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Double post woo

Season 2, finis

Spoiler: show
A fairly great season if I do say so myself. Even if I finished it in 2 days (I'm a disgrace!)

I'll speak first on the introduction of two new characters - Ygritte and Melisandre (If that's her name - the fire witch). Ygritte I like a lot. She's a suitable companion to Jon Snow. I grew tired of Sam quickly. I'm sure that Ygritte will play more of a role in Season 3, so we'll have to see. Here's to hoping that she doesn't die too soon. Melisandre is definitely a powerhouse in secret. She's dark, conniving, and most surely powerful. How this plays out, I'm not sure, but it'd be great to see more flames blowing around.

Now, some other thoughts. Tyrian Lannister is officially a good guy in my book. I don't care that he works with Joffrey. I don't care that he's a Lannister. He's a good guy, end of story. Speaking of the Lannisters, Tywin Lannister was really brought into the story this season. I like him as a character. Not as dickish as some Lannisters.

Arya Stark remains my favorite character. I really hope that she'll mature during Season 3 and kill more people and stuff. Mature probably isn't the right word for it. I was sad that a) Nymeria, her wolf, didn't return, and b) she lost Needle. I laughed a lot during the season because the Lannisters were like "Find Arya! Send out all these soldiers to find Arya!" and Arya freaking waited on Tywin Lannister and still made it out.

Danaerys Targariyen is also up there for favorite characters. She was spectacular in the finale. Rob Stark, Jon Snow, and Tyrian Lannister also make the Top 5 for characters I don't want to die.

The Finale was pretty great. Sets up lots of stuff plotwise for Season 3 - especially behind the wall. I'll say what I said last time: the pacing is phenomenal.
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