, his willpower being strong enough to maintain his meditation despite the immense amount of distractions all around him. When he meditates, he always seems to notice the more minute details, which are distractions in themselves.

If actually required, however, Samadhi can act extremely quickly while meditating, which is evidence that he is actually aware of what is going on around him. Although he does not seem to be able to achieve samadhi, yet, the feat being incredibly difficult to exhibit, his meditations have made his mind even sharper than most other Pokemon of his species. It is almost as if he sees more with his eyes closed than he sees with them open.

Special Training: Meditation

When Samadhi uses Meditate, he can switch into this state if ordered to do so. In this state, his eyes are closed, preventing their use, but he is able to sense the presence of his opponents extremely well, even better than if he were using his eyes to see them. As such, he would be able to sense attacks or opponents coming from any direction. His reaction speed is also enhanced due to his increase in concentration, and he gains the ability to reflexively levitate out of the way of attacks. However, he cannot levitate high or for long, only being able to do so briefly to dodge attacks instinctively. Samadhi is a fair amount more likely to dodge attacks than when he is not in this state, but he is not guaranteed to do so. Often, he will get off with taking glancing blows instead of taking the full damage. Samadhi expends light energy per round to maintain this state. Although exiting this state does not require a move, Samadhi has to use Meditate to initiate it. Due to his time spent meditating, Samadhi has forgotten how to use Recover, Swagger, Psych Up, Counter, Pain Split, Frustration, Toxic, Foresight, Double-Edge. Because his meditations do not involve much physical exercise, Samadhi is now neutral to Fighting Type moves, as opposed to resistant to them.
Specify a suitable range for this; as it is there's really not much of a drawback for what's essentially a constant dodge. Rejected.

Kamal: Level 3 Male Lombre

Kamal used to live in a marshy, muddy area. This area lacked the nutrition for lots of kinds of plants, but lotuses were abundant. Being a herbivore, Kamal was forced to feed on lotus leaves for survival, because photosynthesis was very difficult in the area. For some reason, these lotuses repelled Bug Type Pokemon, which made the area relatively safe from predators for the Lotad. For a lot of years, along with a lot of other Lotad, he would regularly munch away on the lotus leaves. As time passed, the fact that he did not live where most other Lotad do, his body went through a change. On top of the leaf on his head, a lotus began to grow. All the Lotad and the few Lombre in the area developed this trait, too.

At first, the lotus was a mere bud. However, as he consumed more lotus leaves, the lotus started to bloom for some reason. Eventually, the beautiful and graceful flower grew to its full size, while he was still a Lotad. Lifespans for the Lotad and Lombre in the area were surprisingly short because of the lack of the resources that they usually have, and Ludicolo were virtually nonexistent. As such, Kamal decided to join the squad when it passed through the area. With his ability to fend off one of his biggest weaknesses, Kamal soon became a powerful battler, toughened by the hardships of the marsh.

Signature Move: Kamal Khilay Hain

There is a lotus on top of Kamal's leaf. When he uses this move, the lotus closes its petals, gathering a high amount of energy, before the petals suddenly bloom again. This releases a burst of Grass Type energy all around Kamal, dealing significant damage before any modifiers, which is super effective on the Bug Type. However, this move is not very effective against Ground Types. Kamal cannot use Synthesis, Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Absorb and Solar Beam, because he never learned the move due to his extraordinary surroundings. Furthermore, he is no longer resistant to the Ground Type.
I'm tempted to reject this just for the lotus as I'm not sure if it falls under an item, but for now you can keep it. Approved.

Khushboo: Level 2 Female Spritzee

Before joining the squad, Khushboo used to live in an area in the mountains, which was shrouded from the view of outsiders by a mistifying, yet beautiful pinkish fog. The Pokemon in this area had very strong traditions, and always followed them with care. However, they were not as serious and cold as this habit would imply. Instead, they respected any visitors to their land, and celebrated their festivals with great joy. They truly took pleasure in preserving the traditions passed down by their ancestors. Pokemon there appreciated beauty and art, especially that which nature exhibits. Bug Types in particular were considered unique creatures, and Volcarona were even revered as deities.

The Pokemon in the area, especially the Spritzee and Aromatisse often took part in the dance and song during festivals. While Chimecho would ring their bells and produce beautiful, enchanting melodies, the dancers would provide an incredible display of dancing flames, which were an excellent substitute for fireworks. The dancers had a great amount of control over the steps they performed, and even their flames, so, it was not actually dangerous for Pokemon nearby. If any visitors were lucky enough to encounter their land during a festival, they would be left with an unforgettable, fresh experience. The habits of the Pokemon there may be very different from most areas, but their unique charm is undeniable.

