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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
[color=pink]Angelique’s Zone: please reply in pink

Ex-Admiral Insane: You can’t help but fall about laughing as the terrified Swirlix leaps out from behind the rock and gets stuck in the tree, it was hilarious! You taunt the little fairy type before pulling out your Safari Ball preparing to capture the Pokemon. Rags intervenes before you can throw it however, even Angelique looks a little shocked by your actions, you hadn’t even had a chance to befriend it yet. You drop the Pokeball in pain and begin to argue with the Gallade as he held his standards high, he didn’t want you to just capture the first poor Pokemon that got stuck in a tree. This goes on for a while whilst Angelique frowns not impressed by your actions. You finally give up and agree to help the Swirlix out and slowly approach it hoping to not scare it into attacking. It stopped struggling to turn and look at you with guarded eyes. You manage to get your hands around its sticky body and pulling hard you manage to free it from the tree. It looks at you carefully as you hold onto it and suddenly spits out sticky threads that cover your face and shoulders making you drop it.

“I think you offended it,” Angelique points out as a matter of fact. You look down to the little puff ball to see it glaring at you with angry eyes, “It doesn’t look afraid of you anymore, more angry and looking for revenge” Angelique says wonder what you would do to respond.
Grabbing hold of the Swirlix’s sticky coating, Lucas gives a few tugs at the cotton candy before managing to pry it lose. Holding up the Swirlix in both his hands, Lucas finally gets a good look at the Pokémon. Its coating was slightly tinted pink and had two intense looking pink beads for eyes. It’s mouth hung open to reveal its two teet and tongue that always seemed to be sticking out. The two stared each other for a short while and for a moment it felt like Lucas might get a better understanding of the Pokémon.

That is until the Swirlix decided to spit its candy threads all over Lucas face and shoulder.

“MUVAW VUVAW!” The trainer dropped the Swirlix. The Bellsprout and Absol cocked their head to the side in confusion at their trainer’s words. The Bellsprout returning once again to his nonsensical swaying as a result of it. Rags was the only one who shuddered at his trainer’s muffled words. Fully understanding what message was being conveyed.

Lucas pulled at the sticky candy floss glued to his mouth, trying pry some of it loose. All it did was make his own hands sticky instead. “I think you offended it,” Angeligue pointed out. “It doesn’t look afraid of you anymore, more angry and looking for revenge.”

“Awvew fweein irw fwowm deh tweew?! Iww gwadry stwikk wit wak if iwrw bwevev!” he said with the same flustered anger. Lucas was still having some trouble with the sticky thread covering his face.

“Wags! Watwak irw!”

The Gallade merely shook his head.

“Dwond warg…hmww, dis wis gwud.” The trainer seemed to calm down as he resorted to licking the sweet substance away instead. “Dis sweewt. Okway, Bwack yuwup.” Hood, Doom and Rags looked in surprise at their trainer. Did he forgot that Black hadn’t returned yet? Their question was quickly answered by a loud squawking noise up above.

“Caw! You’re an idiot,” Black called down to his trainer. Amidst the chaos of Lucas’ swearing, the Chatot had managed to fly up quietly and was now circling above the group. Only Lucas had managed to somehow notice him approaching.

“Awight, iw wit wands to bwattwle wew gwive wit won,” he continued while licking off the sugary mess. “Bwack! Fwy twown wan gwif irw a Pweck!”

”Caw,” the Chatot screeched in response as he prepared to dive down towards the Swirlix.

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