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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Angelique’s Zone: please reply in pink

Ex-Admiral Insane: You need to be careful of self-updating, that last paragraph is full of it. Please only control the actions of yourself and your Pokemon.

After the antics of your Pokemon you could only hope that this little trip would go smoothly. You lose your Absol and notice him pawing at the trousers of Angelique and quickly apologise to her but she smiles warmly at you.

“It is no problem, he is such a sweet and unique Pokemon,” she says rubbing his head. “I see you brought many Pokemon with you today it’s nice to have so many friends. Let’s go and see if we can make friends with the Pokemon there.”

You both walk into a large grassy area surrounded by a wooden fence. You can hear the sound of water in the distance and spot the edges of a small pond.

“You train such different Pokemon my friend, how did you meet them all?” Angelique asks you when you hear a rustling in the grass. Your Pokemon are quick to advance on the rustling and a pink fluffy creature leaps out of the grass and bounces off before hiding behind a rock.

“That’s a Swirlix, it appears rather shy and I think your Pokemon are scaring it, perhaps if you approach it alone?” Angelique suggests as Swirlix peeks from behind its hiding place.
(Sorry about that. I didn’t think I was going too far with it. I’ll pay more attention towards not self-updating)

Angelique led Lucas and his entourage of Pokémon towards the safari. A vast plane of grass sprawled out in front of them, surrounded by a small wooden fence on all sides. Further up, sounds of water ripples could be heard and as Lucas focused his eyes, he could make out a pond. The group continued their walk through the grass as Angelique inquires about Lucas’ Pokémon.

“You train such different Pokemon my friend, how did you meet them all?”

Lucas looked over at the rest of the group. A few steps to his side was Doom, sniffing the ground with fresh curiosity. Rags walking right behind him, making sure the Absol didn’t walk off too far. Trailing behind the group was Hood. Lucas peered over his shoulder to see if he was doing al right. The Bellsprout’s movements were dizzy and awkward, stretching out his two limbs one by one while trying to keep his head straight up. Occasionally he gave a ‘Bell’ or a ‘Sprout’, reassuring Lucas that he was still there. Black had still not returned from wherever he went off to but Lucas was sure he’d pop up sooner or later. Just have to listen out for the ’Caww! You’re an idiot’ noise.

It was strange to think about it. Lucas hadn’t paid much attention to it before until Angelique just asked. Safe for Rags, every one of his party members were traded from other trainers, having offered candy in exchange for them. Lucas stammered for a moment as he though on how to answer the Kalos trainer. He didn't like the sound of having to say he traded for them, as if they were mere properties. Though it wasn't as much trading as it was purchasing with candies, but that idea didn't sit right with him. It was true though, Rags was the only Pokémon he had truly caught himself. He had never caught his own Pokémon since and suddenly a sense of nervousness arose as he thought about having to catch his first Pokémon in this safari. He had no idea how to.

Lucas shook his head and turned to Angelique, having found an answer to her question. “I met them while they were travelling with other trainers. We became friends before deciding to travel with me instead. Their previous trainers didn’t seem to mind too much. What about you? Do you have any Po-.“

Lucas was interrupted by the noise of some grass rustling up ahead. The whole group turned to face it, listening intently to what it may be. Doom lifted his head from the ground and stared into the distance, mouth hanging open in wonder. He gave a small happy cheer before leaping towards the patch of grass, thinking he found a new friend. Rags gave chase to the Absol, making sure there wouldn’t be any trouble. As the two got closer, a small pink ball of fluff leapt out of the grass and ran away from the two, hiding behind a nearby boulder for cover.

It was too quick for Lucas to pull out his Pokédex in time but lucky for him Angelique managed to recognize what it was. “That’s a Swirlix”, she said. Lucas’ Pokédex beeped in response to the name, activating the new page of info that was added to it just this morning.
Originally Posted by Pokédex
Swirlix, the Cotton Candy Pokémon. To entangle its opponents in battle, it extrudes white threads as sweet and as sticky as cotton candy.
Lucas gave a goofy grin as he heard about the species special abilities. Entangling an opponent with sweet threads sounds like it would come in handy he thought to himself. Now he just needed to figure out how to catch a Pokémon for the first time. The moment the group got close, it ran away from them. Lucky for him, Angelique stepped in and gave him some advice. “It appears rather shy and I think your Pokémon are scaring it, perhaps if you approach it alone?”

Lucas said nothing in response, giving only a small cough and choke as he thought about the idea, suddenly speechless about the idea. How was he going to do it? He shook of the feeling and opted to just go for it, with no set plan in mind. The trainer got up close to the boulder, trying to surprise the Swirlix from the other side with a ‘peekaboo!’.

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