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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Angelique’s Zone: please reply in pink

Ex-Admiral Insane: Your Pokemon stare at you disbelief as you fought against the sticky threads holding you and your mouth tight. You can only mumble out a few incomprehensible words and your Pokemon are unsure what to do with themselves. Angelique interject as she notices that Swirlix was eyeing you all up with angry hurt eyes, ready to attack and get revenge for your meant jibes. You pull at the sticky strings and only manage to get even more stuck up in the process. Rags was able to just about make out your words and shook his head at the order to attack, he would not, this was your fault after all. You try eating the sweet threads instead and found that was a much better plan and as you mention your Chatot you see him fly overhead, he had avoided the attack and could only chastise you for falling for it. Angered by the situation your were thrust into you decide to accept its offer for battle and choose your Chatot for the task.

Black flies overhead peering down at the pink puff-ball ready to strike at your order, if only for the fun of it. He dives down at Swirlix who looks a little hesitant, wondering if it made a mistake as it takes the Fly head on and goes rolling backwards. It picks itself back and taking a deep breath it releases a Sweet Scent almost akin to strawberries and cream and as Black flew back in for a Peck he is caught by the enticing scents and comes to a stop inhaling deeply and sighing as he feels totally relaxed. Swirlix grins at its success and charges forward Tackling the parrot sending him rolling back along the dirt, this puff-ball was full of tricks!
(Not sure if you'd could consider the removal of the sticky threads as self-updating so please let me know if that was out of line.)

Blackbeard managed a successful first attack as he flew past the Swirlix, striking for an effective blow. He circles back around to strike again only to be caught off guard by a sudden sweet smell. He stops mid flight, enticed by the sweet scent before being tackled to the ground. Lucas picks at the remaining threads on his face, eyes concentrated on the battle. He grit his teeth at the challenge presented to him. Blackbeard had no ranged attacks and if he tried to get up close, the sweet smell would just throw him off and leave him open for attack. He was going to have to deal with the sweet scent first.

“Black,” Lucas barked across the field. His expression hardened and showed few signs of his more easy-going nature he had thus far portrayed. “Blow the field clean with a Defog, then strike again with a series of Pecks.” All his attention was on the battle in front of him now, eyes reduced to mere slits as they scanned the area and two combatants. He paid no attention to his fellow allies, barely even recognising their existence. Rags stood solemn and silent like a statue while Doom gazed up in wonder at, witnessing his very first battle for real. Hood merely continued nodding left and right, providing the rhythm to the battle with ‘Bell’ and “Sprout’.

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