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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Angelique’s Zone: please reply in pink

Ex-Admiral Insane: You were asked such a simple question but you were worried that the answer might make you sound like you collected Pokemon from other trainers like trophies. You choose your words carefully and Angelique smiled widely at you.

“It doesn’t matter how you meet the Pokemon just that you became friends and they seem very happy with you, you should be proud of that,” she says putting your mind at ease. Soon after your hear the grass shuffling and you turn to see a pink ball of fluff poking out. Your Pokemon notice it too and are quick to investigate. Your Absol chases after the Pokemon and Rags swiftly follows to keep him under check. Before you can scan it it hides behind a rock looking scared. Angelique clues you on the species of Pokemon and using its name you find out a little about the Swirlix. You smile as you hear about its abilities, a Pokemon that was like cotton candy that could ensnare its prey with sticky threads. You wanted to get a closer look at this Pokemon but with it hiding from you. Your Pokemon back away at your look and you approach the boulder carefully, hoping that it would think you were playing.

You get up close then suddenly jump out calling peek-a-boo and Swirlix squeaks in surprise and leaps up into a nearby tree and its fluffy skin sticks to the bark. It yelps in a panic and tries to get unstuck. Well that didn’t work too well, maybe you should lend it a hand?
“Peek-a-boo!” Lucas said as he popped his head around the rock. The Swirlix merely squeaked a loud surprise before running away as fast as it could. A nearby tree provided means for it to escape as it attempted to climb it, only to have its sweet outer coating stick to the bark. The Swirlix panics and shakes his body vigorously in an attempt to loosen the sticky grip but appears to be unsuccessful.

“Hahaha!” Lucas clutched his stomach at the sight of it, nearly falling over from laughter. As desperate as Swirlix’s situation may have appeared it was slightly comical to see a Pokémon own special ability work against it. Lucas wiped a small tear away before walking up closer to the tree, a few safe steps away in case the Swirlix might attack. “Well you sure are stuck, aren’t you? I wonder what I should do?” he said as he pulled up his Safari Ball, ready to throw.

“Go Pokéba-“

The ball bounced off the ground. Lucas clutching his head in pain with both hands.

“Oww Rags! What did you do that for!”

“Gall,” the Gallade said.

Lucas merely pouted and looked away. “I don’t see problem with it. We’re here to catch Pokémon anyway.”

“Gall gallade galgal gallade.”

“OI! You take that back!”

“Gallgal gal…”

The conversation went on for quite some time as the two exchanged insults and reasoning to each other, Rags providing most of both. Lucas had little problem understanding his Pokémon and didn't even falter or blink once at the Gallade. Their mutual understanding of one another was a small after effect left behind from Rags sudden evolution. As a Ralts, the two had shared a large part of their lives together and formed an emotional bond that only a Ralts can make. During one of their travels, Rags evolved directly from a Ralts to a Gallade, skipping the middle stage. As a result their bond, though weakened remained and it was this bond that made it easier for them to understand each other. Lucas didn't understand the words but he did understand the message.

“Fine, fine.” Lucas finished the argument. “We’ll help it.” A hint of mockery came with those words. The rest of his party made sure to keep their distance, hoping not to frighten the poor Swirlix. “Easy now.” Lucas carefully placed his feet one by one, afraid the Swirlix might attack at any moment. "I'm not going to hurt you." 'I think' he said to himself. Slowly, he crept closer to the Swirlix in the hope of being able to pull it off with mere force alone.

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