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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Angelique’s Zone: please reply in pink

Ex-Admiral Insane: You are so focused on the battle in front of you that Angeliques words fall on deaf ears. It was like you had severe tunnel vision and all you could see was the tricky Swirlix giving your Chatot the run around and you couldn’t just give up, not now. You would show that little puff ball that it shouldn’t have messed with you. You can’t help but wonder how may attacks this Swirlix had at its deposal, your Chatot had a lot less than you would have liked. Oh well the best way in the battle for now was to continue the physical assault.

After the parting shot Black narrows his eyes at the cute pink ball of candy floss and caws angrily. He lets loose a ferocious Growl and it’s enough to stop the Swirlix in its tracks and make it unsure of itself, reducing its attack power in the process. Whilst Swirlix was contemplating what to do next Black makes his next move and flies right into the Pokemon with another hard Peck making it wince in pain. It backs off and lets loose another Fairy Wind taking advantage of Black’s lowered defences to score a hard hit of its own. Black shakes off the pain easily enough and takes to the air circling around Swirlix who can only look on in dread. He suddenly goes into a nose dive and Flies into Swirlix sending it flying back towards the tree. It gets back to its feet, a little slower than before, the cumulative damage beginning to take effect. It lunges forward Tackling Black back but it’s attack appears weaker, you were finally beginning to wear it down.
The Growl worked as expected as the Swirlix stands still, unsure of itself. This is quickly followed by a series of attacks from both sides as both Blackbeard and Puffball exchange blows. Lucas feels a small sigh of relief as it seems the Swirlix was out of clever tricks and now resorting to straight out attacking. The bigger sigh of relief though came when its last attack displayed clear signs of fatigue. Blackbeard manages to give his latest strike, another Fly attack, and sends it back closer towards the tree. An image of Lucas’ memory plays as he recalls the Swirlix’s previous struggle with the tree and a small idea forms itself. It would the perfect method of ending this, in theory.

“Black,” the trainer calls out to his Pokémon with a slightly calmer voice. “Use Fly to shove it into the tree.” 'Sure', he told himself. He could knock out the Cotton Candy Pokémon at this point but it wasn't the right way to end this. At least not to Lucas. He just needed to end this battle.

“Caw!“ the Chatot replies. “You’re an idiot.” Lucas merely smiled this time though as the Chatot's insults meant he understood his trainer’s plan. Black gave another squawk before preparing himself to attack once more, hoping to end this.

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