Special Move: A Dance of Flames

Khushboo will start spinning around, swiftly starting to spin faster and faster. The scent around her will start to get more concentrated, until it is heated up enough to turn into fire. This attack's then spreads all around Khusboo for a fair amount of distance, dealing heavy Fire Type damage to any who happen to be struck by the attack. Khushboo is not affected by the flames she produces herself by using this attack. This attack requires heavy Fire Type energy to perform, and can be used twice per match. However, due to the different traditions in her homeland, Khushboo never learned how to use Skill Swap, Aromatherapy and Disable. She is no longer resistant to Bug Type moves, but neutral to them, due to Bug Types being very appreciated in her homeland. Khushboo has the Fire Type energy to use this move twice per battle.

Pushpa: Level 3 Female Servine

Pushpa has always been fascinated by staring. Often, she would just sit between the plants, camouflaged, and stare at all the happenings. In this way, she was somewhat similar to Billy the Glameow. The two would often spend hours just staring at each other, as if competing. Usually, it would end with Pushpa falling asleep due to the feline's hypnotic stare, and Billy feeling devastatingly drained for some reason.

Pushpa's stare seems to have the strange property of draining the willpower of the Pokemon she stares into the eyes of. This seems to be indicated by opponents often becoming progressively more tired as the battle goes on, and even more than usual. Pushpa knows a certain trainer who loves Grass Types, but cannot quite figure out why he does not like staring tactics. It is truly a mystery...

Special Training: Staring Into The Soul

Pushpa stares into her opponent's soul. Whenever a Pokemon, enemy or ally, has eye contact with Pushpa, it will lose a minor amount of energy per every few seconds this connection remains, and this energy shall be given to Pushpa instead. In this way, Pushpa can drain up to a maximum of a decent amount of energy every round. Of course, blind Pokemon are immune to this effect. Due to being so fascinated with staring, Pushpa never learned how to use Leer, Growth or Synthesis.

Number Ek Saw Chhappan: Level 3 Male Quilava

As a Cyndaquil, when his name was Number Ek Saw Pachpan, he loved to play with his friends. They particularly enjoyed playing with a ball, almost all of their games involving it. They would kick it around, pass it to each other, and have a lot of fun in general. However, since one of them was a Ferroseed, what eventually happened was inevitable. The Ferroseed's thorns cut into the ball, releasing the air in it, and making it impossible to play with it in the same way as before anymore. This saddened all of the Pokemon a lot, and some of them shouted at the Ferroseed for doing this. The Ferroseed began to cry, having not done so intentionally.

Number Ek Saw Pachpan felt bad for him, and decided to serve as the ball instead, considering he was the only one among them who would roll into a sphere, and besides, he would not run out of air like a real ball if one of the Ferroseed's thorns hit him. Being the ball and being thrown around was a different kind of fun. However, it was still quite painful when the Ferroseed's thorns touched him, and he knew that he was not going to be able to do this very long at this rate. He eventually decided to surround himself with Steel Type energy in order to help him endure this; he knew that the Ferroseed did not want to deliberately harm him. However, since it was difficult to move around as well while surrounded with a coat of metal, so, he decided to surround himself with flames to propel him around. Due to this, the Pokemon shared very dear memories, before Number Ek Saw Pachpan eventually decided to join the squad.

Special Move: Meteor

The user curls up into a sphere, surrounding himself with a large amount of Steel Type energy. It then proceeds to use some Fire Type energy to propel itself through the air towards the opponent. Like usual Steel Type moves, this attack can break through some attacks. While executing this move, the user will fly towards the opponent at a fair pace. As this attack ends, the user will curls out of the ball stance, and land on the ground safely due to being used to execute this move at high altitudes. While executing this move, the user's body looks like a flaming, silver meteorite. The attack deals significant Steel Type damage to a victim, as the flames are not harmful. This move costs significant Steel Type energy, while light Fire Type energy more in order to propel the use through the air. The wielder of this move has the Steel Type energy to use this move twice. The wielder of this move can no longer use Eruption, due to having forgotten the move during all that fun.

Terrainium: Level 3 Male Gabite (Edits.)

Terrainium was always considered to be out of place. He resembled a mighty Sharpedo in appearance somewhat, but was nowhere as powerful, or capable of swimming. If he tried to swim, he sank like a rock. He was the only Gible in the society of Pokemon, so no one knew anything about the species, and thought that Terrainium was a mutant Pokemon, since he resembled a shark, yet could not swim. A strange fact was that Terrainium could not swim despite the fact that Dragon Types are generally considered good swimmers.

