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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Angelique’s Zone: please reply in pink

Ex-Admiral Insane: No, removing the threads is fine.

You continue to work on ridding yourself of those pesky and sickly sweet sticky threads as your Chatot takes on the reason for your plight. This Swirlix was proving to be more of a challenge than you originally thought. Black had no long ranged attacks which meant he was easily caught by the sweet scent before taking a Tackle from the puff ball. That Sweet Scent was going to be problematic; you needed to get rid of it so that Black could go on the offensive once again. With a plan in mind and determination on your face you issue your orders and Black has cleared his mind enough with the Tackle to hear them.

He takes flight once again and flapping his wings hard he uses his Defog to blow the Sweet Scent away and Swirlix looks on in horror, its defence had been broken so quickly. With a clear mind and senses Black saw his target and dived back down to attack unleashing a hard Peck on the fairy’s head making it squeak in pain. It looks up with tears in its eyes and begins to sob loudly, using its Fake Tears to make Black stop in his tracks suddenly unsure of himself. Swirlix suddenly stops crying and grins at its success having dropped Black’s Special Defence and it unleashes another attack. It spins and sends out a sparkling pink Fairy Wind that strikes your Chatot causing increasing damage due to his low defences.

“Well, this Swirlix sure is full of tricks,” Angelique murmurs impressed by all the evasive moves it had at its disposal.
The tactic appeared to have worked. With a gust of wind, Blackbeard had managed to blow away the sweet scents, allowing him to go in for the strike. The Chatot dives in to peck at the cotton ball, finally managing another hit.
Amidst the jabs at its coating, the Swirlix lets loose a few tears, bawling at its pain. Both Chatot and Lucas are taken back by the sudden change in personality. Blackbeard hovers confused in front of his opponent. A sudden realisation creeps up on Lucas.

“Black watch out, it’s trick!” He’s too late though as the Puff ball already went in for the attack, releasing a wind of fairy energy to knock the Chatot back. Once again, the Candy Floss had stopped them dead in their tracks and opened them up for attack.

“Well, this Swirlix sure is full of tricks,” Angelique murmurs impressed.

Her words fell on deaf ears unfortunately, the trainer too concentrated on the battle. ’Damn,’ he thought to himself. I thought we figured out its tricks but Fake Tears AND Fairy Wind? He had hoped the Swirlix relied on physical attacks only. With only one move with which to distract. One they had managed to cover only to have to face another. How many attacks did it know?

“Black! Don’t let up. Growl. Peck. Fly.”

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