Terrainium wanted to get to the bottom of this. Why was he the only Dragon Type in the society who could not swim? Finally, he decided that he had to learn how to swim, after all. His self esteem depended on it. He, however, did not want anyone to see him while doing so, since the fact would embarrass him greatly. Instead, he chose to practice swimming alone.

His first attempt went horribly. He hopped into a pond, thinking that he could finally manage to swim. Having seen the other Pokemon, it did not seem to difficult to him... that is, until he began to swim. Terrainium struggled, and somehow managed to reach the shore, panting heavily. For several days, Terrainium was traumatized by this event, too scared to attempt again. Just seeing any water body made him shudder, and so did any Water Type moves. He had nearly escaped death, and this was just too much for a Pokemon as young as him. The worst part was that he could not tell anyone about his experience without the risk of being humiliated in public.

However, a thought suddenly struck him while he was digging through the soil a few days later. He could traverse through the soil so well, yet had never tried to utilize the same movements for swimming. Following this Eureka Moment, he finally gathered the courage to try again... and this time, actually managed to start swimming slowly.

His speed, however, was too slow. This was similar to traversing through the soil, but not quite the same. Once again, Terrainium was discouraged. His hope was washing away just like the water he wanted to swim well in. What could he do? Without anyone else, he would never be able to swim properly, like other Dragon Types.

That is, until he was joined by Draco, the Dratini swimming gracefully in the water near Terrainium. The older Dragon turned her head to face him, an expression on her face indicating calmness, but also surprise at Terrainium finally having learned to swim. As it turned out, Draco had been overseeing Terrainium all along, being the best Dragon Type swimmer of all the ones Terrainium knew about. The Dratini kindly offered to help Terrainium out.

At first, Terrainium was embarrassed that his secret had been revealed. Quite apprehensively, he asked Draco to not tell anyone else, neither Pokemon, nor human. Draco wholeheartedly agreed, which led to Terrainium accepting her offer. The female gracefully showed Terrainium the ways in which he was supposed to move his body through the water. Having limbs was a boon when it came to swimming. It was not difficult to maintain balance because of them!

Terrainium grew better and better as time passed, eventually even matching Draco herself in terms of swimming. Terrainium was grateful to Draco for all the help that she had provided him, and overjoyed to now have overcome his fear. As for Draco, she was proud to have managed to have taught Terrainium enough for him to turn one of the best at the skill.

However, despite what you would think, this did not have a direct role in making his Signature, no. What actually shaped it was the fact that Terrainium now swam more than he dug underground. His body changed to match this new environment, the water having an adverse effect on it.

Special Resistance: Water Body

Terrainium, due to having taken so many dips in the water, is now neutral to Ice Type Moves, as opposed to weak to them. However, due to the water's effect on him, Terrainium has lost his resistance to Fire and immunity to Electric, becoming neutral to both.

Chatur: Level 3 Male Grovyle (Dropping Rock Void.)

Chatur has always been very knowledgeable about precious stones and jewels. He had studied their values, and knew more about them than even most Pokemon that were usually related to them. He was greatly fascinated by them, and wanted to obtain as many of them as possible. However, he obviously could not pay for the vast expenses that required this, and it was difficult for him to find them through other means. For long, Chatur contemplated upon a solution to his problem. He had to obtain the stones through means that would not be expected. The conventional means were not possible for him to utilize.

Ultimately, Chatur decided that he has to steal the gems. He did not attempt without preparation, however. Being the "chatur" Pokemon that he is, the Grovyle decided to practice his thieving skills before he attempted to actually steal what he really wanted. He practiced stealth, and tried to enhance his senses to detect the presence of anyone who approached. Ultimately, when he felt satisfied with his skills, he broke into the cave where Neela the Druddigon used to live in. Neela carefully guarded the precious material that he had, and would hunt down anyone who attempted to steal from him without hesitation. Considering the Dragon Type's reputation, Chatur only went when the former was asleep. Just as he was about to steal one of the jewels, however, Neela suddenly woke up and attempted to attack Chatur. In a desperate moment, Chatur used a move to escape that he had never known about before.

Special Move: Escape

Chatur surrounds himself with a green aura of significant amount of Grass Type energy, and then moves forth at an incredible pace, smashing against the target to deal moderate Grass Type damage, before immediately returning to his Pokeball, like switching moves. However, unlike most such moves, this does not pass stat anything to the Pokemon that comes in after Chatur switches out. While practicing his thieving skills, Chatur forgot how to use Synthesis, Counter, Endure and Grass Whistle.

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